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Clayton R. Douglas is many things, first and foremost he is a writer with 3 books available on Amazon, Kindle and other outlets.  He is also an entrepreneur, starting and running companies all over the country. He is a publisher with 4 magazines that were distributed nationally, and a film maker with four documentaries. He may have earned the title of one of the most “Controversial” men of the Twentieth century, bestowed on him by politically connected people, powerful organizations and much of the mainstream media. This impression was purposely created to lessen the impact of his writing, his magazines and the radio shows he has been doing since 1994. He had the audacity to give a voice to highly intelligent people from all over the world whose view points were different from what is usually heard on the mainstream outlets.

He was a straight A student who read every science fiction book in the Fort Worth public library before he turned 14. He got a motorcycle, had a few confrontations with teachers and vice-principals, dropped out of school in the ninth grade and took a walk on the wild side…for the rest of his life. Contact Lin Swindell at


Life in the 21st Century

By Clay Douglas

1931 words


“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” — Voltaire

LIBOR -The Biggest Scam in History?

Libor: Not A Scandal—A Funeral

The World is controlled by the City of London (Corporation)

If we organize and work together Dec. 21, 2012 should mark the end of the Bankster's world. The Fed's /charter ends in 2013! CRD

Bankers are insane vampires by definition. The banking cartel  rules the entire planet and is owned by a small group of families known as the Money Power or Illuminati. Ten trillion involved.

 JPMorgan, Citibank, Bank of America and probably most other banks involved in LIBOR are being investigated and undoubtedly are  involved. This goes to the heart of the banking cartel.

Barclays was named as being at the epicenter of the small group of firms that a fascinating study discovered to own most companies in the world, a few years back.

But in a classic case of double think, Diamond simultaneously declared it was 'just a group of 14 rogue traders'.
Conclusion: The whole system is involved. All the major banks, BoE and the British Government are already implicated. But undoubtedly the FED, the ECB and and a number of Governments were at least aware of what was going on.

The Banking System is One and involves all these players, including the press and the academic world. By shifting blame amongst each other they distract us from this simple truth. If they are all to blame, none are to blame.

So is this the biggest scandal ever? 

Finance itself is the scandal. That $200k mortgage that we are paying $300k in interest over in thirty years was printed the minute we took out the loan.

The $450 billion the taxpayer is sweating to cough up each year to service the National Debt while the Government could easily print some interest free credit or even debt-free money is another example.

This is just the umpteenth banking scandal, but people simply cannot yet get their head around the fact that bankers are insane vampires per definition. That the banking system is one cartel ruling the entire planet and owned by a small group of centuries old families known as the Money Power or Illuminati.

That we should be getting our money out of the system now, lock up all these disturbed maniacs and print some interest free cash. Perhaps this particular little scandal will help them understand. But I'm not holding my breath


Why We Need to Move Now To Create Liberty Villages

1951 words

By Clayton R. Douglas

http// and I am now taking applications for people that want to live a self-sufficient lifestyle with others of their own kind and race. These villages are a commercial venture, requires a little capital for low cost housing. The housing that is available changes from area to area. Tell us what you can contribute to a cooperative venture, you skills, $$$ and what part of the country you wish to live in. We have acreage in three states so far, Texas, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Each village is a covenant community and is required to produce non-GMO food, run a restaurant and gift shop, build solar and wind generators for use on your homes and to sell. This is a method to restore the self-sufficient family farm in a way that it is accessible to many traveling Americans.

The Free American is now taking orders for Teepees, Yurts and tornado proof Shelters starting under $5000 and less than a stick built home per square foot.  Add a Solar Generator and get free of the banks and their power companies for under $10,000. Pay off your mortgage in less than a year!  Contact Clay Douglas, tell us what you are looking for and what you can contribute to the expansion of Liberty Villages and Self-sufficiency.



The forces that are aligned against the people of the world us proven techniques to keep us a debt slaves. As Henry Ford said, “If Americans understood their banking system, there would be a revolution overnight! The following stories are from the mainstream and European press. Even the mainstream is telling you how evil the Banksters are. But they are not telling you what the answers are. We will. We have land in three states and more signing up daily.  We are taking applications and resumes from people who have skills and want to work with their fellow American to restore the basis of every civilization, “The Self-Sufficient Family Farm” heretofore known as Liberty Villages.

Divide and Conquer is the oldest strategy in warfare and our Media uses it to full advantage. Republican/Democrat, Liberal/Conservative, Muslim/Christian/Jew. The money changers have taken over the banking for the religions. Churches are 501C3 Government Controlled. That is why my book, “Mystery Babylon” dwells on the latest created Villain, Christian Identity! But more than the fact that I exposed the Jewish connection to 9-11, to our drug supply and to their creation of Vaccines and GMO Food as a weapon, is the fact that I planned for the creation of Liberty Villages as an immediate solution to the whole N.W.O. plan for Global Communism.

This plan is viable, makes sense and is very doable! It is like building an Ark in your county to act as a life raft if everything falls apart in this country. It also presents a comfortable, safe, environment for your family and friends.

.           To put it simply, if you grow your own food and generate your own power from wind or sun, you do not need the government or Banksters. The government knows this. The Banksters know this. That is why, shortly after I put Liberty Villages in the centerfold of my magazine, NAIS popped up, meters on wells were implemented, S510 passed to allow the government to inspect and control that garden in your back yard. Here is the latest installment of their plan to create a RURAL Control. Think of your garden or rural whole food coop being regulated as a 501C3 or an extension of the government control of your food Supply!

Here is the government's response to the threat against their power and control presented by MY Liberty Villages Concept! This, S510 and the NAIS should show you why Clay Douglas is such a threat to the government of the Banksters! They are moving to control the rural villages before any are established. This is a race for Freedom!

If the Government gives you money, the Government controls it and you.


Executive Order 13575—Establishment of the White House Rural Council

June 9, 2011

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America and in order to enhance Federal engagement with rural communities, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. Sixteen percent of the American population lives in rural counties. Strong, sustainable rural communities are essential to winning the future and ensuring American competitiveness in the years ahead. These communities supply our food, fiber, and energy, safeguard our natural resources, and are essential in the development of science and innovation. Though rural communities face numerous challenges, they also present enormous economic potential. The Federal Government has an important role to play in order to expand access to the capital necessary for economic growth, promote innovation, improve access to health care and education, and expand outdoor recreational activities on public lands.

To enhance the Federal Government's efforts to address the needs of rural America, this order establishes a council to better coordinate Federal programs and maximize the impact of Federal investment (Agenda 21 and Fusion Centers. Federal Control)


The time to counter this move is now…with Liberty Villages!

But it takes money to do anything, especially since we cannot use the News Media to our benefit. I can counter all of their opposition, if I have some capitol. I have millions of dollars of books, films and research. I know where to buy and how to build lost cost housing using systems that we don’t have to pay usurious interest rates to the banksters. We can produce our own food, our own energy, and begin the process of reintroducing hemp into this country. We can use these Villages to spread the word and recreate them across the country as a turn key businesses. I have the sources for Solar and wind power. I have a distributorship for the Teepees and Yurts pictured at

We have a distribution deal with the manufacturers of Teepees and Yurts. We can count on a million dollars worth of publicity in every biker and mainstream newspapers if we construct a village and restaurant on main secondary highways. We will turn them into a truly GREEN community of people with a lot of respect and admiration for the Indians, the original liberty loving Americans. 20 lit up Teepees and a Central Yurt as a Restaurant and gift shop, a flashing vacancy sign, offering range fed beef, organic vegetables and hemp coffee and supplements with trace minerals and we will keep the place hopping.

I am putting this together right now. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is an opportunity for individuals. This would be structured like an investment club and operate as a coop. Except for 10% operating and advertising expenses, the money would go into a trust. Each Liberty Village would be a covenant Community set up as a tenancy in common. Each Village would welcome homeless Vets who would work for room and board.

Liberty Village Script would be issued along the lines of Ithaca Hours. One hour work, on hour’s pay, set at the equivalent of 10 Federal Reserve notes, a refined barter system.

This is not about making money for Clay Douglas. It is about supporting and using the magazines, products, websites and radio shows I have created in a mutually beneficial project. It is about providing the information to everyone who participates. The books of this private club called Liberty Villages will be open to all members. Investments go into hard products for resale, to rent or for property. It would be structured as a coop. Members buy wholesale plus 10%. Tourists and Customers pay retail. Teepees will rent for $50 a night. The teepees would pay for themselves in a month. I want to see these spread into every rural community.

The same formula will work in a normal city block. Turn the back yard into a garden, the garage into a shop building solar panels and the roof into your power plant.

Individually, one of these Villages could be raided the same way they did in Waco. But if they are open to the public, run as a unique, green enterprise, there is the potential for tremendous expansion and with the advice of our farmers and ranchers, we can educate a lot of people on how to grow their own food, raise their own chicken and fish. This is the beginning of a movement back to a self-sufficient non-war like America! Won’t you join me now?

This is an answer, a productive, non-violent, non-compliant method using the tried and true basis of every civilization, a version of the Self-Sufficient Family Farm with built in security in the form of Veterans still loyal to their oath to the Constitution.. This will work if we can put aside dogma and differences to work together for an economically stable, profitable enterprise that rewards everyone involved with health, liberty and a payback on their investment, be it in cash, labor or product.

If you have land, a farm or a ranch, would like help turning it into a productive, profitable enterprise to help families who might have lost their homes, vets and more, think about setting 4 or 5 acres with low cost shelters for productive Americans you can teach how to raise their food and live in harmony to with their environment while maintaining our Liberty!

If you are looking for a safe place to live to ride out the coming hard times with neighbors of similar interests. We are asking you to send us an application that will be forwarded to the land owners in the area you are interested in residing.

Thank you.

Clayton R. Douglas

Call me at 520-413-2397 or send an e-mail to, I am interested in Libert...




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The Free American is now taking orders for Teepees, Yurts and tornado proof Shelters start under $5000 and less than a stick built home per square foot.  Add a Solar Generator and get free of the banks and their power companies for under $10,000. Pay off your mortgage in less than a year!  Contact Clay Douglas, tell us what you are looking for and what you can contribute to the expansion of Liberty Villages and Self-sufficiency.


Data Base with Complete information on self-sufficient farming

The Time is NOW! The technology is here to create Self-sufficient Communities Today. These structures are available and may be shipped or constructed anywhere. The first Liberty Villages Covenant Communities are in Texas near Austin, Oklahoma and Tennesse. We are taking applications!

Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom?

Boycott The Jewish Weapon By Eustace Mullins Support the Free American

Jews Don’t have To Go Through TSA”: Homeland Security’s Janet Napolitano

     This week – House Republicans plan to vote on House Resolution 568 – which calls on the President to take our nation to war should Iran even become capable of building a nuclear weapon - without building one. The resolution also takes containment – like sanctions and diplomacy – off the table as an adequate response to a nuclear Iran – leaving military action as the only possibility. So, despite U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies determining that Iran is NOT building a nuclear weapon – Republicans in the House want to drag an already war-weary nation and stretched-thin military into another war. And the Congressional watchdog group – United Republic – has found that lobbyists working on behalf of the Israeli lobbying group AIPAC – are the ones primarily pushing this bill. So far this year – AIPAC has hired seven lobbyists and spent more than $700,000 pushing several pieces of legislation, including this one calling for war with Iran. If Bush's two-failed wars taught us any lesson – it's to be sceptical of those calling for more war. And why is it legal for foreigners to write our laws?

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