The Democrat Ordered Coup of the White House

It makes no difference that prior to the Obama inauguration the Junior Senator was already secretly meeting with Iranian Mullahs over the Iran Nuke Deal before he had taken office. These secret negotiations preceded the formal announcement of the Nuclear Agreement with Iran that saw billions given to the Iranian government, Iranian missiles fired in violation of UN rules, an Iranian missile landing near a US Aircraft Carrier, and the capture of 2 US Naval gun boats by Iranian torpedo boats during a supposed mechanical breakdown that had resulted in an accidental territory infringement.

Refusal to act

Yet, even before the Iran Nuke Deal had emerged Fast and Furious was enacted with US weapons allowed into the hands of Mexican Cartel members without tracking devices. This infamous program resulted in the deaths of 2 American Border Agents and hundreds if not thousands of shootings perpetrated against Mexican citizens. The scheme concocted by President Obama and Attorney General, Eric Holder was not only illegal, but was never approved by Congress! It took a whistle blower from the ATF at the risk of his life and family to come forth and report this. A dominant Democrat White House never acted to prosecute either executive with blatant evidence in hand.

Who really broke the law

Numerous Democrats such as Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi met with the Russian Ambassador and even Premier Putin during the Obama era. The former President himself in 2012 met with Russian President Medvedev promising he would be more flexible after his re-election. With many more unpunished infractions neither the Democrats or the GOP saw fit to draft articles of impeachment against President Obama while the US media largely ignored these stories or reported them as briefly as possible before moving on with more anti-conservative biased news coverage. to the sleep walking public or the uninformed trustingly digesting the lies of the left one day follows the next, but for the fate of a nation  a coordinated coup conducted by a press corps hostile to the sitting President will not stop their barrage of unproven allegations aimed at unseating a GOP oval office leader.

Relying on ignorance

The double standard is so obvious only a comatose patient could miss it. Yet, the US media just as the Obama holdovers who still have not been fired by the Trump Administration, heavily depend on an ignorant a

and gullible American public who are too stupid to comprehend the hypocrisy. They fail to see the Democrats will not allow the Trump White House to continue with their attempts at reform. The left would rather plunge America into riots, steep unemployment, higher fuel prices, more taxes, and general chaos than allow the country to move toward recovery! They would rather push America into a war with horrid casualties than allow the GOP under President Trump to succeed. Why? Because they know when the Republicans succeed they will expose the Democrats and the left for the destructive policies that have knowingly implemented, and this could lead to the end of the party in view of their losses in state, mayoral, and federal seats.


More than that, the Democrats refuse to accept that they lost the 2016 Election due to their botched agenda, their flawed candidate (Hillary) and the failure of President Obama to lead an effective economic recovery at 1.9% average fiscal quarter growth over 8 years! This being the worst economic recovery ever. If the Democrats are going to lead a coup against the Trump White House using their troops (US media) than let the same standard apply to the them as well! All Democrats such as Hillary and Barack Obama who violated the Espionage Act and had inappropriate contact with Russian officials as well as enemies of the state be eliminated as well. Let the heads roll on both sides! Let the law apply equally! The Democrats have colluded with the Russians for decades without being convicted by Congress or the liberal US media!

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