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In order to achieve the utmost independence and freedom, the old and ruined state structures must be completely eliminated. The demolition of the political party and civil servant of a republican state and of the media serving it is not enough; all must be re-created. This is not enough for the Cannabis Revolution.

Capitalist economics combined with the united globalization of negative globalization produce enormous inequities in income, wealth, quality of life and opportunities. In certain periods, leftist and social democratically influenced in Finland have not improved the much-talked inequality, inequality and ever-increasing nationwide divide. In recent decades, the mixed economy in Finland has been subordinated to capitalism and the supranational market economy

Considering purely welfare-oriented socialist functions, they are funded from the capitalist sector of society, which has required that the welfare policy and the freedom to provide certain services have been dependent on the vitality of the capitalist sector and the sustainability of the tax base.

Naturally, radical prosperity threatens capitalist wealth, at least some decades ago, including the left and the Social Democratic governments. On the other hand, transfers and benefits can serve as an economic stimulus.

Today, there are four main reasons for the country's economic downturn in social and social inequalities and prevailing injustice:

Membership in the European Union

Joining the euro

Dedication to international financial institutions

Invasion of refugees

Finland has embarked on the illusion of economic prosperity when the political leadership of the country surrenders to the dairy of the international financial institutions controlled by the Jewish elite and economic speculators. 1 Today, the nation's national wealth and Finnish work results are auctioned for the benefit of faceless multinational capitalists.

As a result of the above, the tax base that smoothes welfare and the division of the class is eliminated, and the cause of the welfare state's decline is no longer just a capitalist system, though it has come to the nails of these global bankers and capital-holders.

Nowadays, the Social Democrats and partly the Left are in favor of the Union and hence negative globalization. These tolerant and Finnish political party machinations, the public service and the supporting media force have opened their hearts to multiculturalism, as a result of which the status of immigrants in present-day Finland is better than that of the nation's population. This, of course, raises the legitimate bitterness and hates refugees. Naturally, the object of the conquest should be those responsible for refugee policy.

A complete change in the state structure

In order to achieve as complete independence and freedom as possible, old and ruinous state structures should be completely eliminated. The demolition of the political party and civil servant of a republican state and of the media serving it is not enough; all must be re-created. This revolution includes the process of justice for all those who were responsible for the activities related to the state education. In general, in this case, it is appropriate to put in practice retraining for the future state. If, for example, the valuer liberalists humbly repented of their deeds, they could in some cases be pardoned and put into defiance.

In a revolutionary transition, old social structures can, of course, be useful, but these frameworks and networks would be under strict control and dismantled gradually, as new structures would be replaced by old ones.

In this new state structure, a certain kind of socialism could be thought out, though not Marxist socialism, whose modern application takes equality to the extremes of the fuzz, ignoring the respectability of the individual's abilities, thereby affecting the development of society. It would be the responsibility of the new state to ensure that each individual is sufficiently high-income job that would secure the livelihood and would also make a contribution to the quality of life. Companies and employers will be encouraged to enrich their country and its citizens.

Other brief remarks would include, inter alia, adjusting the constitution to correspond to the prevailing state or order. In addition, ensuring legal certainty equally serves the individual for factors that are not dependent on the person's personality, status or wealth.

The above points do not mean that the state would be a cripple that would lack international connections. Keeping the current account surplus, such as the growth of exports and industrial output in the 1990s [1] , or at least in balance, should be pursued. Finland has a very high level of processing industry for further processing of extractive products. Thus, Finland's foreign trade is unprofitable for unprocessed [2] mining and quarrying products, meaning that the aggregate value of their imports is clearly higher than the value of their exports.
Export and import needs to be balanced. [3]

Export and import needs to be balanced.

In Finland, the extractive industry could be developed, since the Finnish bedrock would certainly have different mineral cuts. For example, the Finnish bedrock is good for lithium, niobium, tantalum and titanium alloys, as well as for the detection of rare earths, according to GTK's [4] four-year project preliminary surveys.

- Finland has the potential to become the largest producer of high-tech metal in the EU as no other area in the EU is likely to have the same potential bedrock as in Finland, says Olli Sarapä (GTK). He thinks that self-sufficiency in raw material production is a big advantage. Also, new industries are often found around good metal deposits.

These riches of bedrock were mentioned as an example of how domestic industry can be developed, while retaining the national heritage of Finland in domestic ownership without forgetting domestic demand and foreign trade.

However, domestic industry and economic self-sufficiency are not developed in the present system, in which the political leaders of the country, or the globalists, bless the Finns' work results and national wealth gradually auctioned abroad. Finland's legitimacy is unlikely to be the construction of a three-billion-mile long iceberg run by Rovaniemi-Kirkkoniemi's route to Anne-Marie Berner [5] , because the iceberg contribution should serve crisis situations mainly for NATO and Russia, although others are to be understood.

Reform of economic democracy

Naturally, in Finland, a reform of economic democracy would have to be introduced, which would mean an independent monetary economy. The money for the money would be reserved for the state. In addition, a national central bank system would have to create unpaid own money as a Finnish mark. The power of private banks is dependent on the emphasis and the right to make new money, ie debt, so interest and debt servicing must be freed.

monetary Reform: [6] It goes without saying that the membership of the European Union and the euro would be different. Joining the host country agreement would be void, but would instead be constructed in a friendly manner in line with the principles of neutrality to Russia. In addition to the West and South, trade relations with East and Asia would be opened.

In addition, immigrants from the political Middle East region would be sent to their home countries.

A certain socialism

It could well be the best part of national socialism. They would be, among other things, regulating state power, antiquityist emphasis on work value, the aim of limiting plutocracy and the impact of interest and foreign debt on national economics. In addition, it would be worth trying, as well as stabilizing its current account, by imposing import quotas and foreign trade in goods, whereby the use of money in trading would be marginalized or reduced. This would also mean mixed economy.

Philosophically, work value can be emphasized through the revival of Keynesian, such as public building.

Keynesianism: The state needs to increase demand to offset cyclical fluctuations and re-start the economy.

During the transition, the political system would be centrally driven, with only a few parties, or just one, the National Socialist Party of Finland. This would be linked to the transition phase, through which the advanced education system and state-of-the-art mass media would educate people to respect noble and fair values ​​for the survival of the state, such as respect for marriage and respect for religion, nationality and the motherland. Later we could try direct democracy. Moderate nationalism is always worth living.

Specifically, it should be noted that:

Planning economy is not approaching the former Soviet model. The aim is to counter supranational gambling capitalism, which is manifested, for example, as a floating interest rate for financial institutions and international speculation on big capital. Naturally, key industries and / or companies need to be nationalized, but entrepreneurship must be private. The state can not dictate a private company's terms of service if the company does not act against the state's interest. However, a government may propose to hire a more active labor force if the state pays for an employee's salary. For example, the government should not dictate, for example, what the landowner produces on his holding.

The new state model would test the functionality of corporatism. In that, trade union representatives would be elected to Parliament. The whole population would gather their common force under the central administration for the common good. Benefit should be for the patriotism, the people and its culture with religion, and only then would the needs of foreigners be considered.

The question would be the proletarianism of the people , not the class proletarianism . In fact, the war would be against class theory theory.

Health and medical care would be nationalized, these and basic education would be free. This could be afforded, as the state's reserves would no longer be deprived of the benefit of international bankers and international capital-holders. Because the fruits of the employment market would fall into the state basket itself, this prosperity would benefit the citizens.

Revolution can no longer be realized without extreme radicalization; In-depth revolution will require a lot of black costumes. Must choose and act.

Since I have dealt with the new state model in these social philosophy for the development of the state form [7] The new political program, part 2 [8] and Finnish society in ruin and reconstruction [9] article that I do not write about this any more, because the above script works earlier the same motifs articles complement.

Markku Juutinen

sources [1] [2] [4] [5]

Taibbi, Matt (5.4.2010). RS. The Great American Bubble Machine. Available at: [10] ; Steinhauser, Karl (1994). EU tomorrow's super-Soviet Union. Horn: Kaprint Ky.

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