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Lately we've been very successful at getting the word out with page view statistics that I personally find to be rather phenomenal. Currently many of us are doing what we can to assure even further success for the site. There is one way that we can ALL help make the site more successful and it's incredibly easy. Just fill in the tags section of your blogs or forums. With so many new members there are sure to be some who do not take advantage of the tags and some who simply do not know what they are.

For those of you who know exactly what tags are about but haven't been bothering to fill them in, please do so. It only takes a moment.

For those who may be a bit less tech savvy when it comes to computers and the internet here's the quick and dirty explanation of what tags are and what makes them important:

Search engine companies send out spiderbots, sometimes just called spiders for short. These are little chunks of code that visit your web page and examine it's content and adds the information to the search engine company's database.

One thing the spiders tend to pay particular attention to are any metatags offered up by the page. These are often just called tags as you will see in the settings at the bottom of a new blog posting here.

These tags are the web page author's chance to influence how the search engines will ultimately index and categorize their page. For example lets say you have posted an article about the German invasion of Poland at the start of WWII. You might then add tags like so:

poland, hitler, wwII, war, politics, history, invasion, pre-emtive, riechshtag, fire, false, flag

< On the sytem tags need to be seperated by commas >>>

By doing this when someone types the keywords "poland invasion hitler" into a search engine your page is more likely to be ranked high in the search results because all three keywords match words you have listed as tags. Of course there are thousands and thousands of such articles with similar metatags on the web so this in no way assures you'll be in the first several pages of results at all but your page should still rank higher than it would have if you had NOT filled in the tags.

So please try to remember to fill in your tags. It's the quickest and easiest thing you can do to help promote the site.

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Comment by truth on July 10, 2015 at 10:00pm

 please try to remember to fill in your tags. It's the quickest and easiest thing you can do to help promote the site


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