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Comment by Chris of the family Masters on August 15, 2018 at 11:06pm
Christian Zionist is a oxymoron, like sovereign citizen. One can't be God loving and proponent of mass genocide, and sovereign can't be a corporate slave.
Comment by Burbia on May 16, 2018 at 8:59am

It’s time for us Jews to start crediting the Christians

‘What motivated US President Donald Trump to go against decades of American policy at a time when the peace process is frozen, amid warnings of Arab outrage and a looming nuclear threat from Iran? When neither mainstream American Jews or nor Israeli leaders were pushing for this? The answer is evangelical Christians, which represents a major shift in American-Israeli policy.’

For those who may have missed it, let me repeat what Mr.Tuly Weisz–writing for the Jerusalem Post–just said, that it was not Israel or Jewish leaders (both in Israel and the US) pushing Trump on the Jew-rusalem Declaration, but rather evangelical Christians.

Now, whatever degree of accuracy there may be in this statement, what it reveals at the surface is that Trump was not as much concerned with getting on the good side of the Jews as much as he was the Christians, which of course begs the question ‘why?’.

Simple–they represent the single largest voting block in the American political system with somewhere between 90 and 95 million people.

So in other words, Trump did not do this because he is a ‘slave to the Jews’ or because he is ‘owned by them’, but rather did it to purchase political support at home from almost 100 million people at a time when OJI are swarming around him like a gang of sharks who smell blood in the water.

Yeah, I know, it is just sooooo much easier to default on the one-size-fits-all explanation/understanding of how politics works in America, that it was ‘because of Djooz’, but as we oftentimes like to point out here, sometimes things are not as simple as some simpletons would like it to be.

How Its Done– Amid the Political chaos surrounding the Trump administration, VP Pence Reaches for Control of the G.O.P.

Mike Pence–not Donald J Trump–is the kind of President Israel wants. A Christian Zionist ideologue, Pence is a ‘true believer’ when it comes to all of the religious hocus-pocus/mumbo-jumbo that Israel needs to exist/function as the operating system of compliant and cooperative presidents, prime ministers, popes, preachers, priests, etc. They do not want a Donald Trump whose ‘bottom line’ is what makes sense from a political/business standpoint or who offers big gestures such as Jerusalem while at the same time refuses to go along with Israel’s plans for Armageddon.

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UNLOCKED: What Took Place In Nancy Pelosi's Closet...

"It may be kind of unrelated; but, why would anyone build and elevated high speed rail line in an earth quake zone ??? Even a moderate quake and you are right back to square one."
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And it's GONE!!!!!!

"This is exactly why I have more faith in mason jars buried in the back yard than in banks. It may not "grow and make me more money" but at least I know it is there when I want it."
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Does Gillette endorse toxic femininity? Let's talk about Gillette Spokeswoman Ana Kasparian's toxic femininity

"I am glad she lives in a country and society which affords her the right to openly voice her opinion. While I do not agree with it, which is also my right, I am proud she can still show her ignorance for all the world to see."
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