There is a remedy for everything

Let me begin with a statement that may ruffle some feathers:  Being the secured party creditor is not necessarily the highest position to be, in any given matter you may have, although it is at this time and place a stepping stone to bigger and better answers.  Many teachings these days are leaning more toward equity instead of statutory law and even common law.  In fact, common law is extremely harsh and unforgiving.  Where exclusive equity can do wondrous things…. It can travel through time and make things right back to the beginning, it can right any wrong, it is above statutory and common law for the maxim says “the law is nothing without equity, but equity is everything even without the law.”

There is so much to continue learning about what our remedies are.  There are many remedies we do know that work almost 100% of the time especially when set-up, written, and managed correctly.

We know that when we discharge or set-off a purported debt, that the alleged creditor ignores the paperwork and keeps attempting collection attempts or the courts ignore the paperwork you’ve put before them.  There are several possible reasons for this.  They are testing us to see if we can enforce or follow through on our claims or they could just be ignorant of what our paperwork is actually saying or means (which much of the time we don’t know either… we just follow the lead of whomever is helping us and hope it all works… been there done that), but for whatever the reason, there is a solution.  Some of those solutions are still being tested and perfected and will come with time.  For example, subrogation is a very hot term these days and the process is still being perfected (more on that another time).

In the mean time there are still tried and proven remedies to handle just about any situation equitably for example we know an unrebutted affidavit stands as truth as long as there is only truth in it.  So if we have a situation where an alleged creditor or anyone for that matter is attempting to come after us, we can write up an Affidavit of Truth(put it on cotton paper.. hint hint) record it, send the opposing party true copies along with a notice and demand that must be answered rebutting the Affidavit of Truth line by line by a living soul with their unlimited liability with a deadline to send you the answer. Then comes a Notice of Non-response, Notice of Default/Agreement of the parties, and on to the commercial lien process that actually has teeth because the prior documents were worded and perfected correctly.

I mention the commercial lien process because it is actually a potent weapon like it has been titled in the past, but what is the main goal?  Isn’t it to get someone off our back and just leave us alone?  What about Mathew 6, the Lord’s Prayer “forgive our debtors as our debts are forgiven.”   Once the commercial lien process is complete, that lien may just sit there until the alleged creditor needs to apply for some credit like happened to a friend of mine.  The alleged creditor’s attorney had to approach my friend who had a commercial lien recorded on his client and settle the claim before he could get any further credit.   So it can and does work.

I sure don’t claim to know it all, but I do my research, filter out the potential false remedies, and continue to learn new technologies to aid and help us live in this world of commerce with the eventual goal of exiting the commercial scheme all together (without having to find a nice rock or bridge to live under of course).  Living  the life of a King (Kingdom Banking/Zero Balance) without “money” and without adding to the “Public” debt or just kicking it down the road for our kids and grand kids to worry about which is what set-off and discharge actually do. Another conversation for another time.

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