The Banking Monopoly - Babylon Banksters by Joseph P. Farrell

The Banking Monopoly - Coast to Coast AM May
25, 2010

Expert in alternative science and history, Joseph P. Farrell presented his
premise that ancient and modern international bankers have practiced a
kind of racketeering (hence his nickname for them 'Banksters') that
relates to concepts in physics. Both physics and finance can be thought
of in two different ways. One is a closed system, based on scarce
resources, energy or money. The other is an open system, in which
energy is in abundant supply, "and where money in turn reflects this by
being a creation of the state, and therefore a debt-free instrument of
exchange," he detailed.

The former is the system we've been
living under, "where you have a private banking monopoly issuing
monetized debt...the money always carries an interest bearing load on
it, so there's always going to be money that's in short supply of the
demands of the economic system that it's in," he said. Any bank
including the Federal Reserve can never issue interest, they can only
lend money into circulation, so that there's never enough money to pay
the interest on the principle, he continued. A state, however, can
issue debt-free money yet past US Presidents such as Lincoln, Garfield,
and Kennedy all ended up assassinated after they tried to change the
banking system, Farrell pointed out.

The Federal Reserve is not a
government enterprise-- it's a privately held joint-stock company
that's "no more federal than Federal Express," Farrell quipped. However,
now, the corporate elite bankers are on the defensive-- "they've made
too many enemies around the world," with countries like Russia and
China, he noted. Politicians such as Ron Paul are on the right track,
calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve, he commented. New energy
technologies like zero point are being suppressed by both governments
and the corporate elite, as "they are wanting to monopolize this
technology for themselves," as well as keep it out of the hands of
terrorists who might hold the world hostage, he added.

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