The Feds Can't Catch the Cartels' Cocaine-Filled Submarines

It will take a concentrated multinational operation to put a dent in the covert operations smuggling Drugs, explosives, terrorists, weapons of mass distruction on to our shores.Our enemies are smart 100% dedicated to die for their beliefs a nd very patient waiting for years if necessary to complete their missions.. The contraband coming into the U.S. is mindboggoling and we have no idea how much gets trough our borders. How safe do you now feel in your homes and communities, on the highways, ships, planes, trains, and other means of transportation



The Feds Can't Catch the Cartels' Cocaine-Filled Submarines

With three-quarters of potential cocaine shipments sliding under their noses, United States authorities are having a hard time keeping up with the Latin American drug cartels..

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Comment by Nathan A. Bauer on September 10, 2012 at 2:37am

No, the CIA are in bed with and organized the Cartels and have advanced intelligence and routes to follow. Only the ones not controlled and profiting will ever be caught, because they are competition. This is just the same as with every County Sheriff's Dept. and ever Police Dept.

If they are not on the dole and paid off, then they will come after your criminal drug enterprise, but if you pay the fee, then you can do whatever you wish. 

Every State, County, Municipality and Parish are completely corrupt!


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