Veterans Day: Korea, and My Father's Stories Part II

In the aftermath of the Korean War many fighting men never got any counseling, got little acknowledgement, and were largely ignored. This did little to compensate them for the horrors they witnessed or the hardship they endured! A war that was fought like a mini World War II, Korea was the epitome of massive offensives, set piece battles, and a small theater in danger of transforming into a much wider conflagration of international conflict!


While the US had sacrificed greatly to aid the South Koreans so that they would remain a Democracy, few really appreciated just what US troops be they US Army or US Marine Corps and our fighting men were overlooked when it came to the public realizing what our boys had to endure. The North Koreans were now experimenting with mind control, possibly creating a Manchurian candidate, and the mental torture that the Communists subjected our POW's to!

Unfair reflections

I want to ask anyone who sits back and negatively analyzes our fighting men, why should any of them ever feel guilt? Why should they ever have to feel they have done anything wrong Yet, we have veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan being held at Leavenworth Prison when they shot terrorists who faked death and were carrying live grenades! Why wouldn't they be shot? Thanks to politicizing war time conditions and the rules of engagement many of our fighting men were unjustly charged with crimes they would never have been accounted for in any other conflict, but all you have to do is allow Democrats and the left to distort reality!

In the aftermath

Yet, why would my 86 year old father who served 2 tours in the Korea War have to feel guilty for finding 3 thousand Communist troops out in the open who would be automatically targeted for anti-personnel artillery shells and bombarded which would have wiped them out? However, American press, had oriented people and veterans toward being guilty for following their orders in time of war? Taking action against our enemies when they certainly would exterminate us after invading our allied partners. In his final living days, my father was forced to feel that his actions while following the orders of his superiors that he felt guilty for exercising his duties in war time defending the South Korean people who had been invaded by the Communists without provocation.

The unthinkable

What an unfair way for a loyal patriot to have to suffer for performing his duties, suffering the loss of so many of his buddies during the war, and then there were the other damages my father suffered, the loss of his hearing and those terrible memories of combat that were so bad he never fully divulged them to his own family. In that John Wayne era of men and veterans in particular, they were men of action, not of words and excuses nor did they verbalize easily the horrors they experienced!

Looking back

The aftermath of war even leaves men who acted according to their conscience questioning themselves and that is the true price of war our veterans must pay not to mention the terrible wounds many are forced to live with the rest of their lives. Thomas Jefferson once observed that the price of freedom would never be cheap. His word ring just as true today as they were when America fought the King George government of Great Britain for our independence. We live in a world full of potential conflict whether it be for the clandestine agenda of profiteers who will finance both sides in a war or selling ammunition and supplies to the nations waging war or be it ideological justification for atrocities.

The path to disaster

When American troops urged by General Mac Arthur advance through North Korea hoping they had destroyed North Korea's ability to wage war thus, were looking forward to celebrating Christmas at home with their families and girl friends they stumbled upon a terrible surprise. That surprise was 300,000 Chinese soldiers who poured across the Yalu River and stormed American and Allied forces. Suddenly, the liberators were overwhelmed by 30 to 1 odds. The potential to end the conflict evaporated thanks to Mao Zedong who had driven the Chiang Kai Chek and the Nationalist government out of mainland China!

Historic links to the present

Quite ironically, my former wife's father served as a Colonel in Chiang Kai Chek's army. He was appointed as part of a ten thousand man campaign to restructure a new Democratic China on the island of Formosa. On the backs of elephants when the Nationalists carried supplies and Chinese precious artifacts the Communists would have plundered and destroyed, once they ran low on trucks, the new nation was formed. As what was left of Chiang Kai Chek's army fought a retiring action to hold back the pursuing Red Chinese, the nation of Taiwan was erected from the ashes of what had been mainland China.

Forgotten history

So, this is why I feel the connection I do for the Korean War, and it is not a fond reminder but I feel the pain of the Chinese, South Koreans, and our fighting men who sacrificed so dearly. Yet, so much of these significant events that impact us even today are easily overlooked by a public that has been poorly educated over history and indoctrinated into the leftist mindset. Those who would rather we forget the lessons of history, the ravages of Communism, and the corrupt idea that socialism could ever be adopted! This agenda is tantamount to using socialism in America as a necessary step in establishing a global government that would use the tyranny of socialism to oppress the masses under the aegis of humanitarian intent.


My father, promoted in record time to Staff Sergeant, received a commendation in a letter I read from the Commandant of the US Marines for rescuing a truck load of wounded men in the midst of a heavy bombardment. He drove them out of the range of Red Chinese artillery to safety. Dad, always joked about it saying he was just trying to get the hell out of there. Whenever the subject of Korea was mentioned, which wasn't often, he would brush it off saying, "we leveled the place."

The voice of experience

When I asked him about what happened in Vietnam, my Dad commented that you can't take troops from air conditioned barracks, load them onto helicopters, drop them into jungles where they are probably outnumbered and surrounded by seasoned guerrilla forces that use a vast network of underground tunnels, fight big battles, then leave that pacified real estate and allow the enemy to re-occupy it again with the blood of our fighting men fresh upon it. He observed that the war should have been prosecuted to take and hold territory that would force North Vietnam to capitulate rather than regroup and remain where they were to begin with to attack our soldiers and harass south Vietnamese citizens all over again.

His command

During his two tours of duty my Dad was given command of his artillery unit which involved a company of personnel who would man 105 mm. howitzers in dug out parapets and munitions storage, and arrived wherever they were needed often just behind the front lines, and set up for their mission. One one occasion while awaiting being shipped out to Japan and then to Korea his unit was stranded on the island of Oahu. Through some administrative error they were left in on the rainy side of the island awaiting new transport orders. There was nothing for them to do as their supplies and weapons had been shipped off apart from their unit. This left his men with nothing to do but sitting at the base and with access to the non-commissioned officers bar. At the beginning of each day my Dad told me he would stand in front of his men dutifully lined up in orderly fashion each morning and he would announce, "orders for the day men. Let's hit the bar!" They would proceed to the US Marine watering hole and drink their butts off!

Desperate for good food

As terrible as war is there were the lighter moments that the men needed in order to hold onto their sanity. When the war finally ended in an uneasy armistice it was time for my father and his buddies to be shipped out. When arriving at Kyoto, Japan by US Navy Destroyer tired of powdered eggs cooked in metal helmets for breakfast on the battlefield his unit happened upon a Mom and Pop's Japanese Steakhouse. They locked the front door, gave the owners $300.00 dollars of their pay and got them to feed and drink until the closing time. For the first time in months they ate and drank like kings. Back then $300.00 dollars was a lot of money especially to the Japanese whose own currency was much less in value than the US dollar.

Dangerous incident

When they hurried onto the troop train the next day one of my Dad's buddies came running to jump onto the moving coal burner he was breathless and worried. My Dad asked him what had happened. As it turned out, many of the Japanese still hated Americans under the post war occupation of General Mac Arthur who had magnanimously decided to rebuild Japan as a society and a new industrial empire. Had the war gone the other way, Japan never would have allowed America to resurrect itself. A Japanese man, disgruntled over the war his nation had lost came at my Dad's buddy with a knife, who was forced to defend himself. The angry civilian was killed in the attack and the US Marine knowing there was little chance he would be treated fairly and probably face months in the Brig until the matter was resolved ran all the way to the US military troop train. These incidents were common back them and I will say when I personally visited Kyoto the Japanese were indeed very ambivalent toward Americans who were visiting even to this very day!

End in sight

Back stateside and stationed at Camp Pendleton once again my father and his men restlessly awaited their discharge papers. The base commander requested a visit from my Father offering him a way to promotion through the warrant officer's program to Captain's rank. That would have meant excellent pay and the virtual assurance that he would never have to face field combat again, but Dad had had his fill of the service. He rejected the offer even when his commanding officer told him that if discharged the offer still stood if he came back within a reasonable amount of time. When Dad finally got his discharge he packed up in his 1937 Ford Coupe and drove 70 miles an hour right through the base gates and left his discharge papers flying in the air behind him as he put the pedal to the metal leaving the US Marines and the Korean War behind him!

Tough times growing up

My Dad had been forced to help his mother raise his nine brothers and sisters quitting his education as a result in the midst of the Great Depression from where they lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His father had been a Captain in the US Army in World War I then after Pearl Harbor, enlisted in the US Marines having to lose his officer's commission and being forced to start over in becoming a tank sergeant in the Pacific theater of war. Dad, would raise his family of 6 boys along with my Mom as a route salesman for companies like Oscar Meyer and Coca Cola until he learned the food business in and out. He would soon become a National Sales Manager for a small company in the retail sandwich meat business by the name of "Leo's Meats" out of Los Angeles. He took over the Dallas, Texas branch from a salesman who ran the operation out of his bedroom and began an expansion program to all major markets through out the US! The first packaged deli sliced meats like turkey, chicken, spiced beef, and ham were so successful that Leo's Meat outsold the market giant Oscar Meyer where ever the two competed on the retail chain stores. A boy who was forced to give up his education at 9th Grade level became an acknowledged force in the food industry during the 1960's and early 70's before leaving corporate life to start his own food distributing company.

The later years were not kind

When we are so accustomed to hearing about PTSD and soldiers who couldn't assimilate to civilian life, suffered delusional battle flashbacks, alcoholism, drugs, and even terrorized their families, but in contrast, my father was a tough but fair parent who taught my brothers and I discipline and responsible conduct. It helped me to have this strength to raise 4 kids by myself for more than 10 years having been taught by my Dad to accept responsibility for my actions and do the right thing. In his final years life was not fair to my Dad who suffered business setbacks from dishonest business partners and lost his life savings when his wife, my Mom, to cancer during years of being ripped off by the medical profit racket of chemo and X-Ray treatment. Yet, he lived another 21 years rather than giving up after losing her. I tried to help him and remain close enough to have occasional lunches and holiday get togethers in the years after my kids left the house and my third marriage failed. I had not always been the good son. At one point I became a radical long haired rebel, but as I woke up having been self employed and a father. My Dad and I become close having shared the same political views. He was over joyed when President Trump was inaugurated. I miss having him to talk to to this very day.

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Comment by Doc Vega on November 13, 2019 at 6:14pm

James here is an herbal cleansing plan that I am sure will help your niece and force the cancer into remission! 

6 herbs to improve kidney and liver function

1. Milk Thistle

This herb has been used in medicine for thousands of years. Records show first century Romans using it for liver health. The active ingredient that helps our kidneys and liver is called silymarin.

What Does Milk Thistle Do For The Kidneys?

Silymarin can help our kidney tissue recuperate faster when it’s been exposed to damaging chemicals.

Milk thistle also has flavonoids, is full of antioxidants, and can help you produce more of your own antioxidants. Milk thistle helps to increase the expression of genes involved in generating three of your own powerful antioxidants in the kidneys:

  • Glutathione
  • Superoxide Dismutase
  • Catalase (5)

Milk thistle also helps to reduce inflammation in our kidneys and may even help to protect you from kidney cancer. The active ingredient in milk thistle has been shown to down-regulate cancer-causing genes so cancer cells don’t multiply effectively. (6)

What Does Milk Thistle Do For the Liver?

Milk thistle is one of the best herbs for our liver detox because it has such a powerful influence on liver function. It helps to:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Stabilize membranes in the liver
  • Increase glutathione production
  • Boost Superoxide Dismutase
  • And decrease liver tumor cell division

It also will help to protect your liver from the damage created as it detoxifies toxic substances. Milk thistle even increases the survival time of people with alcohol-related liver cirrhosis! (7)

Milk thistle has very similar effects on our two detox organs. It’s our top pick for natural kidney and liver detox.

2. Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow comes from a Greek word meaning “to heal.” It creates mucilage when you ingest it and has traditionally been used to treat sore throats. It is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal. (8) Fortunately, this herb does great things for our kidneys and liver as well.

What Does Marshmallow Root Do For The Kidneys?

One potential concern that people have is developing kidney stones. How do you flush your kidneys to help prevent them? By taking herbs that have a diuretic effect. Diuretics can increase the amount of urine you produce and flush out debris from the kidneys with it. Marshmallow root can act as a diuretic to help you do a natural kidney cleanse. (9)

What Does Marshmallow Root Do For The Liver?

Marshmallow root has polysaccharides that help in our wound healing because of its high antioxidant capacity. (10) Our liver bile ducts can become damaged over time. Marshmallow root acts to soothe this damage. In fact, it stimulates the production of our epithelial cells. (11) These are the cells that line the inside of our organs and ducts. Having a strong, healthy bile duct can better help your liver detox.

One additional benefit from marshmallow is its ability to bind to heavy metals. (12) Binding heavy metals and ushering them out of our body before they can create damage is another reason we love this root for liver and kidney detox.

3. Parsley

This green herb is much more than a garnish on your plate at a restaurant! It is full of flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Parsley has some powerful kidney and liver detox properties we can take advantage of.

What Does Parsley Do For The Kidneys?

Parsley is another fantastic herb to help us prevent kidney stones because it is a diuretic. When studied against other substances, parsley reduced kidney stones the most. Not only did the size and number of stones significantly go down, but the kidney tissue was also healthier. (13) Parsley is a powerful natural kidney cleanse herb.

What Does Parsley Do For The Liver?

Parsley is considered a “bitter” herb. Bitter herbs can help stimulate your release of bile, helping the liver detox. Parsley also helps to produce glutathione which helps protect your liver from damage. (14)

Parsley can also help to lower your blood glucose levels, which can inflame the liver if they are too high. It can help protect your liver by lowering inflammatory liver enzymes. (15)

Similarly to marshmallow, parsley can help to bind onto and remove heavy metals from our body. (16)

Parsley’s diuretic and protective roles make it an especially good kidney detox herb that also has benefits for our liver!

4. Gynostemma

This herb has been used for thousands of years. It’s been nicknamed “poor man’s ginseng” since one of its chemical constituents is the same as Korean ginseng. It’s good for the immune system and supports energy levels. It also supports our liver and kidney detox process.

What Does Gynostemma Do For The Kidneys?

When our organs are injured from exposure to toxins, a process called fibrosis can occur. This is when our cells create scar tissue instead of healthy tissue. Scar tissue doesn’t function like healthy tissue and inhibits our kidney's ability to detox optimally. High levels of fibrosis can lead to the loss of kidney function altogether. Gynostemma can influence the genes in our kidneys to help produce healthy, well-functioning tissue and reduce fibrosis. (17)

What Does Gynostemma Do For The Liver?

Gynostemma has the same fibrosis reducing effects in the liver as it does on the kidney. Scar tissue ends up being thick and unyielding, preventing your liver from performing properly. One study showed that liver tissues can thin out and severe liver fibrosis can be reduced by 33% in as little as 8 weeks! (18) Healthy tissue will help your liver detox at its best capacity.

It also influences your genes involved in liver cancer cell growth and has been shown to inhibit them from multiplying, which would help protect you from liver cancer. (19)  

Gynostemma is a powerful anti-inflammatory for our intestines as well. (20) The intestines are the next step in your liver detox. The liver dumps its toxins into this part of your drainage system to be taken out of the body. Gynostemma does triple duty by helping our kidneys, liver, and intestines. This makes it one of our favorites to enhance your natural detox.

5. Beetroot

Beetroot for kidney and liver detox

Beetroot is so much more than the vegetable you didn’t like as a kid. They’ve been eaten for thousands of years because of their health benefits. Beets were found in Egyptian pyramids dating back to the Third Dynasty. Even without knowing it, they were helping their liver and kidneys detox by consuming beets.

What Does Beetroot Do For The Kidneys?

Beetroot can enhance your production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels which increases blood flow. This additional blood flow can help your kidneys work better than when your blood flow is restricted. (21)

The bright red pigment of beetroot is called betanin. It helps reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. It can also help protect your kidneys from damage. (22)

Beetroot can also help protect your kidneys from being injured from antibiotics, which can sometimes cause kidney failure. It helps to increase catalase, your own natural in-house antioxidant which is crucial for effective kidney detox. Beetroot helps you to downregulate proinflammatory substances in the kidneys as well. (23)

What Does Beetroot Do For The Liver?

Your liver is the organ that protects you from foreign substances often referred to as xenobiotics. Xenobiotics include items you are probably exposed to daily like pesticides, pollution, and food additives.

They are carcinogenic (cancer-causing) so your liver wants to deal with them immediately. However, they can still damage the liver as it neutralizes them. Beetroot helps to increase your own natural antioxidants to protect the liver from damage. (24) Injury to your body's DNA can also be reduced.

The process of getting rid of these foreign substances is called phase II metabolism. The red pigment betanin helps quench the free radicals that are a byproduct of this detox pathway and make it more efficient for us. (25)

Beetroot is another herb that influences our genes. It can help downregulate the genes involved with liver cancer. (26)

Beetroot’s protective pigment and gene influencing properties make it high on our list of natural liver and kidney detox herbs.

6. Ginger

Ginger is the most widely used spice in the world. We often use this pungent herb for nausea, but it’s helping your liver and kidneys detox as well.

What Does Ginger Do For The Kidneys?

Ginger can have a powerful effect on your kidney detox capabilities!

It’s been shown to:

  • Increase the body’s natural antioxidants in the kidneys
  • Lower inflammation
  • Help remove toxins from the kidneys
  • Reduce fibrosis
  • Help create healthier kidney tissue (27)

This simple root herb is a powerhouse for kidney detox.

What Does Ginger Do For The Liver?

Ginger does not disappoint when it comes to our liver detox either.

Researchers aren’t sure how ginger does it, but it can influence our genes involved with producing fat in the liver. It helps to prevent lipid storage which can help protect us from fatty liver disease. (28) Having fat accumulate in the liver prevents it from doing its 500 tasks properly. It leads to fibrosis and decreases the blood flow to the liver, which greatly reduces detox.

Ginger reduces inflammation, and once again, helps us produce our own antioxidants.

Another benefit that goes for both our liver and kidneys, is protection from heavy metals. Cadmium can change gene expression and upregulate cancer genes. Ginger reverses this and helps protect you from heavy metals. (29)

Ginger is a simple, but powerful addition to your kidney and liver detox protocol.

Nature Enhancing Nature

We’ve gone over 6 herbs that improve kidney and liver function:

  • Milk Thistle
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Parsley
  • Gynostemma
  • Beetroot
  • Ginger

They all have similar effects. They are anti-inflammatory and change the gene expression in the kidneys and liver for the better.

But are the herbs doing the healing for you?

No, it’s you!

You have incredible detox and protective measures in place within every organ system.

There is a caveat though.

These fantastic systems can become overwhelmed when you are exposed to too many toxins. They are hindered in performing their essential jobs. They also decrease with efficiency as we age.  

Which herbs do you think would help you with kidney and liver detox the most? 

Consider a blend that contains a few of these herbs to maximize your protection and detox potential.

Helping to restore your optimum kidney and liver detox pathways can help protect you from a host of health challenges and will also help you live your best, healthiest life now.

Comment by James Roberts on November 13, 2019 at 11:34am

Thanks, Doc. He did, he retired from auto factory work and has had a nice life. Korea and Vietnam, what totally unnecessary wastes of men and money. No better way to traumatize an entire populace, and sneak in truckloads of bad laws and social engineering to boot.

Comment by Doc Vega on November 13, 2019 at 11:27am

Wow James I hope your niece pulls through! Yeah, no doubt about it your uncle had a gruesome job! Hopefully he moved on.

Comment by James Roberts on November 13, 2019 at 11:12am

I'm so sorry that the oncologist ghouls did what they do to your mother. I just found out my niece has liver cancer. She seems to listen to me, hopefully I'll be able to steer her in the right direction. Wish me luck.

Comment by James Roberts on November 13, 2019 at 11:10am

My uncle Truman was a medic in Korea. He never talked about it much. But Dad said much of his job was to go around and pick up pieces of men and put them in bags, after a battle. I guess I wouldn't want to talk about it either.

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