Past the Point of no Return - the NWO has Won, We are all DOOMED! (Original Article)

The Four Horsemen, Doom, the Doomed, and All Things Doomy.

WWIII looms just upon the horizon, the grim specter of war beckoning the foolish and unwary with a death's head permanent grin. Hawks revel in the updraft of hot air released from the pontificating flatulence that passes for political discourse in the nation's capital. Bang the gong softly and bang the gong slowly my son. The tempo will build and the sounds grow thunderous until few remember when the drum was silent and that the world could indeed exist without such counterpoint to the song of life. "It was ever thus", they shall say.

Of pestilence there is plenty. Chemtrails descend upon us from on high like a plague of locusts. Cancers, tumors, heart disease and autistic spectrum disorders assail us from the four corners of the food chain and the pharmeceutical vampires we have willingly invited into our homes. Relax though, because DU has a half-life even if tumors and death do not. Your great great great great great great great grandchildren will do okay as long as you don't make us bomb you again in the next 30,000 years.

Hunger has been with us so long he's practically a member of the family, like a rich but niggardly uncle that refuses to share his good fortune. Sure there's food enough for all several times over but that's not really the point is it? The problem with the hungry is that they are poor so where lies the profit in feeding them. After all it costs money (fake markers in an abstract game whose rules change at the whim of the most successful players) to grow and transport food even when markets aren't being rigged towards artificial scarcity in order to maximize profits.

Last but not least is ever present death. The eternal equalizer. If life is a game then death is the consolation prize EVERYONE gets in the end, win or loose, even the non-contestant sheeple in our studio audience though they were barely alive to begin with.

Death, doom and darkness are not the sole realm of Christian lore and symbolism however. Shall we turn towards the Maya or Sitchen and embrace the cold fate of a prophetic calender giving us our end in 2012, a mere two years or so away. Perhaps HAARP is more to your liking or scalar weapons. Maybe EMP attacks, dirty bombs, RFID, nanotech, and other technological police state borg collective tinker toys are your prefered flavor of the day. Science is really evil isn't it? Except that it's not. In fact it is merely a tool like any other. Science doesn't kill people, people kill people and you can have my science when you pry it from my cold dead hands,.. which will be any day now (or at least by 2012) because we are all DOOMED!

Please everyone, do not jostle each other or be rude to your fellows while standing in line. Peak doom is a myth and whatever flavor you choose there will always be plenty for everyone, in perpetuity.

How does one contend with this stuff. After all "I'm just one person, I don't have the time, you can't fight city hall, you have too know your limitations" and other colloquial neuro-linguistic programming. So you see we really are doomed and there is nothing that a weak tiny little speck of nothing waste of human skin like yourself can do about it, so there!

Perhaps the survivalist types have it right. Gather food, dig a hole in the ground and survive. Not live mind you, just survive. Surely after 50 years of all the good people living like mole people hidden away beneath the Earth the bad people in the world will manage to sort themselves out and find a way to make this chunk of rock a better place. So when your children reach middle age and decide it's time to see what has become of the world they will be greeted with roses and praised for the wonderful service they did the world by well, uh,... surviving, I guess.

Or maybe, JUST MAYBE,...not.

There is a principle in martial arts often expressed by masters, teachers and advanced students when they hear a student say the words, "I'll try". The master or more advanced student will then say something like "don't try, do." As so many in so many areas of life the advanced student and sometimes even the master / teacher is merely repeating the wisdom passed to them by others without really understanding it.

Those who truly take time to reflect upon this concept within the framework of their life experience soon come to realize what is truly meant by this enigmatic statement. In Tae Kwon Do the concept is enshrined in the eight tenants of Tae Kwon Do (sort of like the ten commandments only for social responsibility AND ass kicking) as 'Be of indomitable spirit'. In other words 'don't give up you pussy'. When we try to do something we have already decided that failure is a definite possibility if not an inevitability. This places shackles of self imposed limitations upon us, not only in the psyche but physically as well.

Physically you say? Balderdash! Okay, so maybe you wouldn't say balderdash since you aren't a 19th century cockney lord (or maybe you are,... but we'll leave that conspiracy theory for another day). In any case the human mind and body are a remarkably integrated system with your subconscious acting as co-pilot to direct all of those autonomic biological functions you just don't have time to consciously think about. Your sub-concious has one intent and only one while doing so, and that is to help keep you alive and safe from harm. In truth, your subconscious probably wouldn't give a rat's ass if you killed yourself but it's kind of stuck inside your brain and along for the ride so it would REALLY rather you didn't drive the car off a cliff as long as it happens to be in the back seat. Stupid selfish sub-conscious, who does it think it is?

This is why people usually jump when they hear a loud BANG come from behind them without warning. It could be the result of your idiot friend sneaking up behind you and popping a balloon or it could be a gunman that just shot your mom. Now, I don't know why you are still friends with someone who's such a dick or why this gunman hates your saintly mother so don't ask. You sub-conscious doesn't know either and doesn't really care. All your subconscious knows is that it's time to give you a jolt, a message that clearly says "wake up! Move, move, move, something is going on here and it could be dangerous!"

So now you are in the dojo and you've been told it's time for you to break a brick. WTF? Bricks are hard, unyielding and even MEAN (after all you've never seen a brick un-smash a window have you?). You've been practicing hard though doing endless katas honing your technique until it is really quite good if not flawless, and your instructor says it's time so at least he thinks you can do it. If he thinks I can do it then I guess I can probably do it, maybe, I think,.. at least I'm going to TRY.

"You're going to do TRY and do WHAT?", says your subconscious. "Hey I saw THAT too, yeah that brief image of our hand smashing into a brick and breaking our bones! Don't try to sweep it under the cerebellum like it never existed. I already SAW it!" So now your subconscious is in damage control mode and despite not being perfect it's pretty good at this kind of stuff. First it starts pumping a little extra blood into your hand so the tissues will have enough oxygen for healing your brick smashed hand. It also sends signals to the muscles in your haand to relax a little so it cushions the blow. Damage to the hand is going to cause pain right? So, signals are sent to martial your body's endocrine system to produce the body's natural pain killers. These drugs start entering your blood stream. No you can't really feel it happening yet and it might slow your reactions and movements a bit but what does your subconscious care. It doesn't care if you break a brick, it just wants to protect your hand and the idiot it's attached to.

So now it's time. There you are, you, a brick, your hand,... and a brick. Must be time to break a brick. You've broken boards before after all, even three or four at a time. So what if the boards were cut cross-wise so that the grain of the wood goes side to side in the direction of the break you are trying to make instead of against it. That's not REALLY cheating is it? You set your fist on top of the brick in the spot where you intend to make your strike and pump it up and down a few times as you concentrate on how hard you are going to TRY to break this brick. You lift you fist and with a grimace on your face you bring it down with flawless technique as hard as you can and your subconscious screams "Nooooo!". Now your subconscious isn't in the driver's seat like you are so it can't really stop you but it can still reach over your shoulder and give the wheel a nudge to try and minimize the damage and it does so. Your hand slows down a tad just before impact and *SMACK*, here comes the pain.

Worse than the pain, the brick is sitting there without so much as a scratch or a dent on it. You could almost swear it's laughing at you.

Your instructor comes forward and examines your hand. Painful yes, but you haven't broken anything. You've been lucky this time. You don't feel lucky though.

Doing something instead of trying to do something allows you to suspend your disbelief, not so that you can do the impossible but so that you can maximize your chances of doing that which is very difficult (so don't take this as a license to jump off a bridge simply because you refuse to believe you can't fly).

When faced with difficult situations like we face every day as we laughably call ourselves "awake" it would do us good to remember this principle and get in the habit of refusing to contemplate defeat. This gives us the ability to maximize our potential in such a way that mere bricks should rightly tremble at our approach. We will only truly be "awake" when we realize our potential as human beings of infinite variety with truly indomitable spirit. It is for this reason that when some are are being negative my first reaction is to say "No problem, I'll simply defeat the NWO all by myself if I have to." Personally I'd rather break bricks than have them pile up and let them become a wall.

Some might call this positive thinking or even *gag* "the secret" but it is really much simpler than anything that could fill a book of a hundred or more pages. Break a few bricks and you'll see, it can even be a little addictive. So learn to walk tall and act like you are going to save the world even if you have to do it alone because if you are right you'll be a hero and if you are wrong then it wouldn't have mattered much if you had thought otherwise and been right anyway, would it?

So relax, watch these videos and then go break a brick, or maybe just an NWO block head.


Copyright ©, 2010 Your Momma, no rights reserved.

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Comment by Tara on September 1, 2015 at 12:45am

This is still just an awesome post!

If there's way too much doom in the room without a view, why not just move to another room and change the view? We are the change we seek!

Comment by scotty michele brown on August 6, 2013 at 6:48pm

Everyone in this community has some sort of talent. The only issue is getting folks to do SOMETHING. The most important thing to me is convincing the people in our every day lives that the world is not what it seems. Getting them away from the brain-washing mechanisms that have been put in place by those who are not on our side. Every minute you can engage someone in conversation is time they are not spending slack-jawed in front of the TV. The task of changing the world is too big for us to contemplate. But we can change one thing, one mind at the time. It beats the alternative of saying the problems are too many, too difficult, and doing nothing.

Comment by suzie on July 19, 2012 at 3:36pm

wow.. eww  its interesting when i think about those of us who think we are awake ..its easy to see the ones in a coma .. but just how awake are we?   @Amaterasu i believe free energy is the place to start .. i love your ideas .. i do not understand how it all works but i do understand how free energy would release mankind from many of its chains .. and possible too   ..  i see how it could happen ~ thanks~ good post eww

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on June 6, 2012 at 12:49am

If We would work proactively and diligently to spread awareness that 1) We have free energy and 2) adding free energy will remove the NEED for money, making Us all EQUAL in power, with NO power over Others but autonomous power over Self - no poverty, no hunger, no war, no oppression, no wage/debt slavery, no strawmen, no nukes, and with the ability to follow Our bliss... We can take this planet over as Humanity. See My blog:

Comment by apeman2502 on June 5, 2012 at 9:45pm

  Boards don't hit back. Know your opponent. Find the moral high ground and stay there. Cut the cord on your CFRtv and maintain visual contact with, and See Jeff Prager's analysis of the WTCs and the dust resulting from the demolition, and read the U.S. senate pdf on how the Deepwater Horizon was intentionally drilled into a 40,000 psi reservoir on a fault line through muck so that it could not be contained, by any means. And research and see for yourselves how the Fukushima array was built to self destruct or be easily destroyed on command at and elsewhere. This is no end of the world. It is the end of an obsolete cult which has dominated all but free thinking people in Europe and elsewhere for centuries. Anybody who would blow up nuclear plants and spent fuel pools is retarded and full of themselves and MUST be stopped. When you get knocked down, get back up and affect marshall discipline at the most opportune time. This is not television and you must defend yourself.

Comment by Curtis on July 31, 2011 at 5:43pm
Comment by Percy on July 10, 2011 at 6:59pm
Well, fear and hate are the tools of war being used against us and now we are using them against ourselves.  GOOD JOB.  
Comment by SHTFgirl on July 10, 2011 at 9:46am
I almost didn't read this article as the title sounded too depressing and hopless, but I am so glad I did. What I took from this article was a way to explain to my wimpy friends how if each of us breaks a brick we can bring the NWO down And is this what this forum is about?  So thanks for the good one liners.  My favorite is "the eight tenants of Tae Kwon Do (sort of like the ten commandments only for social responsibility AND ass kicking) as 'Be of indomitable spirit'. In other words 'don't give up you pussy'."   funny and profound.  Love it!  In fact, it is my new Facebook philosophy quote.
Comment by Curtis on July 9, 2011 at 1:20am
I just scanned the above for keywords that might trigger some sort of response. Kinda like a conspiracy theorist Carnivore program, But all i see is a campaign ad for Kung-fu lessons and a cheap link to ZeitGuess ( another good movie about how the Future doesn't need us) God Bless , peace out, namaste
Comment by Mizzy on November 9, 2010 at 11:45pm
Well, hopefully I'll just be dead before all this goes down.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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