They want you to be a punk so give in, right?

Only a Public Belief Holds this Corrupt Government Together

As participants in US society our relationship with our government is held together by a carefully crafted belief system that has been molded by ideological manipulation. In the form of narratives, cleverly contrived diatribe, manufactured news stories a complicit media, and even the spin on world events delivered by the White House press secretary. All this, whether fabricated from lies or told to the public in such a way as to render a desired reaction as an intelligence action would determine is all designed to induce citizens to be on the same page with the federal government in foreign policies, economic management, and under the guise of patriotism.

What policies do you really support?

This is how Americans, whether they know it or not, whether they suspect deception or not, are manipulated into supporting policies whether they are good or bad, even if those policies are actually detrimental to the well being of its citizenry. Time and again history points to this social engineering, this exploitation of the nation's greatest asset, its human resource. That human resource can be convinced to do a lot of things like massive enlistments for a war that suddenly became attractive thanks to a false flag operation designed to anger the people and thrust therm into a war time footage. Just look at what Pearl Harbor and the 9-11 tragedy did to stir patriotism and mass enlistment to support a war effort that Americans were lukewarm over.

Philosophical mish mash

The ideological predisposition of any regime even the most powerful nation on te face of the earth can be undermined with rhetoric, philosophy, and social unrest when it is orchestrated properly. Policies can be induced by that government to handicap the economy and create dissatisfaction. The moral and ethical fiber of a society can be destroyed with uncertainty when controversy such as Gay marriage, abortion, and the right to self defense are inserted into the mix to create animosity and the erosion of discipline and personal values. This is known as demoralization by former Soviet KGB disinformation officer, Yuri Bezmenov, who tried to alert the American public to the ongoing socialist assault that is being conducted within America. When there is no conservative answer to the lies of propaganda and the lie is repeated over and over again as Joseph Goebbels stated during Nazi Germany, the populace is captivated by illusion and the injustice it brings with it.

The edge of the abyss

The United States is at a crucial crossroads where the relationship of the federal government with its people is violating its own Constitution. Thanks to the apathy and complacence of too many Americans, an aggressive and ideological battle was been waged against a nation that once prided itself on rugged individualism and self reliance is now being manipulated into subsisting on the crumbs of federal subsidy for the guarantee of not failing, but that's not all, people are being steered toward other values alien to the greatness that American once enjoyed. Mediocrity is being trumpeted as being morally superior to success and prosperity. The very rhetoric of such people as Lenin, Marx, and Saul Alinsky hangs heavy in the air like cigarette smoke when Americans should be asking what they can do to improve themselves and make a better for their children and families.

Undermining character

Ambition in the United States is swiftly being replaced by selflessness, tattoos, cell phones, and video games. The future is no longer anything to plan for because people are being steered into acceptance of ideals that discourage strength in character and choosing clearly between right and wrong because demoralization blurs the lines of choice and allows the weak to lower themselves into unflattering low expectations that make the rationalization of being unmaterialistic into a battle cry as the rich liberal hypocrite political personalities and actors convince people that less is more and giving up one's will to the government in order for the good of the masses is placing oneself on the moral high ground. In truth, the wealthy propagandists are manipulating the confused and directionless masses into adopting a life of compromise as has always been the socialist way. Collectivism, allowing the government to take more and more of one's paycheck, taking away your right to own land under the aegis of Agenda 21, getting everyone to do their part in suffering under the demands for more and more revenues as a huge government swallows the economic engine of the private sector. These are the fallacies of failure, self induced failure.

Whose fault you ask?

Let us examine whose fault all of these maladies really are. If your government controls your public education, nationalizes major industries, controls the media, confiscates your earnings with threats of imprisonment and fines, and now threatens to even dominate another 1/6 of the US economy under the aegis of health care, whose fault is it? If you believe that you deserve to be treated this way, than it is your fault! If you are willing to accept a government that lies and gets innocent Americans killed as over Benghazi, scandals like the IRS targeting of groups for political reasons, and massive spying by the NSA upon innocent Americans, than you deserve this type of government or you have been conditioned to accept this treatment.

What you really deserve

When you hear people speak out and inform you that your federal government is in violation of its own Constitution, that the will of the people is not being heard, that our politicians sit on Capitol Hill in an unconcerned vacuum as their citizens languish in high unemployment and a declining economy and tell us that we will have to pay more taxes and suffer more infringement upon our rights to fight some theoretical war on terrorism used to justify these monstrosities that I speak of, than you are a willing subject. You want to be ruled, not governed. You want to be told what to do, and you don't care if your children have a choice in that kind of future, just as long as you have your internet, your cell phone, your fresh new tattoo, and the latest video games, and you're good to go, right? Wrong. You sold out. You marginalized yourself willingly. You sold your soul to the devil for your own unwitting convenience. Guess what? You are getting just what you deserve!

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Comment by Zen Shaman on September 7, 2013 at 8:51am

nicely written Doc.thanks

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