USA Today recently came out with an article about the Tea Party that has seen a large amount of debate. I decided to back it up with the following comment, let me know what you think: All of you people have the wrong impression of the Tea Party movement. It is not a load of Republican Bull @#$% like many of you try to frame it as. It was started by Ron Paul in 2007-2008 during his Campaign for Liberty. The movement is mildly and moderately conservative, not some form of Republican @#$% Hole. After Obama won the election a large group of GOP supporters began to endorse the Tea Party and distort it's true meaning. The Tea Party may be endorsed by @#$%s and pigs like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and FOX News, but it does not support them in return. Neither does the Tea Party Movement endorse the liberal @#$% holes and monkeys like Obama and Pelosi. The Tea Party activists see both sides of the line. Many people claim that the Tea Paty movement endorses only Republican views, but this is a misconception. Where as the Republicans couldn't give a @#$% about the environment, Tea Party activists do their best to improve the environment (not in the name of the global warming which the liberals believe in). Another example of the independence of the Tea Party movement is their view on Capital Punishment. Where as Republicans strongly support the death penalty, the Tea Party movement sees a long prison sentence as a necessary use of public money. Tea Party activists also support the improvement of our infrastructure and education system, where as Republicans would rather pay for their own roads and their own children's education. The point made is that the Tea Party movement is against organized politcal parties, because they have one stance on all issues, and therefore, if one supports one of their issues, they support them all. The Tea Party movement is not in any way associated with the Republican paty (or Democratic or any other party for that matter). One word for this country - "Bipartisanship."

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Comment by fireguy on July 3, 2010 at 12:37am
Dempublicans and Republicrats have shown they cannot solve anything with their lifelong careers of demagoguery and lies. All incumbants of either stripe have to be voted out and congressional term limits 4 terms for congress and 2 for senate enacted. The professional politician must become a thing of the past if we are to have any freedom.

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