Top 10 Transgender "Gods" in World Religions...

You may or may not have wondered, as you can hardly have not noticed the worlds media promoting and normalising all things transgender, that famous people, organisations and governments are too jumping on the bandwagon in order to show the world how open minded and accepting they are with this major-shift in attitude.  That was once clearly defined what the difference was between a man and woman. 

The Freemasons have recently announced they are welcoming pre or post-op Transgender's into the order, despite never permitting women to do so before and why they have always had their own domains like that of the Eastern Star.  Governments and local authorities are spending huge amounts of money refurbishing women toilets and changing the signs that shows it's for both women and transgenderised persons - either pre or post-op’. 

There is no certainty to such rumours that Michelle Obama was a transgender, but that’s what comedian Joan Rivers “joked about” that (S)he was, and therefore there are those who believe the world’s first, First Lady has already been accepted within the worlds political arenas.  

The #PlettPutMeHere campaign was started by transgender woman Brae Carnes (above photo) after the Canadian Senate passed an amendment to a transgender rights bill that would exclude transgender people from using restrooms of their choice.

In response, Carnes, from Victoria in British Columbia, posted pictures of herself in men's restrooms online in an attempt to show legislators "how completely ridiculous it is". 

This can be true and we can see it's a problem, but it means any man can dress-up as a women and enter these places.  Children use these places, and it's not being suggested that transgenders are peado's as well, but those inclined that way can abuse this situation to gain access to a rather sensative area.  Surely it would make sense that a new section of toilet areas can be dedicated to transgenders and "women" if they so wish to use them.

There’s recently been transgender politicians, priests, teachers, actors and singers all coming to prominence in recent years and the real reason behind the sudden rise in "all things transgenderism", is because unlike what the masses believe-in when it comes to religion, the elites don't believe in Christianity or Islam, and if they do then it's a different version that what the masses have been indoctrinated to believe in.
Carol Stone, formerly Peter Stone, continued as an Anglican vicar a...

The elites are more into Hermetic Kabbalah, Greek, Phrygian, Roman, Egyptian (where Gypsies originated from and then expelled to places such as Romania.), Norse, Chinese, Indian-Navaho, Hindu, Aztec belief systems, than that of the mainstream 'fools' religions.

The following list shows the Top 10 transgender deities from the worlds different religions, their mythologies, significance and brief history as to how they became to be known as (S)he gods as opposed to the "God" the masses perhaps envisage instead.

Hermaphroditus (Greek)

Hermaphroditus was a very pretty boy who was raised by nymphs. Legend has it that one day he jumped naked into a lake. There lived Salmacis, a nymph who fell in love with him, but who suffered after being rejected as Hermaphroditus preferred a platonic relationship. She embraced him tightly and prayed to the gods that they become one eternally. From then on, every man who bathed in that lake became effeminate. Alternative stories say that he was “born that way” and where the term “hermaphrodite” comes from. 

Agdistis (Phrygian, Greek, Roman)

Zeus was a cannibal and a prolific sex fiend who raped his Great Mother (Gaia) while she slept on the rock Agdo; as a direct result a "transgender creature" was born with both female and male genitals. (S)he was named Agdistis. The gods were scared of this "superhuman transgender" and plotted to make Agdistis auto-castrate. Dionysus, into bondage, secretly tied Agdistis’ feet to his/her penis during sleep, and so it would be ripped-off at the moment (S)he got up. Her blood is said to have fertilized the earth, and somehow the penis became an almond tree.  Sometime later, the daughter of the god Sangarius got pregnant the moment almonds from that tree were put upon her lap.  Agdistis went onto to have an incestuous relationship with her own son, Attis.

Phanes (Greek)

Before the world was created, there was an egg world and why musicians such as Lady Gaga can be seen enacting such a belief within her acts. It's said that 'egg world' was becoming so full and there was so much friction inside of it, that eventually Kronos (god of time) and Ananke (god of inevitability) cracked it. The outcome was Phanes was born at that precise time. (S)he had two faces - (two-faced), two sexes - (transgender), with golden wings, and a bulls’ heads growing from its sides and with snakes embracing (S)he body.  This primal god represented the ability to reproduce, and was therefore considered the one to initiate life. According to the myth, Zeus ate Phanes; incorporating into his body Phanes powers, forms of nature and immortals that Phanes contained inside and which made it possible to bring them out of Mount Olympus.

Hapi (Egyptian)

Hapi was the god of the Nile River. Although male, Hapi was related to fertility and had the ability to provide food to Egypt. Since fertility and nourishing were typical female traits, (S)he had the physical features of both sexes; large breasts, big belly and had a "fake" beard with aquatic plants on "his" head. There were in fact two Hapi's; one in Upper Egypt and one in Lower Egypt, and both of them had very "happy" wives!

Ardhanarishvara (Hindu)

Ardhanarishvara is literally named “the Lord who is half woman.” A god composed of half Shiva (god of destruction and regeneration) and the god Parvati (a form of Shakti, wife of Shiva). Also referred to as; “man-woman,”  “mother-father,” and “the Lord whose half is the fair one.”  Bit like Yin/Yang, it represents the inseparability of female and male energies in the universe, the integrity of marital union, and the power of fertility of nature.

In the Puranas it states; 'Lord Brahma created the universe and male humans, but needed to make human copulation possible. Soon Ardhanarishvara manifested, and Lord Brahma deemed “half and half” perfect.'

Lan Caihe (China)

Lan Caihe is one of the Eight Immortals in Daoism; a human of unknown sex and unknown age. According to the legend, (S)he was an eccentric beggar and drunkard who gained immortality by an act of charity. (S)he is the patron saint of the poor, and is usually depicted wearing only one shoe, holding a flute, or carrying a basket of flowers, fruits or bamboo. Lan Caihe is portrayed either as a man, a woman, or an effeminate man. In Chinese theatre, (S)he wears female clothes, but sounds like a male. "Lola", (S)he walks like a women, but talks like a man!”

Ymir (Norse)

The origin of the Cosmos in Norse mythology tell about flames rising from Muspelheim that encountered the frost from Niflheim, creating a splatter of mass and energy into the abyss of Ginnungagap. As the ice melted, Ymir, a transgender (hermaphrodite), was born.  Later, a cow named Auðumbla emerged and Ymir suckled its milk. Accordig to the Poetic Edda; the earth was created out of Ymir’s flesh and bones when he was killed by the god Odin: of his blood the sea/ of his bones the hills/ of his hair trees and plants/ - of his skull was heaven. It is thought that the name “Ymir” comes from the Norse “um,” which means “whole”.

Ometeotl (Aztec)

Aztecs in Mexico spoke Nahuatl; “Ome” means “two,” and “teotl” means “cosmic energy.”  Ometeotl was therefore considered a "transgender", the “Lord of Duality,” being simultaneously male (Ometecuhtli) and female (Omecihuatl); carrying light and darkness, order and chaos, nearness and distance. This very first god represented the belief that the universe was formed by opposite poles. Constituting a two-in-one abstract god, “they” resided in the 13th heaven Omeyocan (meaning “Two Place”) where four sons were born, each with qualities that complemented the others: Xipe Totec (east, red, dawn), Quetzalcoatl (west, white, sunset), Tezcatlipoca (north, black, midnight), and Huitzilopochtli (south, blue, noon).

"Adam" Kadmon (Hermetic Kabbalah)

According to the Kabbalah, Jehovah created Adam (Adam Kadmon = Hebrew, “primal man“), a transgender, as he was not a male, but both a male and a female. Instead of simply possessing organs of both sexes, he was vertically divided, one face forward, one face behind. This contadicts the Christian storyline that Eve was made from one of Adam’s ribs; the Hebrew word 'Tzela' was misinterpreted as 'Rib', but actually means 'Side', and that after God created the so-called Adam Kadmon, he cut his body in half. Anyway, since Adam was made in resemblance of God, it is deduced that the latter is a hermaphrodite.

Ahsonnutli (Navaho)

As the Navaho people migrated in search of a habitable place, when they got to this world it was in complete darkness. They talked to Ahsonnutli, the “Turquoise Hermaphrodite” who lived in the Ure Mountains. Ahsonnutli was at the same time a male creator god; in consequence, it is thought that her sexual partner was in fact her "other self". She carried turquoise beads in her left breast, and white beads in her right breast. After much struggle, with help from the carriers of the “Chanteen” (sun rays) (somewhat like what Obelisks are meant to represent) and twelve men living at each of the cardinal points, she managed to make the sun rise. She then appointed the forty-eight men to stay at the cardinal points and hold the heavens up.

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Comment by Exposure on August 22, 2018 at 4:53am

"Technically these are representative of the alchemical or Hermetic androgyne or hermaphrodite.! - I tend to agree DTOM - and see why "7" is so significant to those of the major secret societies. 

Comment by DTOM on August 18, 2018 at 8:23pm

Technically these are representative of the alchemical or Hermetic androgyne or hermaphrodite.

"Of the Immortal Man it should be said that He is hermaphrodite, or male and female, and eternally watchful. He neither slumbers nor sleeps, and is governed by a Father also both male and female, and ever watchful. Such is the mystery kept hidden to this day, for Nature, being mingled in marriage with the Sky Man, brought forth a wonder most wonderful--seven men, all bisexual, male and female, and upright of stature, each one exemplifying the natures of the Seven Governors. These O Hermes, are the seven races, species, and wheels.

From: The second book of The Divine Pymander of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus, called Poimandres, or The Vision.

This ties in with occult beliefs, current social engineering and the AI / transhumanism agenda

Comment by cheeki kea on August 18, 2018 at 6:52am

And Next Up Folks....da dat da da, Own self-identification of desired gender, and change to birth certificate, by way of statutory declaration. Quick and simple, and coming soon. Yes, historical records turn into political tools.



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