The ongoing sociopolitical siege of America is not just a perceived clash between parties, competition between the radical left or conservative right, or even the Islamic doctrine that urges the takeover of infidel societies. There is more to it than that. There is an unseen battle going on that transcends the enemies of freedom who want to snuff out liberty and the right to the pursuit of happiness. This war is most certainly a spiritual war between good and evil, but even more than that what the people themselves have manifested in their own minds.

It was there all the time

Scientists have puzzled for a long time over the large volume of matter unaccounted for in the universe so they gave it a name “Dark Matter” in order to account for an, as yet, discovered material that would explain the undetected volume of seemingly invisible matter that is perhaps more voluminous than all planetary, nebula, and star structure combined in all galaxies. Recently it was detected by a NASA satellite.


Apparently, there is a literal web of measurable energy that not only exists, but interconnects throughout the time space continuum of the universe. Where once it was believed that nothing but an empty vacuum between stars and planets made up the distance between celestial bodies there is an unseen of energy. Max Plank in 1944, a well-known physicist described this in his explanation of how a web of energy holds the entire universe measured in varying frequencies. He used the term “Matrix”.

The true struggle?


How does this relate to the battle for America? How do forces of evil and good collide on the streets of America and in the hearts and minds of those who want to preserve the dream of our founding fathers and the fools who can only find fault with America and seek to transform this country into another socialist regime? What does this have to do with the ultimate intention of our enemies who would form a global government and the removal of our constitutional rights?


Little do most people know the power of their own minds and hearts to materialize the reality they live in. That reality is not only measured in the world of physical dimensions or brick and mortar but there is an existence intertwined in energy that holds everything together. That energy can reflect whatever we willingly wish for or what we create with our own negative thoughts. Imagine a reality created by the thoughts of the masses either consciously or unconsciously. In many religions of the world, western teachings, Native American tradition, and the religions of the east there are ancient conceptions of “Compassion” which means more than just care or sympathy, but it means the positive and beneficial energy that man is capable of manifesting if he knows how to do this. Jesus knew how. He used his ability not to make himself prosper but to heal the sick and to bring enlightenment to those who sought the truth.

The struggle

In America today we have government attempting to remove the very morally inspired ethics that guided our forefathers in their creation of a government that allowed freedom of the individual, observed this as a God given right, and sought to limit the power of the government over the people. Yet, there are those that want to make government God while driving the moral influence of right and wrong from the annals of government. They want to infringe upon the individual and steal our rights from us. These people manifest a negativity out of fear of losing control in order for them to rule. They suffocate the family, the light of liberty, and build societies devoid of goodness and innovation instead relying upon fear and force to manipulate the masses into submitting to them.

The difference

When the people as a whole observe freedom and less government acknowledging a creator who urges us to accept that every man is equal in the eyes of the law, that less restriction, promotes an atmosphere of hope, of light, of happiness, that society manifests its own prosperous destiny. The spiritual realm is marked by positive and negative entities. The energy of the universe can be harvested for the good and destruction of a country. We have seen how such oppression has transformed the eastern bloc into a pitiful shadow of itself languishing under iron fisted rule crushing all hope.

Call for help

In the early 1970’s the Soviet Rulers of Hungary and Czechoslovakia observed how their form of oppressive government had taken its toll on the masses making their lives intolerable and their performance as citizens unproductive. In desperation they invited Evangelist, Billy Graham, to visit their depressed people and to deliver a message of hope being that the Soviets had driven the church out of their public affairs as much as possible. The results had devastated their society just as much as poverty and unemployment ever could have because the people had become spiritually bleak and hopeless. The results were amazing as the people were uplifted by the message of God.

Government can never be God

Unknowingly, they had manifested their very own fate of helplessness by losing positive thinking and failing to tap into the energy of the universe on a personal and social level to make their lives better. Why? Because government had become their God! The same is true for America today as the left attempts to drive out all spiritual influence and replace it with a strong centralized form of big government using the crumbs of a welfare state to buy the will of the people. A government that seeks to make itself the ultimate authority and displace God as the indisputable source of right and wrong! The human spirit must have a higher awareness in order to flourish. To quench the thirst of the soul man must connect with God, higher awareness, or the hidden energy of the universe to remain in balance and out of the clutches of evil.

The source of the problem

Almost every problem that exists in America right now can be traced back to the federal government not upholding its own constitution and refusing the higher spiritual awareness that guided the Founding Fathers, who in their great wisdom gave future generations a republic that protected the rights of the individual against the tyranny of out of control government. Using the Judeo Christian guidepost of morality a unique and righteous form of government was gifted to mankind. Good had prevailed over evil. Yet, today that very government has spawned the kind of indoctrination upon the children of the nation, allowed taxpayer dollars to fund abortion, radical leftist sentiment, racial division, liable and slander of the good and righteous, and has refused to enforce its own laws.


Just as an individual can tap into the powers of the universe to seek prosperity as long as it is for good so can a society under fair governance, but if a nation has lost sight of the good and has been infected with negativity, hatred, and envy it too can manifest spiritual decay, poverty, and the loss of hope. America is at that crossroads of either preserving a beacon of light that served as a shining influence for the world to follow or it will fall into the darkness of mediocrity, stagnation, and manifest its own downfall. This is what the left, the Democrats, and the influences that would steal the light from the day will do if allowed to. Most assuredly the principalities of darkness and minions of evil are at work in the real world just as they are on the spiritual plane.

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Comment by Sweettina2 on October 11, 2019 at 11:17pm

@ Chuck Smith  Diana is nicer than I am. You are a dick. Don't be a dick, Chuck.

Comment by Sweettina2 on October 11, 2019 at 11:12pm

Comment by Sweettina2 on October 11, 2019 at 11:08pm

The Founding Fathers knew who the "god" of this world was, knew he had a whole lot of helpers. As such, Satan's kingdom is a complete counterfeit to Gods. Set up the same way. Communism is hell on earth, he's the prince of it. Everything happening today was written 2,000 years ago, many are starting to take notice of that, I find. Especially on YouTube. They don't need to pay a fortuneteller, they only have to read.

It all boils down to a battle of good vs evil. Thanks, Doc, sharing this.

Comment by James Roberts on October 11, 2019 at 11:01pm

Chuck - Do you really have to be like this? It's childish, and no one here likes to see a woman spoken to like that. Please be civil. Thanks.

Comment by Diana on October 11, 2019 at 10:06pm

Chuck Smith  - Apparently you have problems with comprehension - I said energy is neutral and that he escaped from Czechslovakia and came to America.  He escaped from a communist country.  You talk a big game, but he actually took action.  Why don't you focus real hard on what was actually said before you respond and show your ignorance.

Comment by Chuck Smith on October 11, 2019 at 9:48pm

Diana, Bullshit! Evil is NOT neutral and passivity will just let it win. Go cook, and let me of 'negative energy' keep you able to spew your passive crap.

Your guy 'escaped' where do we 'escape to? I stand here, in America, and fight; for now in my writing but as last resort with ny neighbors, friends and true men of conscience. Your friend ran, we won't. -Smithfix

Comment by Diana on October 11, 2019 at 8:06pm

All energy is neutral, it's your choice what you do with it.  If you choose to live with hate, you are feeding the lower frequencies and only hurt yourself.  This is what the liberals are doing.

I used to date a guy that escaped from Czechoslovakia.  That was his word "escaped" (under machine gun fire) and from what he told me, we do not want to live under the oppression they did.  He was well educated and had a good job there, but people want freedom (or as close as they can get).

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