By Joel Turtel

October 29, 2009

Excuse Me, I Mean LIBERALS

Fuzzy, socialist-liberals — What useful idiots you are for the Obama's of this world. You always accuse free-market advocates like me of being "mean," or not having any Christian ideals. Well, let's see. What would a good Christian want for his fellow man? — for people to live happy, productive lives, to not be slaves of any dictatorial government, to have the chance to fulfill their hopes and dreams, to not have to live in poverty and misery, to be charitable to their fellow man, right?

Now lets compare the vicious liberal/socialist system you so love to the "evil" capitalist system that you knee-jerk denigrate:

1 — The socialist/communist/fascist countries of Nazi Germany that ruled in the 20th century and today were responsible for the murder of over 100 million people, and the torture, slow starvation, political enslavement, and violation of basic human rights for the vast majority of the citizen/slaves living under these anti-human regimes (Remember, the NAZI party letters stood for 'National SOCIALIST party', for those who know little history, and claim I confuse socialism with fascism. Mussolini was the first fascist dictator prior to World War II, but his party was the Socialist party of Italy).

2 — Capitalism, even though not perfect because no economic system created by human beings can be perfect, in every country in which it flourished, dramatically raised the standard of living for the hundreds of millions of people living under a capitalist or semi-capitalist system. Of course, America is the prime example of this. In the course of 150 years, capitalism in America raised the standard of living of hundreds of millions of Americas to levels undreamed of by humankind for the past 5000 years. It gave average Americans the right and the chance to live a prosperous, decent life, to fulfill their potential and dreams, to see their children constantly do better than they did, to have personal liberty that no country on Earth in the last 5000 years ever gave its citizens. America was a miracle of liberty and prosperity, not for the governing power elite, but for the average man and woman.

3 — Let's look at Hong Kong and China as examples of what liberalism/socialism/Marxism does to people's lives vs. capitalism. Hong Kong is mostly a barren rock off the southern Coast of China. The British ruled it for over 100 years. The British allowed Hong Kong to establish the closest example we'll ever see to true free-market capitalism. What was the result? A stinking little island off the Coast of China that had withered in the backwaters of history for thousands of years, suddenly became a productive powerhouse. Remember, this little island has few natural resources of it's own. But the British gave the citizens of Hong Kong economic and political liberty. They stopped (until recently) the tyrannical rule of the Chinese Communists over Hong Kong. The result? Where most of the Chinese on Hong Kong were living in miserable poverty before they got their liberty and free-market by the British, after they got their political and economic liberty (which is what a free market means), the economy exploded in productivity, giving millions of Hong Kong Chinese the chance to have a prosperous, productive, happy life.

In contrast, Communist China, before the free-market reforms were enacted 20 years ago, was like Cuba today. A miserable socialist hell-hole, where the vast majority of one billion Chinese were enslaved to the vicious socialist/Marxist agenda of Mao, and lived miserable, destitute lives. Then look what happened after the Communist Party instituted free-market (or close to free-market) reforms. China, the same China that was sunk in misery and poverty, exploded it's productivity and standard of living for the vast majority of it's people, so that now a billion Chinese have the chance to live a prosperous, happy lives. What was the crucial difference between China 20 years ago and today? Very simple.

Ironically, the Chinese COMMUNISTS realized that they would have to give their citizens the benefits of an economic free market, meaning the economic freedom of capitalism, if they wanted to stay in power. I'm almost sad to say that Communist China is more pro free-market and capitalist today than is Obama's America that is moving in the exact opposite direction — towards the socialist/marxist/fascist misery that China was 20 years ago.

So when we compare socialism, or any variation of socialism such as liberalism, communism, marxism, fascism, vs. capitalism, we see that the socialist ideology and its practice over the last 100 years, have been an abomination for millions of people who have died, been tortured, starved, or deprived of their liberty because of this vicious political ideology. In contrast, even though the free-market is not "perfect," and a miniscule percentage of people don't "make it" in a free-market society because of their own lack of ambition, intelligence, or perseverance, or sometimes bad luck, for the vast majority of people living in a free-market, capitalist society, their standard of living and prosperity are constantly improving.

Yet you liberal/socialists blabber that a free-market capitalist like me does not have "a single Christian ideal." I am not a religious person. But I am a fierce advocate for an economic and political system that brings the greatest good to the greatest number of people, that allows the greatest number of people to lead happy, productive lives. You liberal-socialists, either because you have been brainwashed with socialist ideas, or you have a simpleton, knee-jerk mind, or you hate the free-market and capitalism because you're a government worker (are you?), or because you hate those who are more successful than you, or for some other psychological malady it is hard for me to fathom, will continue to advocate socialism/fascism as the political ideology that allegedly values the "Christian" morality.

As for your notion that government controls and entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare are good programs that only governments could create, like all socialists (excuse me, LIBERALS), you find it hard to think beyond the point of your noise. Have you ever heard the expression from the Broadway song, "anything you can do, I can do better!"? Well, that applies to your beloved socialist government programs like Social Security and Medicare. Any function that these programs are supposed to accomplish can be, and have been accomplished far better in free-market economies.

For example, did you know that Chile (and a few other countries) have had a PRIVATE social security system now for over 30 years? Yes, I said private. Every Chile worker can choose to place his savings into one of twelve (I believe) private pension, stock, bond, etc. funds, as he so chooses. The money he puts into any of these funds is HIS, not the government's to disburse as and when the government sees fit. It is the Chilean citizen's own money, much like an annuity that many Americans now buy. At retirement age, the entire amount of money, plus accumulated interest, the Chilean citizen saved is his to do with as he pleases. This system is beloved by the vast majority of Chilean citizens, and has been a smashing success. There is no reason whatsoever that we could not have a similar system here is America.

And if you're going to argue that gee, some people might be too stupid or lazy to save for their own retirement and then will have no savings when they retire, then you are right that some people will do this to themselves. But shouldn't a person suffer the consequences of their own stupidity or lack of foresight to save for their own retirement? Moreover, why should you or I have to pay taxes to support other people who did not save for their retirement, which is what the American Social Security system is all about. Is it "Christian" to rob hard-working taxpayers of their money to pay for the small minority of irresponsible people who did not have the foresight to save for their own retirement?

The same applies to Medicare, which, by the way, even Marxist Obama claims is going bankrupt. If government allowed real competition in the health care, and health insurance field, and removed all it's strangling regulations from the health-care industry, then the cost of health insurance would dramatically drop because of fierce competition, just as insurance rates drop from fierce competition for car insurance and home insurance (ever see the Geico car insurance ads?).

For example, there are hundreds of health insurance companies in this country, but most states have regulations that forbid most of these out-of-state insurance companies from doing business in their state. Another example is the FDA control of the drug industry. Because of their strangling regulations, it takes a drug company an average of 10 years to get an approval for a new drug, and the company has to spend on average over 100 million dollars to do so. What do these strangling regulations do? — they naturally sharply increase the price of drugs for millions of Americans. These are just a few examples of how strangling government regulations are the CAUSE of escalating health care costs that put decent health care beyond the means of over 30 million low-income Americans.

If you fuzzy socialists (excuse me, I mean LIBERALS) really are do-gooders who want to help your fellow man, then why would you advocate vicious socialism, which is the blood brother to communism, which is blood brother to fascism? Perhaps you are not the lovers of your fellow man that you make yourselves out to be. Perhaps you hate the free market and capitalism for the same reason that so many liberals do — you are either envious of those who succeed more than you do, who make more money than you, or who have more initiative than you do in a free-market. So you transfer your personal self-hatred or sense of failure onto the free-market "system" that you pretend is the cause of your personal failures in life.

But buck up, where's there life, there's hope (I mean this sincerely). You can be whatever you want to be in a free market if you have the gumption and perseverance to do so. Use your intelligence to be more successful and reach your highest potential. If and when you do so, very quickly you will become less of a socialist, and more of an ardent admirer of the free market that gave you a chance to make a better life for yourself. I believe in you, my fuzzy socialists (excuse me, I mean LIBERALS). Be all that you can be.

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Comment by Marklar on October 29, 2009 at 11:15pm
Comment by Jeff on October 29, 2009 at 7:53pm
Comment by Swtnlovabl on October 29, 2009 at 6:59pm
Well Amen, I figured this would get some juices flowing !! Just trying to make everyone aware of whats being said out there, or how everything gets spun.....
Comment by Jeff on October 29, 2009 at 6:48pm
This is absurd. All forms of government, including capitalism end with the same result if given enough time to mature through history. The very rich ruling over the very poor. Capitalism brings this about most quickly, especially the form of capitalism we have here in the US today.

There are desirable aspects to socialism, communism and marxism as there are desirable aspects to capitalism. There are FEW desirable aspects to the form of capitalism we have today.

It simply isn't possible to broadly address forms of government with any accuracy at all and you've done what I would consider a very poor job here; well the writer has.

Alaska pays all citizens a dividend as the result of claiming ownership of it's petroleum resources as 'belonging to the people' which is pure socialism and quite frankly every citizen in Alaska would probably fight you tooth and nail if you opposed this. I would suspect that the people of Texas would love to implement a like program.

You just can't say that socialism or marxism or capitalism are one better than the other because that's simply not true. All forms of government have positive aspects in their pure forms and we've NEVER had any of them in their pure forms, NEVER.

We've never experienced pure socialism, pure marxism, pure communism or pure capitalism.

We've also NEVER had a free market economy in this country either. NEVER.

"Destroying the New World Order"

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