State wants your DNA for shoplifting

Another reason to get you in the system. So I guess fingerprints aren't enough anymore. Next it will be spinal taps. You see, spinal fluid is unique to each person. As the cop bends you over the hood of his car, "don't worry I had a two hour training course , this won't hurt" New at your local postal service pay for one spinal tap and get the next one free.

Law Proposed to Collect DNA from Shoplifters
Robert Roy Britt
Editorial Director

In Washington state, DNA samples would be taken from suspects in cases as minor as shoplifting if a new proposal is adopted by the state's legislature.

For now, DNA samples are taken after sentencing from people convicted of a felony and many misdemeanor sex-related crimes, The Seattle Times reports. Under the new bill, police or jail staff would be required to collect DNA from all adults and juveniles arrested on suspicion of a felony or gross misdemeanor.

DNA samples are usually collected by swabbing inside the cheek.

The American Civil Liberties Union and criminal defense groups have cried foul, calling the bill unconstitutional. Another question they might raise: Is it worth it?

Each person's DNA is unique, representing the software of that person's life. DNA samples collected at crime scenes can, after a tedious process in the lab, be matched to samples on file to positively identify suspects.

While DNA identification can be more effective than fingerprinting in some cases, it's not as seen on TV.

"Just because you can run an analysis doesn't mean you'll get results," explains Tina Delgado, forensic DNA examiner in the FBI's DNA Analysis Unit. "Sunlight, heat, humidity, and age can all damage DNA. We have successfully analyzed material that had been in police evidence lockers at room temperature for decades, but DNA can go bad if left out in the sun for even a few days."

Meanwhile, labs are becoming overloaded.

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