The America You Thought You Knew Part II

One of the biggest and consistent denials used by the US media to dismiss plots and illegal operations within the US government is labeling matters as “Conspiracy Theories”. Each time they do this they are trying to take the steam out of a political argument or misdirect the blame. That blame can consistently be attributed to the Democrat Party who has conducted a Deep State operation within the federal government for decades.

Unhealthy denial

To scoff at the revelations brought about by Whistle Blowers within the ranks of former intelligence officers and military men is a common practice of the US press corps because that’s their job. Just like Pravda and Tass during the cold war, the two Soviet state run news organizations MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, and CNBC are all serving the same master, the federal government under the former Obama administration, the appointees who are not yet replaced by the Trump White House. Yet, as terrible as this may be the “Shadow Government“ goes much deeper than that, deeper than the gravy train of the Democrat and RINO republicans, deeper than the bureaucrats who are appointed and never elected by the people, deeper than the lower court judges also appointed but not voted in.

Black ops

The objective of the Shadow Government within our visible federal government is to make the crucial decisions that violate the making of law using a constitutional due process, to eliminate all threats either real or perceived, and to carry out an agenda that would be prosecuted by prison time or by execution if the perpetrators were uncovered. Within the shadow government is illegal money laundering paid to assassins, false flag operations, and influencing foreign governments into bending to the will of their twisted agenda. This agenda could be starting wars to topple leaders of other countries, to buy off officials, and to carry out bloody missions against those they are plotting against using mercenaries, paid shooters, or military impostors to do their evil bidding. Virtually a crime syndicate operating within Washington DC that answers to no one!

Dark Influence

To question this is to either be naïve or simply wanting to remain unaware of the cockroaches festering on the wall that flicking a light switch on will expose! Those in the US media or in public office who will deflect this information are simply preserving the status quo because it is a corrupt system that they have been feeding from themselves. For decades the CIA has not only been feeding the newspapers and wire services stories to release, but has been dictating policy through influence of public propaganda. American citizens have mistakenly relied upon the unearned credibility of our news networks to give them unbiased and objective reporting, but, in truth, they get nothing but editorialized spin designed to sway opinion and influence elections.

Gullibility factor

Believing that our federal government operates for the good of the people, that it treats those it opposes in the courts fairly, that it spends responsibly, that JFK was killed by a single lone gunman, or that we are really protected are indeed myths. The original intentions of our forefathers to protect citizens from the pitfalls of tyrannical big government have long been ignored and overridden by ruthless career politicians, lawless enforcers, judges who legislate from the bench, and scheming megalomaniacs whose desire for power and control are evil and all consuming. The fact that the FBI was poised to take out Donald Trump as a candidate in order to ensure the election of Hillary Clinton is a known fact! That John Podesta and his brother made millions of dollars with the Russians while serving in public office, a violation of their oath of office, exposed! That the Democrats and moderate Republicans would have profited from Hillary Clinton being elected into the Oval Officer no matter how badly it would have impacted the nation is a fact!

Beast within

Worse are the evil plans, the diabolical schemes to execute soft coups or even murder honest enforcement personnel who are apt to report the conspiracies they have uncovered is only part of the wicked puzzle. One might recall that it took an ATF agent exposing his own team to reveal the corrupt Fast and Furious gun walking program devised by President Obama and Eric Holder that got 2 border agents killed along with hundreds of Mexican citizens. The man lived in fear for his and his family’s lives. Gregory Hicks, State Department employee under Hillary Clinton testified to the lies told over the Benghazi fiasco revealing that wounded US diplomatic personnel were intimidated and threatened by the Obama Administration not to speak out about the attack while General Carter Hamm was forced to resign after refusing to stand down from his AFRICOM command in order to come to the rescue of our embattled people. Hicks faced threats when it was found that he would testify!

Media complicity

Had the American people accepted the lies of the US media they would have thought that well-meaning Libyan citizens helped Ambassador Stevens to the hospital but he died of smoke inhalation when, in truth, foreign correspondents were there at the scene showing Christopher Stevens being tortured and raped as he was dragged along the streets. Why? The Libyan people were tired of the Obama Administration using the US Consulate as an arms dealing facility for weapons to Syria and other warring factions while Hillary Clinton had awarded security contracts for US foreign service facilities to Al Qaida!

The source

Murder for hire, coercion of foreign nations, threatening federal employees who want to expose the dirty dealings with death, paying off contractors to plant explosives on foreign or domestic soil to carry out their clandestine operations, the Shadow Government is in direct conflict with the office of the Trump Presidency. This is who generates that hatred, negative news reporting, and influences the social climate that stupidly agrees to supporting self-destructive policies through their well-funded propaganda!

Early proof

In his book, “The Day After Roswell,” by Phillip J. Corso not only does the former Army Intelligence Captain reveal the government cover up about a crashed UFO in New Mexico but details just how well the federal government can cover their tracks. He exposes a massive public wiretapping program that was unleashed in the 1950’s where anyone’s phone, teletype messages, electronic broadcasts, or records could be scrutinized, copied, and used as evidence against them for any reason during the birth of the “Cold War” without the public’s knowledge or consent! This insidious violation of the US Constitution and FCC regulations was sanctioned by intelligence agencies from within under the influence of Allen Dulles without ever having been revealed by whistle blowers or informants from within! This was in the 1950’s!

False flags

For those who would scoff at the exposure of unauthorized and unconstitutional plans to be carried out secretly by the US government there is a plethora of historic incidents that would prove to the contrary that these doubts are ill advised. Operation Northwoods was a plan approved by the generals in the Pentagon to conduct false flag operations against civilian targets within the US in order to justify a war with Cuba and ultimately to invade the island to unseat Dictator Fidel Castro! These plans included flying aircraft into buildings and military assaults by impostors posing as terrorists! This warped conspiracy was thought up in the early 1960’s.


In Parade Magazine late in the 1970’s a Sunday news supplement to the regular addition, a shocking story was released about the CIA colluding with North Vietnam during the years of the war. The American public was so sick of the division caused by the war that they hardly noticed. Yet, the story was true. CIA agents has leaked crucial military intelligence to their North Vietnamese counterparts of looming US strike operations resulting in enemy aircraft installations literally waiting for America B-52’s and F-105’s among others who were ordered to execute their tactical missions upon an alerted enemy! As a result, many a young American aviator was killed, captured, imprisoned, and tortured being used as bargaining chips during the Paris Peace talks. Under the aegis that they were trying to prevent a third world war between the super powers, CIA officials rationalized their questionable actions! The bloody legacy of the “Deep State” lives on!

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Comment by Natasha Fatale on July 24, 2018 at 11:36pm

Dah-ling, you write with russian passion,,,, you need book deal

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