UPDATED ** Ominous Heads Up-Last Week Of October Into November **UPDATED

Attention all Law Enforcement Personnel --Please e-mail me at info@stevequayle.com if you have any additional info for verification on this time, period or if you are observing any "UNUSUAL EVENTS'' happening in your Departments or Units. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES LEAVE YOUR FAMILIES FOR OUT OF STATE DEPLOYMENT, LEAVING YOUR FAMILIES IN A POTENTIAL HOSTAGE SITUATION TO BE USED AGAINST YOU AS THEY ARE PICKED UP FOR "THEIR SAFETY" —Steve Quayle

October 11, 2010
By "C"

I had dinner three nights ago with a group of local Republicans who hosted a candidate for state senate here in Oklahoma. One of the attendees was a US Marshal. He had been on for over 25 years and after finding that I was a retired Tulsa PD officer, said that the Marshal's service had an order that he had never seen or heard of. None of the guys he worked with had ever seen such an order.

Basically hundreds of US Marshals are being ordered to "in service training" in another state (can't remember if he said Iowa, Indiana or another state in that area), and when they get there, they would have to turn in their issue firearms! It (the "in service") is to be for a two week (or longer) period, and will start just before the November election. He said "what in the hell is going on? We NEVER surrender our guns when we go someplace, and especially in-service training. We have asked about that and have received no answers from the brass. We're all very uncomfortable about this. Also, we have not been told when we will be able to come back home."

I told him that my old boss and I had wargamed a scenario like this wherein the officers on my department could easily be disarmed by simply calling the shifts in one at a time for "in-service training" or a "briefing" for a day, and then being told to turn in our pistols and shotguns for "safety checks". Once disarmed, we would be loaded on buses and then taken wherever the powers that be wanted to stash us (or get rid of us). We know that local and state police are not termed "reliable" by the NWO crowd and D.C. bureaucrats. I now wonder if they have determined they can't trust their own agents as well in case of martial law? (Of all the guys I polled on my department ten years ago none said they would enforce illegal or unconstitutional martial law unless it had to do with natural disasters such as tornados, floods etc.)

Next: A good friend lives in a upper class neighborhood where two of his neighbors are FBI agents. One has recently retired. He called me yesterday and said "something is up. The FBI agent that lives next door to me parked his vehicle in his driveway two months ago, and I have not seen him or his family since. They simply disappeared. Someone is mowing the lawn and picking up the mail, but they have vanished. Also, the retired guy has been gone for over four weeks now. Any idea what's going on?"

As an old intel type, I'd say that when we put the pieces of the puzzle on the wall it begins to form a dire picture.

Any ideas? Any similar incidents you know of in your area?

October 11, 2010

Basically hundreds of US Marshals are being ordered to "in service training" in another state and when they get there, they would have to turn in their issue firearms! Consistent, China model, very few get the toys It (the "in service") is to be for a two week (or longer) period, and will start just before the November election. Confirm Also, we have not been told when we will be able to come back home." Welcome to conscription

I now wonder if they have determined they can't trust their own agents as well in case of martial law? Confirm

Also, the retired guy has been gone for over four weeks now. Any idea what's going on?" China model.

Either someone knew the plan or was conscripted.

Any ideas? Any similar incidents you know of in your area?

There has been activity increase involving free folks which is perceived as *M*, including agencies you mention. Roundup Ready. Round-Up being used extensively this fall to exterminate or neutralize all weeds. Round- up is making gardening difficult this fall. Made a mistake last week and took a direct hit. Bumped up- but praise the Lord, alive, fun is not over.

I have not gone to depths because of my new box job but appears Oct 1 the dotmil took over food. Possibly more widespread, into other sectors.

Getting ready for long awaited vacation.

Assassination Algorithms: The China Model is that the police et al. and military: only a select few have the capacity to do anything with their toys. Most are figurehead. Only a few carry the toys. Fewer yet (those at the top of the food chain) can go boom with their toy. Where I was only a very few had toys. Within American ranks there is a great sifting going on, as you know. You must choose which side to stand on, and many times, that algorithm I talk about, makes the decision for you. Algorithm determines who gets the toys with punch and the Round Up control. Training in other ways was earlier, BETA computer models, just before my journey. One of the primary algorithms is Bayesian. Just the graphic will be shed light) which also takes into account human ecology. The percentage I recall is 20% will not agree, and will be dealt with in varying ways. The louder, the more permanent the solution. There are other models-algorithms but I don’t know what they are. I have some references but they are unavailable for a couple weeks, if you know what I mean. It is very complex and has been tweeked since those days. Remember the “new victim” years ago? Some will be in that place, others will go to sleep.

October 12, 2010
By Anonymous

I'm a 25 year police veteran in the Midwest and ex Capt.in the US Marine Corps. Nothing concrete has happened hear yet, but the system for this event has been set up. About two years ago, police in my area have all been issued new universal police ID cards (smart cards). All my police and Marine Corps training is on that card. Even the skills I learned as a Recon Marine. I was told all police are getting this new card and all this information will be in a federal data base.

We were told that the purpose of the card is to set up a base of data on skills and training to use in case of an emergency, in some other state in the USA, to be (Called Up ) for service by the US Government. We will be shipped out on a moments notice and we will not take any of our police gear. I met a Christian who is a national police officer in Belize. He works on a special task force looking for Mexican drug runners on the border. He has told me that they are now seeing what he called "Arabs" working along side the Mexican drug runners. He also told me that our FBI is training the police and military in same tactics to work together for social and civil unrest or terror event. That is exactly what we are doing here in the USA and they are getting the same training. What is the FBI doing in Belize?

I have a friend who works for one of the top largest banks in the world. He is a VP and he told me that by Jan of this year they and all the other major banks were required to have in place, a plan to set up secure locations for equipment and key personnel, so the banks can keep running, in case of a disaster of any kind.

The brother of a friend is an investigator attorney for the State Dept. He was involved in interrogation of key leaders in Iraq when Iraq fell, he has been involved in briefings to presidents. He recently told his relative that a terror attack is coming to multiple cities! It's not a matter of if but when! He warned the family member to be ready!

When I read your article today, it connected all the above dots for me. Am I on a list somewhere? Is something about to go down? Am I about to be called up? I am very concerned and in deep prayer about all of this! You are right something is up and it may be very soon!

UPDATES OCT 13th 2010

Re: Strange Events: Hi, ....well if there is anything to that bit of news the shoe must be going to drop. I also got a bit of info from someone whose relative was in the military. They had snuck a peek into some large box's of a large shipment, and said there were interstate closed signs and those injectable chips they put in the hand or arm. The info came from an ex military ranking officer. Ed
More Info: I am a Police Officer in the southeast. We have had surplus M-14s and .45 autos on loan to us from the Army for years. Each year the chief has to inventory them and send the results to the Army. This year, he was required to physically take the weapons to a depot for a hands on inventory. There were many police departments there with there surplus Army issued weapons. They were all told that they would have to give the weapons back to the Army in the near future and that they would be making arrangements to have them picked up. I thought this was interesting timing with your other articles. —M
Real Time Verifications of Law Enforcement and US Military Disarming Underway: I printed out your postings from your web, my supervisor gave them to his sons head coach, who is a "US Marshall" he looked at him said where did you get this, and he said "I can Confirm this" and he is scared. —Mike
Just In: It Looks Like Our Time Is Running Out: My name is Joe, an Oath Keeper, Constitutionalist, Patriot or just a Minute Man take your choice. I had a conversation with a fellow Coast Guardsman, I am a Vet of the USCG. He informed me that the Coast Guard has removed all machine guns & Automatic weapons from the armories. Leaving them with riot shot guns and pistols. This just happened, so if you have anyway to verify you may want to. Add this to the US Marshall's turning in their weapons for special training one + one = two.

October 14, 2010
By R.A.

At a restaurant in Twenty Nine Palms, I Met a High Ranking Officer. During the casual conversation, he revealed that he is with Army Psy Ops and is training Ukranians at the Marine base. Without prompting him and just listening, he mentioned that the base is sending many soldiers from the base to Kosovo for their own "training". He showed a picture on his cell phone of the Ukranian Soldiers. They were dressed like the Police were at the G20 protests in Pittsburgh. Now the kicker, out of the blue he said that I had better be prepared for the internet to go down very soon! This officer was very nice and seemed genuine. The topics he was discussing were things that HE wanted to discuss without me asking him about them, and therefore I take it as legitimate. Why would he want to PsyOp and/or disinfo a civilian and complete stranger to him? So Ukranians (and other foreign troops) stay here in the U.S. while they send our troops to other countries. Just another dot to connect

OCT 16 2010

OK Double Confirmation from US: News is, the US MARSHALL confirmed again what he saw from your site. But it gets worse, his best friend a 20 yr military brass was at the conversation with my super on Saturday and he confirmed the dollar collapse is very near and bar codes and RFID chips are in place and ready to be issued. When my super told me this I nearly crapped my pants...I got chills instantly. He Told my super hes been involved with what you are doing for 30 yrs. (im not sure if that means hes a Christian or not )

Update from New Orleans: My FEMA friend said, Air Guard that went down for the oil spill have not returned; FEMA had no internet connectivity all day Saturday; at home they had bad cable TV reception; GPS took a very long time to get a signal.


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