Republican-Party Problems in Restoring the Republic

From the time of starting to write this, on CNN tonight Reince Priebus opposed allowing the Birth-certificate issue being included in this current 2012 campaign. In my opiinion, this is totally wrong.--And I don't care that he is the head-honcho for the Republican Party. If the Republican Government had not CRUSHED any mention of OBOMBA's illegality in the 2008 election, anybody with a BRAIN knows that he never would have been voted in. Voted in or not, he was INSTALLED in the White-House. The Kenya trojan-horse has never legally been "the President of The United-States of America".


Above is a list of the evidence of who managed OBOMBA through the years, the SCRIBES and PHARISEES, and who had Andrew Breitbart assassinated. FOX NEWS lied through their butts about the last project Breitbart was working on, but there is a Black brother who God has protected, to vindicate Breitbart, even if he was just another ZIONIST.


It is safe to say that OBOMBA was fully managed by "ISRAELIS"--Americans or not. OBOMBA has been a good puppy to ISRAEL, and betrayed his muslim brothers. August 11,2011 Reince Priebus, head of the Republican-party is bad news. He wants to crush the birth-certificate issue from the 2012 campaign, just as happened in 2008.


Patriots need to decide now, if they still support and endorse Reince Priebus as chief of the Republican Party.


Patriots should consider what Alan Sobrosky has to say, in spite of all the nonstop LIES which flow from Israel about the USSR-Liberty in 1969. The only way to restore the Republic, is to totally abandon this "special-relationship" they have been allowed.


The entire U.S. voting population deserves to learn how their own EVIL TERRORISTS crushed Phillip Berg's first lawsuit against Oboma, in August 2008, during the 2008 campaign.


Any candidates who want $$$$$$$$$ from ZIONISTS and their CORPORATIONS, and from SAUDI-ARABIA, UAE, QATAR and Kuwait, should be buoycotted by AMERICA-FIRST real Patriots.


And stop letting all the big-shot End-Time prphecy teachers claim everything which is happening, is the fulfillment of Bible-prophecy. I would have believed it, until last year alot of us discovered a guy on YouTube called dutchsinse.


It caused some of us to do alot of research, and over a period of time, dutchsinse got confirmation from many scientists in different departments, that many of the earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados and hurricanes were carried out by the military.


Ancient Israel was a religious nation, and God's promise to Abraham's seed ended at the split-second that Jesus died.


I still believe that Jesus will return, but I think that so-called Christians should STOP trying to speed things up, by causing all these Apocalyptic events.


Today's Israel has nothing to do with Bible-prophecy. The Rothschilds just bought some real-estate, which was bought with Jesus' blood. That is worth alot more than the ZIONISTS' MONEY-MASTERS.


Any politician who believes that this TERRORIST ISRAEL is some humble little religious people of God, and needs catered to, needs to know who financed Hitler's Holocaust. 



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