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Thursday, September 12, 2013 |  

Chivis Martínez for Borderland Beat

"One of them would say to them: gentlemen we can lend you our weapons, the ones we used
in our rising....but we cannot lend you our balls"...Dr. Josê Mierles

Dr. Mierles says independence may be a possibility
In the latest video interview, José Manuel Mireles Valverde one of the General coordinators of the communal guard of Tepalcatepec, explains  how it was that he joined and formed part of the (Community guard) resistance against organized crime and the Government of the State, he tells of the possibility of independence of the State of Michoacán. ....

Interview of Jose Manuel Mireles, community guard coordinator of Tepalcatepec
“I am Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles Valverde, a surgeon; I work in the urban health center in Tepalcatepec. I am president of the parents’ society of the Technical Secondary #9 of Tepalcatepec and based on this I am one of the general coordinators of this citizen’s movement”.
“For many reasons I have paid ransom demands for abductions.  One was the husband of my younger sister. Also my uncle Alfredo, I had to accompany the family of my Uncle who paid more than 3 million pesos, it was the first abduction from this region. We tried to rescue the body parts of a close family member of my wife, not even paying 50 thousand pesos so that they would say divulge where they had thrown the dismembered parts, helped. They tricked us for 2 weeks telling us that they would give us the body parts and they never gave us anything.”   
“All of us in Tepalcatepec are survivors of those things. I personally was kidnapped last year. They took me out of the hospital at 11 a.m. with three trucks. When they had me on one of the trucks with my head covered, I showed them my pay check and told them: ‘this is what I earn and I have four children in college’. All of us are victims, we, all are brothers, sons, cousins, parents or nephews of someone that was executed, abducted or of someone that was raped and pregnant.”
“At the time of the rising at 9:00 am we were 80 people, at 2 pm we were already three thousand. The regional livestock association only has 1,800 members; my father is one of them and they seized all of his cows, giving him a voucher that never was paid. All of the producers of corn had their corn confiscated, and were given vouchers, also that never were paid. If a person from Tepalcatepec sold 2 pounds of corn to you, the first time they would pay a fine of 25 thousand pesos, the second time was to cut off its head. You could only sell the corn to them and no one could purchase one grain of corn from any producer in Tepalcatepec, only from them and they determined the price.”
Video below is shootout  between CT and Community police, 
15 CT killed- Zero CP Casualties Still photos are screenshots from the video.  
Trucks had signs saying Buenavista Community Police
Are the people from here?
“No all foreigners, unfortunately they found some kind of local support, most of all in the hundreds of pointers or hawks that they have; kids of 14 or 15 years old, since there is no employment. That is another terrible non-cooperation of the government, federal as well as state. Since there is no job, it is easy to hire for pointers or hawks, kids that came out of secondary school or that definitely could not enroll in it (secondary school) are paid 1,000 or 1,500 pesos every 2 weeks, carrying their Nextel, motorcycle, cap and their marijuana cigarette so they could stand the entire day behind the army or federals.

They are positive, they would not be accused of federal offense; they could not be arrested since they are minors. There were families from Tepalcatepec that benefitted from them (their work). Now we have the complete control of these people, because in three days it will be 5 months that we rose. Before we rose, there were 7 or 8 executions per week, complete families in only one night. If the victims did not disappear, they would leave us all the intestines, thrown in the entrances of town. At the beginning, they would dismember them and leave the parts everywhere, not lately.

We are reaching five months; the first three months we were only the citizens that had absolute control of the entire region: Buenavista, La Ruana and Tepalcatepec. When the federal governmental support arrives, amidst great fanfare by Secretariat of Government and the Secretariat of National Defense, after  eight days of the arrival of the first military contingent, we had had the first kidnapping, execution and incineration, here in Tepalcatepec. To us, instead of giving us joy, about the presence of these people, we were very angry. We were very angry since the time that it was announced, because if you noticed, there were complete pages reported in national newspapers.
The reporting lasted one entire week announcing on television, of the operation invented by National Defense and the Secretariat of Government, where they would say that they were going to come to disarm the community and the auto defense groups. But they never said they were coming to unarmed organized crime, because that was not their intention.

That was never clearly mentioned. There were complete pages where it says how to disarm the community guards and there were about two or three insignificant lines that equivocally refer to organized crime.
This past twelve years that we have endured all this, we knew that it involved the presidency of the Republic, and the municipal governments and I am not speaking only of Tepalcatepec. I am saying all the municipal governments. When this movement begins, it is the same Secretary of Government as in the previous administration, now he acts as governor of a temporary government that announces nationally that we were a group of 30 criminals trying to oust a cartel of Tepalcatepec, so that we could occupy their place, and he continues to repeat that.
We are three thousand people, armed 24 hours per day, safeguarding and when we have the need of ringing the bells of the churches or throw fireworks, (as a call to action) we gather about 5 thousand, well-armed. Those are the “30 people” that stupid guy keeps saying we are, that cleaned our region and I repeat the first three months before the arrival of the army, we hadn’t had not even a scare. 
Despite that two or three times a day, the criminals tried to take the town; all those times, they were rejected. Many times, the confrontations lasted two hours and a half but we have never let them in again and we are not going to let them in. It doesn’t matter if there are thousands of soldiers here.
What is the operative doing here?
Mainly, they came because the roads to Apatzingán were blocked. The first coronel that came, very noble by the way, did not at that time, believe the truth about what was occurring.  It was during his stay, we had the first kidnapping execution, and incineration. He was replaced a month later. We now have another coronel that also has the firm purpose of maintaining peace in our region. He watches over the entrances and exits of the town; he is constantly patrolling the surrounding of the town, but we are not going to confide. We confided in the first coronel and one of us was executed.

We cannot confide because we know that if we do, we are going to be executed one by one because there are many criminals inside when we left the doors open so that the army and federals would watch and everybody entered and exit freely. Since they didn’t know them, it was easy for them to get in and now they are inside.
When we detect someone, our people go after them like dogs. We don’t want them to take possession of our towns again; we don’t even want them to breathe again. The auto defense groups of Tepalcatepec, which are growing, now is Buena vista, La Ruana, Aguililla, Coalcoman, Chinicuilla and Villa Victoria, are growing; we are organizing continuously. We have very private meetings between us...continues next page...

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"El Pelon" Óscar Cornejo Tello, Leader of Knights of Templar in Gua...


The alleged leader in Guanajuato of the Knights Templar cartel, Oscar Cornejo Tello and or Antonio Castro Ruiz was captured in Uriangato on Tuesday.  He was commander of the municipal police in Uruapan, Michoacan.

Born in Mexico City, the offender allegedly ordered the execution of the deputy prosecutor in Guanajuato, Jesus Bautista Arambula,  November 15, 2012, and was in charge of police officers in Uruapan, Michoacan.

From 2002 to 2004, besides being the municipal police commander in that municipality, he worked in the ministry, secretary of transportation.

In 2007, Cornejo Tello "El Pelon" or "El Tello" was arrested in Michoacan in possession of drugs and guns, and was incarcerated in the prison of Charo, in the same state.

The Attorney General of the State of Guanajuato confirmed this afternoon that the alleged leader of the Knights Templar in the Guanajuato is associated with the collection and sale of stolen fuel from Petroleos Mexicanos.

"He controlled the clandestine sale of oil in the state and charged extortion fees to so-called 'huachicoleros,' vendors of clothing, pirated discs, and semi-fixed positions in flea markets, restaurateurs and bar owners in various municipalities.  He participated in the commission of several kidnappings, perpetrated extortion of all traders of all lines of business established in Yuriria, Moroleón and Uriangato." said the agency in a statement.

"El Pelon" had influence in León, Salamanca, Celaya, Irapuato, Valle de Santiago, Apaseo El Alto, Yuriria, Moroleón and Uriangato.

The alleged offender was presented this afternoon before the press at the state office of the Attorney General's Office for drug crimes, illegal possession of weapons unique to the armed forces and the killing of the deputy prosecutor.

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