Jon Hellevig is a Finnish Independence Party’s candidate for the European Parliament in 2014. He is a lawyer and entrepreneur having written books of philosophy, linguistics, and social philosophy. He supports independence and market economy and is critical to corporate media propaganda and established political parties. One of his books builds a case against a left wing gate keeper Noam Chomsky, who in some circles has gained himself a passionate, almost cult-like attachment of followers across the globe. Hellevig observes and analyses Chomsky’s philosophy and logic from a linguistic and social point of view coming to a conclusion that his theories are irrational and lack context.

Link to The Case Against Noam Chomsky

Jon Hellevig’s web page with links to his writings

The Case against Noam Chomsky

p 173

” It is a very challenging task to criticize Noam Chomsky‘s theories, not for the reason that there would not be a lot to criticize but for the quite opposite reason that the theories are wrong through and through. The very absurdness of the theories serves to defend them from outside criticism, for it is an impossible task to try to account for what is basically nonsense by means of meaningful propositions. In his theories one nonsensical claim is backed up by another, while a concept that was assigned one broad meaning in one context is all of a sudden given a new meaning in the next.”

A Summary of Chomsky’s Main Fallacies

1. The Thingly Fallacy

2. Chomsky’s pseudo-biology

3. Failure to distinguish what is biological and what is social

4. Failure to distinguish between speech and language

5. Failure to distinguish between abilities and skills

6. Failure to identify the difference between the objects of natural sciences and social sciences

7. Speculation in abstraction

8. Conceptual laxity

9. The mathematical fallacy

10. Stimulus free argument

11. Context free argument

12. Meaningless argument

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Comment by Less Prone on April 26, 2014 at 5:21pm

Putin's New Russia

"Common sense warning: The book you are about to read is dangerous. If you are from the English language media sphere, virtually everything you may think you know about contemporary Russia; its political system, leaders, economy, population, so-called opposition, foreign policy and much more is either seriously flawed or just plain wrong. This has not happened by accident. This book explains why. This book is also about gross double standards, hypocrisy, and venal stupidity with western media playing the role of willing accomplice. After reading this interesting tome, you might reconsider everything you “learn” from mainstream media about Russia and the world."


Comment by Less Prone on April 26, 2014 at 3:02pm

I cannot trust a person who doesn't recognize a controlled demolition either for their hidden agenda or mental blockage of frightening facts.

"Destroying the New World Order"

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