While on the surface the world has gone crazy, I am so encouraged to see so many brothers and sisters not shirk back from the faceless forces of intimidation, but instead to stand in their power, in grace, in truth, and in allegiance to life.

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In this way, worlds are bridging.

At a time when darkness is increasingly revealed, it may be counter-intuitive, and is definitely paradoxical. But it is happening.​​

I see that, throughout the human race, our focal point of authority is being relocated to be within ourselves.

The structures we believed in have exhausted their social credit. They are now seen (by enough of our consciousness) to be illegitimate. 

Truth and joy-of-being are anchoring in, and this will continue to reduce the effect generated by external offers of fear, lies and intimidation.​​

This understanding has a second paradox that this self-embodied authority is “authorized” and even caused or led by the Source we are have in common.​​ We are small versions of the All, and the All ― it appears ― is waking up.

This is the new pattern. 

I notice that it is happening also in the western church, in which I was raised. Within those who for their whole lives have loved God and prayed for the Return of the Kingdom.

Two are coming into one. A healing salve is being infused into archetypal wounds.

Christ said, “Let your eye be single, and your whole body will be full of light.” Other messengers point to this unity of assemblage point. We don’t need to force this process, but rather just be present and set our intention to allow it. I have found these are the kinds of intentional prayers that are fully “received”, and shift the fabric of one’s reality.

Humanity’s current “existential crisis” – provoked by fear of being colonized by 5G, AI and other power-based false-singularities – are helping to catalyze the very real process within us. I can’t fully explain this at this time.

The cycles of this spiral journey can be intense. Sometimes I have bad days, as we all do, in which maintaining full trust is a challenge. I too have my “WTF is this reality” days. I’m increasingly seeing this as normal.

The amazing thing is, mutually-beneficial empowerment is natural. It is what happens automatically with the dissolution of our adherence to illusions, masks and artificial divides. It is Natural Law, or “Source Code” – the concept that a) my rights end where yours begin, b) I affirm both my and your existence, c) there is enough ______ for everyone to thrive. We may need to think higher and work together to remove the artificial barriers, but there is enough. And as we align our intentions with Natural Law, our aligned-power increases.

Take care of your body, and mind. Spend time in nature. Honor yourself and your boundaries.

Bless you on your Way.

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