The Green Movement of Years Past Will Cause Japan Style Meltdown in USA (Original Content)

I know what the hell am I talking about I must have been abducted and mutilated by little green men suggesting that about the green movement (who protested nuclear power) causing a Japan style meltdown right?


Simple logic at play here folks, that reactor #1 at the Fukushima nuke plant in Japan was built in the late 1960's!! and installed in Oct. 1970. It was the first to go for good reason it was the oldest. There are 23 of those Mark1 reactors here in the USA that are just as old but still in use. WHY? you ask... yes the green movement, thats right the green weenies are to blame. Had it not been for their successful campaign against nuclear power, the industry would have continued to build NEW nuclear power plants with updated technology in both reactor type and safety precautions. Instead of the USA getting 20% of our power from nuclear power I'd guess we'd be similar to France and have upwards of 80% of our power coming from nuclear power. Thus eliminating the majority of our "carbon footprint", the other 20% would be clean coal the type that has scrubbers and only emits carbon which i could care less about personally. The old plants would be shut down just like old coal plants were shut down and replaced or upgraded to newer more efficient, safer/cleaner coal plants. 


When the USA has it's eventual meltdown do to some act whether by nature or man, don't point your finger at the nuclear industry or the technology because its not their fault. They're not allowed to build new plants or upgrade old reactors. The only avenue they have is to keep using the old and replenish the fuel rods as needed.


Makes you wonder if its not a coordinated effort behind the scenes to eventually have a Chernobyl right here in the USA, have all the reactors shut down by mass protest and have it be the straw that breaks the nations back. Just think a year or so from now if we lost 20% of our power overnight with oil above $200 a barrel. It would be lights out for American industry they'd literally lose money by just keeping the lights on. 


I can only imagine if the Japanese plants are that susceptible to mass failure how bad our plants must be. One solar flare that knocked out a few backup systems and computers could be the cause of a meltdown. They admit that the US power grid doesn't have any protection from EMP or solar flares, It's not a stretch to think that the nuclear plants are just as unprotected as the power grid. Especially being four decades old.


To conclude, my idea is simple. Find areas of the USA that are A. not near a fault line B. not on top of a aquifer or major water table C. not on the ocean D. away from major metro areas and E. the reactor can be built underground in an old mine or similar so if the worst happened which would be very unlikely with brand new equipment and technology. In that situation the door could simply be locked and then blast the tunnels, shaft and connections leading to it for extra measure. With modern equipment and this type of common sense precautions I don't see why 100% of our grid power can't be from nuclear and be very safe at the same time. 


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Comment by Tara on March 15, 2011 at 9:31am
I'd have to agree with your logic Laser.....great post!

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