Pasadena, CA, rocked by Typhus outbreak.

LOS ANGELES — Health officials on Friday reported a typhus outbreak...

In just two months, about 20 cases of typhus have been reported in ...

Typhus, also known as typhus fever, is a group of infectious diseases that include epidemic typhus, scrub typhusand murine typhus. Common symptoms include fever, headache, and a rash. -Wikipedia

The City of Pasadena is saying that too much contact with pets is causing the problem…but other people have a much better idea about what is the cause here.


If you follow my Twitter account with any degree of attention, you should have noticed that I am constantly talking about how dirty and disgusting many parts of Pasadena have become. In the immediate areas of the Metro Gold Line light rail, you will find homeless people everywhere! The air thick with the smell of urine and human waste.

And we have local leaders that are either unwilling to admit we have a problem or are totally blind to the problem. Also they can’t admit that the homeless crisis they created is the reason for disease outbreaks.

It is truly insane, dictatorial, demagogic, despotic, and criminally psychotic to look your constituents in the eye and lie to them about the causes of their problems. To tell them that they are at fault for this typhus outbreak because they petted too many animals? Outrageous.

Thankfully the people are waking up and I have no doubt a vast majority of our population will know the Democrats and Liberal policies are to blame for this problem.

They allow in millions of illegal aliens and that makes it harder for people to find work here. They bring over lice, diseases and infestations. There is no drug testing for welfare here in California, and it is so easy to approved for welfare that millions of drug addicts are flocking to our state to get welfare and comfortably be a drug addict while getting paid by the state for doing nothing…. Of course, all at taxpayer expense and they will take over the public transportation that is meant for people to get to work…

They give these homeless people just enough welfare so that they don’t die, but never enough so they can get on their feet and off the welfare.

Because once people get off welfare, they stop voting Democrat. Once people have a home and bills to pay, they don’t want to see their money taken out of their paychecks and given to drug addicts who simply refuse to work.

I pretty much end every article the same these days. Praying for the return of politicians that can at least admit we have a problem and not blame innocent pets…

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