The Radical Intolerance of the Left and the Inauguration

... Reilly and Wesley Lowery Tweet and Film Arrest in Ferguson McDonalds

False Political Narratives and Distortion of the Truth By The Left

Is America today embroiled in an insane political war of words and in a literal battle for our freedom in the future? Has this struggle of ideology been framed in propaganda and by sources hostile to the ideals of the United States and its very own Constitution? Most who make a reasonable effort to be informed would probably agree. Those who may have kept abreast of US history and our metamorphosis into a revolutionarily free society would have to be quite alarmed at the level of subversion that has taken place by the most unlikely of sources. The free press once envisioned by the founding fathers has been co-opted by a minion of radical globalist sycophants.


Is it foreign espionage that has contaminated the intellect of our populace? One might be quite shocked at the reality of such institutions as the US mainstream media, appointed officials in office, and even the elected executive branch on Capitol Hill who in opposition to our US Constitution have engaged in deception and social engineering to further an agenda adverse to the very principles that our forefathers founded our nation over. As President Elect, Donald Trump discovered, even our intelligence services have been corrupted and are actually leaking confidential information to the press for political purpose. That purpose has been to support the liberal radical agenda that has been eating away at our society as hired agitators who are decidedly of violent persuasion have been used to combat rallies of conservative candidates while burning down communities over racial propaganda.

False narratives

President Obama, who has gone largely unopposed by the press corps and treated with an undeserving respect in the face of his failed and anti-American policies was never even confronted over such disasters as the Benghazi attack even when it was established that he and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lied to the American public, the families of the victims killed, and Arab nations of Middle Eastern countries. Saying that the reasons for well coordinated and heavily armed assaults were due to some obscure Christian film that made a comedy of Islam was a lie. Jailing its small time California producer was an act of fascism, but these abominations are just the tip of the iceberg when one finds that a DIA report establishing a well planned terrorist scenario had occurred.

Root cause

In eight years under the Obama White House such breakdowns in national security and domestic safety have been the norm not the exception, and for what reason if not due to ineptitude? The trouble is not just that the failures are systemic, but that they point to the rationale of the left that refuses to take national security seriously, cyber security does not seem to be a priority, and that if it bucks the existence of sanctuary cities not even the well-being of the US citizen is important. How does this flawed and convoluted logic seem justifiable in the minds of those who would support liberal extremism and the very destruction of their nation at the hands of the Obama Administration? The unholy alliance of all factors above mentioned sources figures heavily in this insane equation. When the entrenched ideology of politicians whose warped rationale (radicalism) exceeds the best interests of the masses then there is no law, no security, and no ethical existence in that society. America trembles on the brink of stability while government, the media, and radical factions all converge to cause unrest and insurrection for the sake of their destructive scheme.

If the shoe were on the other foot

Had anyone conceived of the notion to cause rioting and disruption at President Obama's inauguration there would have been a self righteous outcry from the US mainstream media and all Democrat Party officials from within the evil cabal that we recognize as the radical conspiracy that wants to overthrow our country if they can't rule. The denial of radical Islam influencing our government from within, the immoral attitude set against decency and God within the federal government is quite obvious, but even more disturbing is the overreach that rationalizes that the federal government has the right to act in violation of due process of law. When those in power are not prosecuted for their crimes because our Department of Justice refuses to do its job then lawlessness is sanctioned and the will of the people has been subverted by an evil process that makes all the sacrifices of our military over the last two centuries meaningless where America has defended not only its own freedom, but the rights of other nations as well pursuant to our ideals and the original intentions of our forefathers.

State of confusion

The extent of the corruption by the left in American today can be measured in the planned subversion of a new presidency before it has a chance to begin by the Democratic Party, radicals financed by such megalomaniacs as George Soros, and the majority of the US media who, rather than objectively report the news have formed a movement to stop President Elect Trump after failing to stop his bid for the presidency on the road to the White House. The left cannot tolerate conservatism it must act to destroy it, delegitimatize any opposing ideology, and to lie, cheat, and steal in order to achieve that goal. Reporters trying to speak over a president, Hollywood actors advocating

disruption of an inauguration proceedings, as the unqualified mouthpieces of the media insult the intelligence of the well meaning and patriotic who ascribe to the US Constitution epitomizes this mindset of those arrogantly misguided enough to rationalize the compromise of their own society at the bidding of our enemies. This is the modern day quagmire conjured up by the liberal mindset determined not to lose its strangle hold on our government, our society, and upon all those opposed to such insanity.

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