To the defendant that calls himself the Homo Sapiens, the Wise Man, also known as the mankind and in particular to the certain ruling Psychopathic, Greed Driven Factions of Humanity, its self proclaimed pseudo elite, herein referred to as the PGDFH.

Mankind, misled by the PGDFH, has demonstrated a total disrespect for a great endowment of the autonomy and freedom given to them for the last few millennia and in effect has risen against their benevolent Creator who has given them a unique opportunity to prove their worth by leaving the planet earth into their custody. Unfortunately, mankind’s inability to appropriately respond and react to this great trust has brought them into an utter chaos intellectually, materially and spiritually. The current situation clearly shows that the way of man is unsustainable as summarized below in the four main charges.


The mankind, led by the PGDFH, has demonstrated poor skills in the management of the planet entrusted to them. This is characterized by an unnecessary poisoning and destruction of environment and complete species of animals, insects and plants by gross mismanagement of land, water and the air. Furthermore, the PGDFH have incited wars and killed their own species by large numbers in order to grow their material wealth over the others and to enslave the rest of the humanity. These disruptive criminal activities include, but are not limited to the following items of mismanagement;

(1) Irrevocable genetic pollution and degeneration of plants by genetic manipulation techniques rendering them worthless for alimentation , reasonable use or reproduction,

(2) Irresponsible distribution of poisonous substances, waste and pollution into the nature,

(3) Distribution of radioactive matter by pollution and deliberate massive use of such material as explosive devices and destructive projectiles that disintegrate and disperse into the environment causing broad, detrimental long term effects ,

(4) Dispersion of hazardous and deadly chemicals as weapons when conducting wars for land, sea and resources,

(5) Dispersion of viruses , bacteria, nano-machines and other malicious or destructive entities , systems or apparatus for breaking down or weakening the physical or mental health of the people in order to gain power over them or for war purposes.

This gross mismanagement of the inheritance, the planet and its biosphere including the mankind itself, has grown into such an extend that a complete collapse of the human societies and habitability of the whole planet is imminent unless these criminal activities are stopped and new ways adopted respecting the Law and sustainability of nature.


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Winston Churchill, on the eave of WWII 

"I fear that ill winds and The High Cabal shall determine our fate."

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Comment by James Roberts on November 10, 2019 at 3:46pm

Less Prone - Well, if we can't speak freely, that only leaves one option. They really should have left that alone.

Comment by Less Prone on November 10, 2019 at 1:09pm

Internet is being castrated bit by bit. The ideas and phrases you found a couple of years ago do not anymore show up in the search engines. Google is no surprise at all and it's improved copy provide zero results to the Churchill quote above. "I fear that ill winds and The High Cabal shall determine our fate." 

So there must be something important in that quote as it has been wiped out of cyberspace. I was lucky enough to find it, after all, guess how. The phrase can be found in three places from and one of them is this web page, the two others are on a comment section of a post. (In)credible how the cabal is increasing their control day by day.

The duckduckgo search results

"Destroying the New World Order"


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