The Man Who refused to be King Part I

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After 6 long years of revolutionary war the Thirteen Colonies had finally beaten the best Army in the world and attained their independence. it had been dicey all along. General Washington had been forced to use guerilla tactics against a vastly superior British Army. Many of our Founding Fathers were captured and executed, lost their plantations and farms, or both. They had invested heavily in a noble effort that would have seen them hanging from the gallows as traitors to the Royal Crown had the war been lost.

In a day when Democrat Mayors tell us America was never that great, when illegal aliens are allowed to urinate on the American flag and burn it, while Hollywood actors shame conservatives, Christians, and Constitutionalists, while comedians make allegiance to our flag into a twisted satire, those men in 1782 had endured a solemn pact that would ensure that the greatest nation in human history survived to realize its potential. In a day when patriotism could have meant being hanged by a rope or shot by firing squad little do today's pampered cupcakes recognize the terrible sacrifices made by soldiers with holes in their shoes leaving blood stained tracks in the snow as they pushed artillery along an unpaved road.

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The Continental Congress was eager to get on with business. They wanted a Commander in Chief, they wanted a valiant leader, they wanted a king! Why not George Washington they agreed? Hero, of the Battle of Trenton, New Jersey on Christmas Eve, the victor over the mighty English General Cornwallis, yes the new republic would have a dazzling figure with which to announce its arrival to the world! George Washington had unrivaled support and popularity, yet there was simply one problem. He didn't want the coronation of a monarch. He refused! George wanted nothing to do with being christened King of the 13 Colonies! When the desperate members of the Continental Congress pleaded with him, Washington relented to being an elected president who would serve a limited term under that office. All George really wanted was just to get back to his believed wife, Martha, their vineyard, and agricultural life style.

George Washington even challenged Congress accusing them of contradicting the very Declaration of Independence and US Constitution they had drafted! " I did not lead an army against our oppressors to settle for the same form of government we detested!" Some witnesses quoted him as saying. Washington had been moved by the political possibilities that greatly differentiated the new America from the arrogant monarchy of England that was busy colonizing the world! Though perplexed and somewhat shocked by Washington's insistence, the Continental Congress granted their king a presidency instead who was bound to consulting with the representatives of the people so that all Americans could participate in the political process and the new republic could flourish based upon the will of the people, something the British out of their arrogant disregard for rights had inspired the colonists to pursue! A government for the people, by the people, and of the people would now receive their gallant president!

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