Veterans Today: Nuclear 9/11 Revealed: Theories and Disinformation, the Misguided and the Inhuman

By Gordon Duff and Members of the Department of Energy 9/11 Investigation Team


Editor’s Introduction: Over the past few weeks, member of the “official 9/11 groups” have come forward, years late, no new ideas, nothing to offer.  The real 9/11 report, initially released by the Russians, now supported directly by both the team that wrote it at the Department of Energy and IAEA, have been following the aftermath of their revelations.

The text below is theirs.  When they talk of “morons,” these are America’s top nuclear physicists, the people who build the bombs that supposedly keep us safe at night making these observations.  When it is published in Veterans Today, it is here because we are also nuclear weapons officers, NATO nuclear commandos, weapons assemblers and, while VT Editor Clinton Bastin was still with us, the editorial home for America’s top nuclear weapons designer.

We are intelligence agents, nuclear weapons experts, academics, spies, engineers, military officers, all unpaid, all standing against the pattern of deceit, of secrecy and of horrific injustice.

For two months now we have published the most advanced weapons physics papers ever to be made available to the public.  We have answered challenges, we have learned lessons ourselves, read Khalezovs works, basked in his insights but we have done more as well.

In Khalezov, we find the unseen hand of someone working with him.  We see an agenda and we see both brilliance and great cleverness.

Moreover, in groups like Architects and Engineers for 9/11, we see something else.  We don’t like it.  We see dogma, ignorance, deceit and bullying.  We see cheap propaganda and we see several wolves in sheep’s clothing among them.

We have been the victim of a great resurgence of activity on their part, childish attacks, bad science, misrepresentation and time wasting.  As we see it, much of 9/11 is solved.  We use best evidence, best science and when and if better science comes by, we reassess.  After all, we are not insane, we are not incompetent, we are not petty narcissists, we are not amateurs, we are not A and E 9/11.

Comments will be reviewed by some of the world’s top scientists.  Questions answered.  Input is desired.  VT has readers with nuclear weapons backgrounds, with advanced experience and their comments are welcomed.

One more thing:  We are also intelligence professionals.  When amateurs try to deceive, we smile.  No bred crumb could ever leave a trail so clear, a trail so needed.  We thank the thieves, the liars and the fools for their hubris.

We also thank Dmitri Khalezov for his efforts and personal sacrifice.

To answer the sound issue, questions “vital” to A and E 9/11:

1. Where was the sound of the jets hitting the building. How loud was that? 50 floors up over 500 feet above you and over 1500 feet from the TV cameras.

2. Where was the sound from the cutting charges exploding.


3. Where was the sound from the nano thermite going off.

4. How loud was the sound of the collapsing buildings.


5. If you are over 500 feet below the sound at street level and over 1500 feet away, sound travels up and out. You don’t hear much. The same with the shock wave.

6, All underground explosions took place 50 feet below you and 1500 feet or more from the cameras. You get a shock wave traveling thru the ground with a dust blast from the over pressure of less than 6 psi for a small 1.5kt nuke. Just as happened.

The air burst above the 50th floor blew out 200 X 200 X 200 square feet of building space, over 20 floors, in less than 3 seconds. Vaporized, gone, What dose that? (Root Beer bottles exploding?)


Thats about 8 million cubic feet of space destroyed in less than 3 seconds. 40,000 tons of steal just disappears in less than 3 second. What dose that? Godzilla or King Kong? Just look at the pictures.

These people are either fakes or total Morons!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( A scientific observation, not from the VT editorial staff)

7. The smaller buildings were dropped with single nukes placed in the lower level of the parking garages or in the utility tunnels running under the parking garages as Dmitry said. Building 1 and 2 had at least three nukes planted in them. 1 at or above the 50th floor as seen in the blast photos that took out over 20 floors and the second one place in the sub basement or parking garage.

8. The third really big one was place over the air conditioning Freon storage tanks in the utility room or just under it in the utility pipe gallery as stated by Dmitry. This one made the giant crater formations left under the buildings foundations and was the cause of the melted steel and thermal effects seen on 911.


9. When the 1.5kt nuke went off next too the storage tanks containing 26 tons of liquid Freon it turned it into Hydrogen Florid (H2F) or in the nuclear weapons industry it is called Deuterium Fluoride (DF)the stuff that hydrogen bombs are made of. This produced the desired thermal effects needed to vaporize the central core and over half of the twin towers in less than 10 seconds. No other explosive device could do that.

Dimity was off only on the size of the weapons used but all other data checks out correctly. He was too correct so his source was an inside player. This is why D.O.J wants him!!!!

If his story was un true then they would not go to this much trouble to keep him locked up in a Thailand jail waiting extradition to the USA. That fact alone tells you something BIG!! Blast Effects. When the 1.5KT nuke went off under buildings 1 and 2 it sucked most of the 26 tons of liquid Freon from the cooling system into the fire ball. Due to thermal heat of 4 million degrees in the center of the fire ball and neutron absorption, the Freon was split and then fused into Deuterium Fluoride.


As in the IVY Mike nuclear Pacific test in 1952 of the first Hydrogen Bomb. Producing the massive over yield due to the extra Freon being converted into extra Deuterium. On 911 this acted as extra external “Deuterium Boost Gas” boosting the Thermal Yield of the 1.5 KT weapon at least 10 to a maximum of 100 times. 15 to 150 KT thermal output not in blast energy.

That would put the overall “thermal energy” released between 15KT and up to 150KT at 100% efficiency. Most likely closer to 10% efficiency would be more practical. This is a crude Teller “Lair Cake or Alarm Clock” boosted nuclear fission design only used back in the 1950′s test shots. Dimity’s clams of 150 KT thermal was a bit too big. However if the weapon had been twice this size 3KT vs 1.5 KT it would have taken out the lower half of Manhattan including the entire Wall Street finical district and the fallout would have taken out half of NYC and not by accident!!!! It was designed that way.


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Comment by Sweettina2 on September 2, 2014 at 2:56pm

It's hard to know the truth of it all, I hope it is all revealed in my lifetime. 

Bushs brother owned the security company for the towers. Truth, as in JFKs assassination,  will be hidden by all parties till the key players are dead.

Lots of people woke up because of 911.

Comment by linda dagosta on September 1, 2014 at 2:57am

I have always wondered if it was possible that planes never really hit the twin towers.. that this too was just possibly a hologram for effects and no one really died on those planes.. however i do know that people in the building did die.. that is unavoidable and unforgivable. ..low and behold i found links to this conclusion .(   and another  there are many more,  but payments were made to people involved in these false flag to keep their mouths shut in order to promote unity and support for homeland security to "protect" Americans.. I have seen so much in the past couple of years.. I can almost believe that anything was or is possible at this point. when you have film makers working in conjunction with those in power.. anything is possible..but for the buildings to collapse within their own footprint this was again strategically plans and engineered to fall within itself.. there is no call for a rocket scientist here to figure that much .. that in itself raised question to the majority.. as most people are not that ignorant to know that for a building to fall within its own outer walls.. that would take precise figuring in order to make that happen.. exact science.. not a plane flying into a building precisely at the perfect spot to cause the same result of a  perfect scientifically pre-planned and calculated demise of a building of such magnitude to fall perfectly straight down inside of itself. WOW how stupid do they think the population is ?? really how insulting i mean you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the times.. but this is getting far too insulting to perpetuate all these events and spoon feed these lies  upon lies.. thinking that they still have the majority of the people falling for it .. the more people i talk to the more people seem to know. but still haven't figured out how to get the majority on one page to get control out of this run away train wreck.. the day is soon approaching though .. just rattling more of my thoughts out.. as many people still have questions and more people question what and how far is our government willing to go to achieve their end goal.. and what is that .. world power.. I think and believe many people feel.. "over my cold dead body" and I think the government has  is replaying Hitler's reign at this point as this is the same tactics that he employed on his own people the deception and lies and the cold hard truth that he was killing them  each and every step down his evil path to build the "perfect race" ..

Comment by Sweettina2 on August 29, 2014 at 4:34pm

Right on Hollywood! 

I caught those errors too, bugs me. They are always needing proof readers at VT, almost volunteered nyself and decided their deadlines were too stressful.

I agree with Dmitri also, he has inside intel and knew more than most. I agree, glad to know the how, we just need to hang the who. Seems VT tells more than most others on who did it.

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on August 29, 2014 at 10:45am

Hard to take any of this seriously when the author shows his ineptness for spelling (multiple mistakes). It makes the person look like an idiot in my book. Although, I'm w/ Dmitri on this theory. I'm just glad there's discussion on HOW these criminal Neocon bastiches did it. It show's that all agree that jokebook (Official 9/11 Ommission Report) is a huge lie, and even tho folks have various theory's on how THIS WAS DONE, IT'S GOOD TO SEE THAT THEY ALL HAVE 1 THING IN COMMON...They know it's a LIE, despite the different theory's, it all boils down to reality and the people know things aren't what they seem. We'll eventually find out how this was done and by who...(think most know already) ...and when the day comes we find out the method, the bigger celebration will be that we nailed these PNAC NEOCON pricks to the wall w/ Israel's balls.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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