The Hour Of The Time Episode 1 (January 4th, 1993)

The year 1993 was to bring to the world a voice in the wilderness. It began ringing out across the global landscape on January 4th and I am quite sure has changed many a life since. The format was like no other as layed out by the broadcasting voice. The tone was subtle, warm, inviting, while at the same time shockingly blunt and dropping earthshaking information either never before revealed or highly obfuscated and ridiculed, as the grain of truth resting in the center could affect world manipulators.


Since that time, especially following the Waco ritual sacrifice, many more came out attempting to catch our ears and hearts, to awaken us from a deadly slumber ALL lands were under. Some with the same good intentions, others as ear ticklers and wolves in sheep’s clothing, sent out amongst the flock to betray and slay the greater number. Yet next to none, even now, have even dared come as close as the individual who began this information campaign on that faithful night of January 4th 1993.


Many here at the site are well aware of the 2 shows I put on here on 12.160 last year, namely: Northern Front and Witness to the Nations. I sincerely gave it my all and best to follow in Williams footsteps as far as the goal-purpose-existence of those shows. My goal was NOT to get big or get money or become a leader of someone. It was merely to inspire some to re-examine everything over from the beginning, to return to thinking and facing and resolving and solving. To ignore ridicule and recognize fire where there is no apparent flame or smoke even. The demonic knowledge being sold and shoved and pushed now will lead to unhappiness and an eventual loss of your very existence FOREVER! ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE will save the soul eternally REGARDLESS of whatever they do to the flesh shell now.


For this is surely a time to take responsibility for one’s self and record thus far, with all humbleness and humility and true heart felt repentance. But having truly unearthed what role you have played, knowingly and/or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly, in ignorance and most assuredly in full knowledge. The power that rules this world now would definitely have you take responsibility now, only for insanities and lies and foolishness. They and their father would have you take full responsabilty for all that THEY HAVE DONE THUS FAR, AS WELL AS YOUR DRUGGING-ENSLAVEMENT-ENTRAPMENT into the current dissolving situation. Do not be fooled or mislead. Jehovah is not one to be mocked!


To ever have a hope of saving YOUR SOUL (yes, that’s right, NOT the fleshy luggage containing it for now!), it might be intelligent to consider no longer mocking yourselves either, making up excuses or reasonings for why to continue on supporting this evil silent beast. Face what must be faced, and run AT, NOT AWAY from your weaknesses and problems. Clear it up now, the time to run has ended!


Listen to this very 1st show, then consider coming into possession of and investigating and researching all the documents and literature mentioned or quoted from (if you have not already). Some can be found in our section “In Their Own Words” in the 12.160 groups.


I’d also like to ask that you consider his murder on November 5th 2001. Keep in mind what he states at the outset of his show about those who do a radio show based on truth who do it for fame or money or sell-out or disinformation. Some of the “supposed truth movement’s” leading mouths fall into this category and are openly exposed as the cancerous sores they are now. Especially one very smooth loud talker from Austin, who’s original interview with Mr Cooper can be found and listened to here on youtube, then one can judge for themselves just how rude and nasty Mr Cooper “supposedly” was on the show, and how he left quite peaceably and nicely; later changed by the Austin host as “kicked out of the studio”. Listen to it, we should all get “kicked out” so nicely. After all, exposed is and exposed acts as exposed does !
January 4, 1993 - The premier of Bill Cooper's Hour Of The Time.

Part 1 – Episodes 1 through 400 – Complete Bill ... - Hour of the Time

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Comment by bryan l on January 23, 2011 at 11:47pm



Comment by XhackedbyNSA on January 23, 2011 at 9:19pm

Oh jeeze!

I forgot all about that song (end of part 4/beginning of part5)! 'Deteriorata' ('fluke of the universe')!

I cracked up the first time I heard it...

Comment by XhackedbyNSA on January 23, 2011 at 7:04pm

i kind of like Cooper. He figured out late in life that all the ET stuff he was fed in the military was another psy.op..


On a side note:

It is important to remember that 12.160 is the MHZ broadcast band that is used by Alex Jones, and the reason that most are here is because of this fact.

Bashing Alex Jones on a site started in his honor is not a good thing to do.

Yes, Bill Cooper was one of the truth trailblazers, and sometimes it's easy to forget.

Comment by truth on December 27, 2010 at 2:28am

"Destroying the New World Order"


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