The stock market is in the process of complete Collapse. This in turn will trigger the Total Economic Collapse.  This is going to impact Everything.  Stock up your food, water and ammunition people. They are trying, and Failing to keep NYSE propped up( and FAILING).  Hang onto your cash, and keep your heads down. This was inevitable, and the great Collapse is HERE.  The worst effects are at worst weeks away, at best 2 months. Keep in mind, when the NYSE fully tanks, all your grocery stores will close for good quickly.  Fuel prices will quadruple overnight, and we'll see the Elites' exodus beginning.  Keep in mind-this is By Design. The Deep State will SCREW all of us, before ANYONE goes to jail.  It is inescapable now.  BE WARNED.

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Comment by Less Prone on February 8, 2018 at 10:56pm

I agree the usury bankers plan this all. They may not control every small market movement but it's like a card game where they have the whole pack of cards in their hands and you have what they give you. They love to crash and burn the economy, drive nations and individuals into perpetual debt, confiscate the real assets and kick you out of your house broken, humiliated and hopeless.


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