We prepare to kill you with your money,

La Razon, August 6, 2018. 18: 32h

Internet publication “La Razon” viewed the videos of the preparation of the attacks of 17-A. The jihadists recorded in Alcanar how they made the explosives: "This does a lot of damage"

The Catalonian Police “Mossos d'Esquadra” recovered a Canon IUX 180 camera From the rubble of Alcanar. They extracted a memory card of 16Gb from it finding images and videos of those responsible for the attacks "manufacturing explosive devices, as well as carrying out proclamations that demonstrate that the commission of the attacks was motivated by their ideological militancy as Salafist combatantants».

There were 98 files in the SD memory with 80 images, 16 videos and 2 illegible files. They are seen constructing the bombs, laughing, celebrating the deaths that they were going to provoke and even being proud of how well an explosive belt sat on one of them.

The conversations are in Arabic mixed with Spanish and Catalan. While building the bombs, they look at the camera, and smile. Just a few days after recording these videos, its protagonists would sow panic in Barcelona and Cambrils and cause the death of 16 people. These are some of the audios that accompany the videos, which work in the summary and to which LA RAZÓN has had exclusive access:

Houli: Here is my brother Youssef.

Youssef: This is the poison that we are going to put for the enemies of Allah, so that they taste it (it shows the explosives).

Houli: This is a video so you can see that we work (you can see how they are building bombs).

Youssef: Look, look how we have made ours (shows a bomb belt).

Youness: We're going to speak in Spanish. Suffer, the enemies of Allah! This is to show you the Muslim has the honor and the strength.

Hichamy: You wanted to buy us with jobs. Life does not matter to us, Allah has chosen us among millions of men to make you cry blood.

Youssef: Allah has promised us paradise and he has promised you hell. Enemies of Allah, wait.

Youness: Ha ha.

Hichamy: We're working on it. Everything we have prepared for you, you will regret having been born, especially you Mossos de Esquadra (the police).

Youssef: Badly born, haha.

Youness: Bastards.

In another of the passages you hear the following:

Hichamy: This (showing a part of the bomb) costs nothing, the only thing you need is faith and hating the infidels. This (showing it again) budget has not exceeded 15 euros, between 15 and 20.

Houli: And it does a lot of damage, ha ha.

Youness: Ha ha and it hurts.

They build the boms with explosives, screws and cylinders. In this other passage they speak of a hand grenade they made:

Hichamy: This is an improvised hand grenade, but it does its job. I do not know how much all this cost because I brought everything from my job, working there in front of your “allies”, who saw me doing it. We prepare to kill you with your money, so the problem is yours and not our. Every gram of this iron is going to get into your heads or those of your children or those of your women.

Youness: What?

Hichamy: You've put on your belt and they're recording you.

Youness: Yes.

Hycham: It's not loaded (reassuring).

Houli: What does this do? LOL

Youness: This? It makes "buum".

Houlí: Ha ha

Youssef: These puucc, and nails scattered.

Houli: Let's record it closely.

Hichamy: Some shrapnel is missing.

Houli: It looks good on you, eeeeh.

Hichamy: eeeh, do not see that outside ...

Thus they were for days in Alcanar, preparing the attacks and making jokes, appealling to Allah to open the doors of Eden, referring to Al Bagdadi (leader of the Daesh). In all the files appear both the material author of the events, Youness Abouyaaqoub and the rest of the terrorists.


Islam the religion of peace?

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Comment by Less Prone on August 9, 2018 at 1:29pm

The Muslimes have lost their marbles

Comment by skip barker on August 9, 2018 at 1:13pm

Another scare tactic by the so called peace religion, Now look stupids, before it is to late for you and all the followers of the rapist, bi-sexual, goat f-ck-ing Mohammed wake up and see the true light. Why on earth after Christ died on the cross and destroyed Satan,(not literally thats soon to come) by doing all the suffering and work, would God then think wait we need a new religion or belief system for its been 500 years since my son did the work? there is no heaven for you with the belief system you have, Mohammed is not in heaven, there are no virgins in heaven and its not important anyway for there is no sex in heaven. You have been fooled like no others, except those that believe in the Holahoax, you guys really make the best of partners. You can not kill me and the likes of me, for I leave this body the moment it stops to function, the real me is not of this earth. Now if you dummies would just stop to take a little time to think, which by the way you live shows you might lack thinking ,then you might just see you have been made to be fools, by the real thing that created your false prophet Mohammed, and that false religion you follow. Are you absolutely sure Mohammed was a muslim?( giant hint there)  Now take a little time to figure this out try real hard, the clue is in just 500 years after Christ did all that was necessary, your false religion popped up. Why, who and what, would or could do this, and how do they benifit from it? By the way any sneak can fight the cowardly way you claim to fight, your nothing but cowards and sneaks which proves again your faith is not real for it like your fighting lives in the shadows.



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