The Final Executive Order: Death of the Republic

by Ron Holland

This is a fictional story showing how the last vestiges of the republic, your personal wealth and gold could disappear in 24 hours.

"The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater." ~ Frank Zappa

Several weeks ago, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced Obama's sudden executive order favoring illegal aliens. This was just one of many presidential executive orders and actually not a big deal but this tool will likely be the legal mechanism used to financially lock down America similar to the way a warden limits privileges and movement in a prison complex. Executive orders, unless they are challenged, can allow a president to rule by decree. This is basically what our once great republic has been reduced to.

Presidential Executive Orders Are the Greatest Threat To Our Nation

Many presidents have used the power of presidential executive orders but among the most harmful were Franklin Roosevelt's Executive Order 6102 signed on April 5, 1933 that authorized the confiscation of private gold and Executive Order 9066 imprisoning 110,000 Japanese Americans in "War Relocation Camps." Lincoln also issued countless executive orders authorizing arrest and imprisonment of opposition newspaper reporters and editors as well as suspending the writ of habeas corpus widely across the Union. Of course, you will not read much about this in the history books.

How A Financial Lockdown Could Happen

This is a fictional story written to illustrate how an executive order could be crafted in a real or contrived false-flag crisis in order to impose a total financial lockdown against productive America that could confiscate nearly 100% of your wealth and destroy any remaining liberties.

This would be an American version of the Reichstag fire event that allowed Hitler and the Nazis to rule Germany by emergency decree. The spark could be a European bank run, sovereign debt collapse or capital controls contagion crossing the Atlantic and reaching the already bankrupt United States. It could be a real military or oil crisis in the Middle East, terrorist attack, Israeli military attack or contrived false flag operation designed to provide the justification for a presidential executive order that could take the rest of your net worth over the course of a single night.

The few remnants of the original republic of our Founding Fathers along with our remaining wealth and liberties could easily be destroyed over 24 hours by a pre-planned presidential executive order during a future real or contrived crisis.

The Threat is the Same Under A GOP or Democrat President

Presidential elections today are meaningless reminders of an earlier time when it mattered which party or presidential candidate won an election. It could happen just as easily under Romney as Obama. Both are intelligent, family oriented individuals that make the best front men, crafted to put a human face in front of a mercantilist/fascist system of government controlled by a power elite that has ruled over the US since at least 1913.

Will an Executive Order Like This Actually Take Place?

It could happen. I've tried to show how this kind of crisis could be manufactured or promoted to create the public justification and support for these broad actions, although I believe the financial actions alone may be all that is really necessary. After all, a full-blown police state really isn't a good way to run a country and would be counter productive when all they really want are your assets.

My goal is to explore the possible political, financial and economic consequences of the next crisis or attack and prepare a worst-case scenario Presidential Executive Order response. Remember, all governments with a couple of exceptions are already bankrupt thanks to the sovereign debt conspiracy.

The actual solution is sovereign debt repudiation but this would threaten the major banks, their central banking accomplices and their political partners-in-crime. Therefore, "austerity" is a pleasant term to frame dramatic tax increases and cuts in government services and programs and this is the near-term solution combined with unimaginable money creation by the central banks.

However, the time is coming soon when the fiat money creation must stop or else the world will erupt into severe hyperinflation again threatening those institutions and political structures that created the economic downturn "depression" now ravaging and destroying the world economy. They now require a dramatic excuse, an emergency so frightening as to motivate Americans into voluntarily giving up their wealth and remaining freedoms to maintain the system a little longer while the financial and political elites search for a way out to escape blame and the consequences of their actions.

I fear their solution will become known in a future history, assuming eventually liberty forces prevail, as "The Final Presidential Executive Order." On the other hand, should the tyranny prevail, none of this will make it into the history books.

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