The System Is Not Broken. The Ideology Works Too Well for That.

The vigilance sought in bringing justice to the murder of my daughter Charnice Milton has acquainted me a friend of the fourth watch. A stealth Night Owl, I am known for gathering information on unresolved homicides, missing persons and exploited children throughout the Nation and reporting the accounts on the Open Heart Close Close, Inc. Facebook Page. As the clock struck 4:30 AM, a story from the District of Columbia arrested me of my pursuit of a cat nap before preparing for the Sunday morning radio show. It was a story that revealed how "normalized" the act of violence has become in Urban America. It also revealed how far away many are from comprehending the roots of the crisis and its limbs of prudent solutions. The lack leaves many to blame a "system" that they themselves perpetuate.

Matt Lablow of WJLA ABC 7 reported that an "unidentified woman" was shot in Southeast Washington, DC. Her injuries were not life threatening. During the shooting, however, property damage was incurred by others, including bullets piercing parked cars. Now, many would say, "When will the violence stop in these low-income neighborhoods?" Others will charge to the microphones and blame the police for not providing enough protection for the residents of the city. The groans of city activists, attempting to stand between the people and the problem, will dutifully ask, "When will the rest of the City care about Southeast DC?"

As you are reading, I know that certain biases and prejudices have come to your mind. The reign of terror reported nationally and internationally about "Southeast" has made the area legendary. The stories of unrestrained violence, murder and mayhem have left many a city leader speculating that if the City spent more on education, jobs training and putting more police on the streets--as long as they are not racist and can agree with the protocols of the BlackLivesMatter movement--then, the legends will become mythologies of an ancient, uncivil time. All problems will have been abated.

The System Is Not Broken. The Ideology Works Too Well for That.

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