Transforming the US by violating federal immigration law

America becomes a social battleground thanks to federal government sanctioned strife.

If California is to be the barometer by which we judge the future of the United States then we need to evaluate the changing population that will force this nation into an unconstitutional footing never intended by our founders. This leads us to question not only the validity of international and cultural influence over America, but how our fundamental political ideology will survive when a white majority falters in the midst of the uncontrolled influx of immigrants illegal and unprocessed, by a Democratic party agenda. The Democrats, no longer the political party that once valued what they could do for America, have been completely overthrown by the socialist mindset that compels them to destroy this nation in order to cement their new society into a socialist reality.

Blind support of Asians for Obama

In California for instance, Asians, who have legally immigrated and embraced the social and business environment vote 3 to 1 for Obama. Blacks who have been relocating from other states, some because of the generous welfare benefits provided by California, have voted 24 to 1 among their own politically active in favor of Obama. Latinos in California have voted 2to 1 for Obama. Regardless of the fact that young blacks face 50% levels of unemployment in the US as well as Latinos who have nothing to thank Obama for aside from his refusal to protect our southern border.

When you come from tyranny you might not recognize it

Asians are another case all together. They have assimilated well in American society. Their children make excellent grades and they earn an affluent life style for themselves by working hard to earn the standard of living they have, but there’s something missing. Asians have not come from countries who have a Constitution that emphasizes individual freedoms and individual rights. Asians come to America already molded by the influence of tyranny and Communism. For them it is hard to draw a distinction over the winds of political change when the US seems like such a refreshing relief from the oppression that they left in their countries of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and China. So, out of simply being uninformed, they have been influenced to vote for President Obama not having the facts in hand.

Democrats enable the plundering of federal and state level funds

Now, let us factor in the existence of some 30 million or more illegal Latino immigrants who already live in the US as fugitives from justice. Among them are 800 to 900 thousand children who will be used as political fodder to decide educational policies within the states they occupy. In California, Governor Jerry Brown has already signed into passage a 40 million dollar tuition funding bill for children of illegal immigrants despite the state’s 50 billion dollar deficit. California has served as not only a sanctuary on the municipal level but on a state level to the point that Latinos have become aggressive and self righteous in their demands for more and more entitlements as hospitals and clinics go bankrupt treating them.

A President who sanctions the end of America as we know it

Let us also acknowledge that President Obama’s master plan and the coup de grace to undermining of America will be his amnesty program which will open the floodgates for even more unprocessed illegal aliens, drug cartel members, criminals, and terrorists of other nations to actually force policy change through sheer numbers. This is exactly what Obama and the Democrats want. They want to end the supposedly horrible influence of American Constitutional law and white Caucasian leadership for the last 2 centuries and liberate the nation from that dastardly influence! This will allow the Democratic Party to remain in power regardless of the fact that their policies forged from lies and propaganda that have been borrowed from the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx.

This will allow the Democrats to continue to keep their boot on the neck of a Constitutional republic that never intended for this abomination of social division to tear liberty from the grasps of American citizens. Thus, radically reinventing this nation by the virtue of a vicious campaign of soliciting to the masses who demand entitlements has allowed the Democrats to literally overthrow the great American tradition of minimal government, self reliance, self made individualism, and the ingenuity that made our nation great in the past.

Indigents to inherit the forgotten legacy of our forefathers?

Those who have been granted amnesty, who have been allowed to reap the benefits of the American social system without contributing, without being citizens, without having a stake in this society, will be allowed to vote Democrat and further support the unpatriotic activity of a divisive political ideology. By 2040 if Democrat chicanery is allowed to continue unchecked and illegal aliens are allowed to occupy America without being processed with background checks and not filtered for criminal behavior, the United States that we know and love will become a perverse caricature of its once great self. A great nation will fall because of political lies and manipulation that succeeded against the will of the people, was inherited by those who couldn’t be bothered about contributing to American society.  

Tyranny begets tyranny in an unfair world

Peoples who do not know better, who originate from other oppressed nations, will not inherit the spirit and freedom that America once offered to the masses that sought sanctuary from tyranny. They will be the unwitting players on a stage that has been born of distortions of the truth by an American public that should have known better, but refused to act. It has been said that the worst sin that was ever committed was not the evil that men do, but that it was allowed by those who knew better and refused to act. We are now seeing that prophecy coming to fruition here as this nation succumbs to mediocrity, greed, and the whim of mob rule.

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