*URGENT*URGENT*URGENT*Last chance for Canadian's...Say no to Tyranny Say No to BILL C-6

*URGENT*Petition against BILL C-6 *URGENT*

*URGENT*Fax the Government KILL BILL C-6 *URGENT*

Canadian Coalition For Health Freedom

Remember Canada We the people have already said NO twice to this evil piece of legislation called BILL C-51 & C-52... To bring it back colored and revamped as BILL C - 6 Is well insulting and disgusting to each and every Canadian citizen and should be illegal.We as Canadians should pass a law that if a bill is defeated in parliament and by the people that it be illegal to color and revamp and reintroduce it as some new bill.I guarantee that If C-6 is defeated they will bring it back again and again and again until it become law, as the Rothschild Scumbag Zionist Elite Bankers bastards need this piece of disgusting garbage legislation to STEAL our Canadian Sovereignty away from us "We The People"!!! Our PUPPET politicians are not looking out for our best interest, they are doing the biddings of there evil Masters.They are all gutless puppets afraid of standing up to this evil elite oligarchy of insane psychopathic bloodlines that have ruled this planet for centuries. They are afraid for good reason,as this cabal of elite evil criminals has killed or attempted to kill everyone who has opposed them in the past; Lincoln, Kennedy,John Paul I,Reagan,Andrew Jackson and many other moral honest men.They have started wars and depression, committed holocaust and genocide and this is why our paid puppet politician always do what the masters want and not the biding of the people. No matter what, the Rothschild Cabal need this Bill C-6 passed because it steal more of our God giving Rights away from us and give it to them because it put us even closer to real physical danger of limit less imprisonment with no charges and warrant less searches.The Time is here to stand up in masses and "JUST SAY NO TO TYRANNY" because if we don't our children and grandchildren (if they don't kill your whole lineage in there coming planned eugenics genocide that is) will be the one living in the Hell on earth that this Rothschild Zionist Synagogue of Satan has planned for the world...It will be an Eden for them, but hell for the rest as there slave providers of all, from the simple necessities of life to the wildest perversion imaginable, they will use us to provide it for them. From sex slaves to human for human sacrifices they practice, they will do as they please for they see themselves as the new living gods of this planet...So please sign one or both of the different petitions above because this bill is that bad that it has been defeated twice already by us the people. Lets defeat it once and for all by also Exposing this Rothschild Cabal of World Criminals for who they really are and not the great philanthropist they portray themselves to be to the rest of us GOY


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