Although this site boasts some 7,000 plus members, we see about 30 that are active.

Within the members there must be some with Photo Analysis equipment and image enhancement to focus on posting the Faces and Equipment of these four (4) men.

Video posting:

They are dressed as Sheriff Staff based on the exposed parts of the uniforms. This is doubtful and possibly a cover.

The Heavy bag that they lug to the pick up truck and then when the tailgate is down, lift into the bed, can be additional body armor and special weapons that had to be keep out of sight. Remember the teacher that gave a description of what resembled a Spaceman suit and unusual weapon. Stands to reason they hid the gear from public eyes. Video here:

The truck can be ID'd and checked with Nevada DMV or cause public exposure despite it being a common vehicle. Hopefully the front plate may be visible after enhancement.

Posting the faces should get into the Alternate News sites and just maybe Yeah a big maybe, someone will come forward and break the Mirror.

Lastly, the time stamp of the video and how it relates to the shooting time-frame will help to make the case.

The video appears to be taken from an angle and height above the truck- so there must be a building facing that school exit. A visit to the site may give additional input.

Exposing this development and sending the results to Directly to Trump will prove him and the Swap are either really at odds or in collusion. Remember O-Bomb-Ya signing onto the Sandy Hookya farce. 

Come on people, let's use our own resources and put this Drama in the Ground where it belongs before they do the next Ones...

We are Legion and Growing..

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Comment by Elyag Reed...We are Legion on March 4, 2018 at 7:49am

Add to the ID program another 5th person that comes out of the building with the group but stays by the door. He is quickly out of the video but can be seen with some kind of uniform on,

Someone would have to Freeze - Grab the photo to see him closely - It maybe the security guard quoted as out of the school building on a mission..

Opening this up will negate their narrative. 

We are Legion and Growing..


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