Were MP's involved in the downfall of Brian Harvey?

I was the first to break the story and name "Tony Mortimer" on 21 April 2019, as being the band member Brain Harvey accuses Tom Watkins of raping, - as can be seen in the video below; "Brian Harvey - Drops Bombshell Raped Band Member Named!"

Though in the most interesting of twists and turns involving E17's Brain Harvey, a recent YouTube (seen above) video by a user named "Earthling", and titled "Brain Harvey: "I'll make sure you never work again" - Part 2", it highlights and suggests that part of Brain Harvey's downfall was because of political interests that were taking place (a drugs Bill was being put forward in the House of Commons) in parliament at exactly the same time Harvey was targeted and exposed for what he said in regards to taking ecstasy, and that ultimately led to his sacking from the band. 

The video starts off with "Earthling" declaring the following; "I wish to make it clear that I am not, nor was I, a "Brain Harvey" East 17 fanboy".  At that time in my life, I was travelling probably far more than they were while the rest of my time was dedicated to raising a family.  I also wish to make it clear that, that while I bring Tony Mortimer into this in some detail, I have no issue with him nor do I judge him for what may have occurred early in his life/career.  Bringing Tony into the picture is for providing, both, context and comparison to how Brian was treated while, also, examining the possibility that Tony may, or may not, have been sexually abused by Tom Watkins (and, perhaps others).  I do not suggest Tony was gay (or bisexual) but I do suggest he knew how to enamour himself within that community and some of his connections (and actions) evidence this.  I also, then, suggest there would be a "gay mafia" of sorts, willing to protect Tony, while, happily, feeding Brain to the wolves for a purpose which may have suited both Watkins and elements within the UK Parliament. There's a highly "coincidental" date which comes into the frame also. Plus, there is one individual, never mentioned until now, who plays a significant role in Brian's demise and we may see why."

Image result for let's make lots of money book

Tom Watkins book ‘Let’s Make Lots of Money

According to Tom Watkins, in his book 'Let's Make Lots of Money: Secrets of a Rich, Fat, Gay, Lucky Bastard; '...my next big success was largely down to a lithe lad from Walthamstow who was dancing behind Faith Hope & Charity when they played the annual Smash Hits party.  He name was Tony Mortimer. He danced. He wrote songs. And he wanted to be a pop star.  One night in Walthamstow, Chris Lowe's mate, Pete Andreas, spotted two cute young lads named Tony Mortimer and John outside a pub.  Pete chatted to them and before they knew it had lured them to a club in Kings Cross off York Way. John and Tony were entranced by the music and lights and they both grinned at each other at the bar, tingling with the adrenaline you have when you are young and the inside of a club is still fresh, dangerous and exciting. Then they both stared at the whole room - and then did a double take. There weren't any ladies here.  They were in a gay club.  They survived this ordeal and Pete put me in touch with Tony..."  Tony was easily the most magnetic thing on the stage (at least for an old queen like me).  Later on at a party, surrounded by a bunch of leering gay men. He pulled out his enormous dong, waved it at his drooling fans and told them: "See this? You're never getting your hands on it." I think they wanted to get more than their hands on it, Tony.  But there you go. It never happened.'

I find this last statement "But there you go. It never happened", quite intriguing; following on from Brain Harvey accusations that Tom Watkins had allegedly raped Tony, and that according to the interview Harvey did with Andrew Ash, (and not the one they did when Bill Maloney got Ash to lie by implicating "innocent" people) it was done so when the victim/s were boozed-up and then drugged, so basically would probably have no recollection as to who had carried out the "invasion", though when they did come-to, they surely would have known something was not quite right, or at the very least felt they had been violated.

Pet Shop Boys

"Earthling", goes on to state; 'A close friend and personal assistant to the Pet Shop Boys who had known them since 1984. For five years he also shared living quarters with Chris (Lowe) and was rumoured to be his lover which has never been either confirmed or denied by the PSB camp. Chris composed "Postscript" as a testimonial" to him while Pete was in the late stages of AIDS-related illness that would claim his life to following year.  "Earthling" further states; 'Andreas "lures" Tony to a gay club and, it appears, he and "John" didn't bolt it.  Being a straight guy, I'd have said "Ah! Well, thanks but this is not for me". However, we're all different, right?  But don't you think you'd have sussed a stranger, coming up to you in the street, was gay?’

I don't necessarily agree with Earthling, as I've too been in similar gay clubs and situations, and knowing I am straight it never really bothered me, and I was never compromised. Had I been approached in the street like they were, outside a pub, and due to the fact that at that age I was into drugs and alcohol big-time, I wouldn't have cared about the person’s sexuality, and more so about the fact, would there be loads of booze and cocaine there?

I've also been to the same gay bars and clubs that were around Kings Cross back in those days, with my gay mates. They knew I wasn't gay and it wasn't a problem for me, or them. I say this, as I too want to make it clear I have no axe-to-grind with anyone. I was never an E17 fan, and only wish to stick to what's been said by Harvey, and anyone else who has said what they have about this matter.

"They" really do not like this video being put out, I've already wrote in previous posts, that it's being shadowed banned by Google, Twitter and YouTube - the same video as below, which I've left in place so you can click on it and read "Video unavailable - This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with his video has been closed.  No pre-warning, or strikes, they just closed the account!

If, and when I write, it’s about factual everyday life happenings that take place around us. I’ve been framed and jailed for crimes I didn’t commit, so have an interest in police corruption. I have been intrigued to know who the band member was, and that Harvey had been accusing Tom Watkins of raping, though he has never actually mentioned the band members name before. 

It was only following Harvey's recent videos; The Bigger Picture and Proof of Rape, which I noticed he seemed to inadvertently display the name "Tony" when he held-up to the screen a copy of an email he had sent to convicted paedophile Johnathan King. I then upload the video above, and within hours of doing so Harvey removed the Bigger Picture and Proof of Rape videos.

Tony Mortimer seen wearing glasses - acting as pall-bearer at Reggie Kray's funeral

Reggie Kray – Tony Mortimer

However, what I do find interesting is the following details that "Earthling" has brought to light, and my cross-referencing seems to confirm; in his video, he shows a video clip from Reggie Kray's funeral, and where you can see Tony Mortimer as being one of the pall-bearers carrying Reggie’s coffin into the church.  "Earthling" states, and perhaps rightly so; 'You've got to be dammed close to someone to be a pall-bearer at their funeral.'

Its long been know that Ronnie was gay, and that according to him, Reggie was bisexual.  And that Ronnie had regular sexual partners and strong friendships with other homosexual men, - including Lord Boothby, for whom it's alleged he obtained youths. Though it's news to me that Tony Mortimer was that closely connected to Reggie Kray, and enough for him the become a pall-bearer. 

"Earthling" also points out that even though Reggie was 66 when he died in 2000, he would have been in his late 40's/early 50's in the 1980's, and Mortimer would have been a teenager. According to an interview with NME, Tony Mortimer revealed that he once collaborated on a song with infamous East End gangster Reggie Kray. The song was based on a poem Kray had written during a stint in prison called ‘Falling Rain’, which described the inmate’s desire to stand outside in the rain. It’s a ballad, it’s really good,” said Mortimer. “I’ve never released that, I’ve got it at home and I’ve got a copy of it with a Scottish singer called Jinky Gilmore, who’s sung it as well. He’s done a fantastic vocal on it.”  The singer added that, “If people wanted to hear it of course I’d let them”.  The interview goes on to say; 'Mortimer was good friends with Kray and was even a pallbearer at his funeral in 2000. - Source: https://www.nme.com/news/music/east-17-12-1312483#14toXQCBThZfmKTq.99

"Earthling" continues in his video; 'I'm not saying Tony was involved sexually with Reggie Kray, but that he simply seems to have been very comfortable around powerful, gay men.'

Political Assassins Awaiting In the Wings

As many are aware it Harvey was set-up and exposed in the media in January 1997, for taking 12 ecstasy tablets, and that following Harvey's apology in regards to making those claims, he was soon after sacked from the band and even condemned by the then Prime Minister John Major in the House of Commons and following a question made by another Tory MP.

"Earthling" points out; 'OK, so Major made the statement.  But what/who the question? And when?  And why was the date of it absolutely perfect?' "Synchronicity".

A screenshot then appears on the video, showing a notice from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music (APPG); 'Through a series of events and discussions during the political year, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music seeks to inform parliamentarians about developments within the music industry as well as engage MP's and Lords on measures that impact the sector.'

The following text then appears in "Earthlings" video: 'A connecting principle, linked to the invisible, almost imperceptible, something inexpressible.'

Image result for Barry Legg MPBarry Legg MP

On the 20th November 1996 Barry Legg MP, introduced the Drugs Misuse Bill, and just two months later, and almost less than 48hrs after Harvey claimed taking 12 ecstasy tablets, on the 16th January 1997 - Barry Legg made the following statement in the House of Commons; Mr. Legg: ‘May I thank my right hon.  Friend for his support for my private Member's Bill, which is aimed at countering drug abuse in clubs, and is to have its Second Reading tomorrow? Did he manage to make any further progress in the war on drugs during his visit to the Indian sub-continent? What is his reaction to the comments made today by Brian Harvey of East 17, who says that Ecstasy makes people feel better and that he takes up to 12 tablets a day?’

The Prime Minister (John Major): ‘I have not read the comments about Ecstasy, but I regard any comments of that sort as wholly wrong. Drug taking, whatever the drug may be, tends to lead on to hard drugs. We have seen often enough the tragedy that then occurs.’


Opposition - Can Legg Get His Private Bill Through?

Yet, Barry Legg MP, was perhaps not getting the smooth ride and support he was expecting, and knew there would be some kind of opposition. One MP Paul Flynn, had said; "I cannot support the Bill. Many other people do not support it either, and I believe that it will do more harm than good. Indeed, it will cause more deaths."

It's times like this when the most strangest of things begin to happen, bit like when the alleged 7/7 bombings took place in London in 2005, and when Peter Power, one time high ranking employee of Scotland Yard, and member of its Anti-Terrorist Branch, his company Visor Consulting had on the morning of 7th of July been conducting 'crisis exercises' whose scenarios uncannily mirrored those of the actual attack.

Someone like Barry Legg MP, could have done with some "assistance" to help get his 'private' bill through, call it fate, or simply coincidence, but that's exactly what seems to have happened, and hours before the bill's second hearing on the 17th January 1997, Harvey was hung, drawn and quartered by the world’s media.  

On the 17th January 1997, Barry Legg was able to motion his second hearing; Mr. Barry Legg (Milton Keynes, South-West): 'I beg to move, that the Bill be now read a Second time. Members of Parliament often have opportunities to condemn drug use. Yesterday was another opportunity for Members of Parliament to speak out. We heard some dreadful remarks from Mr. Brian Harvey of East 17. He condoned drug use, suggested that Ecstasy made people feel better and stated that he used up to 12 tablets.'

Though in opposition, Paul Flynn MP, made a good case to oppose the bill; 'Why do people die from taking Ecstasy? The Leah Betts case attracted the most publicity of recent years. The advice current at the time was that someone who has a bad reaction to the drug should take water. Leah Betts was not killed by Ecstasy; she was killed by a combination of Ecstasy and an excessive amount of water. The drug meant that her kidneys were not working properly, so she could not discharge water: she died from an excess of water. If she had taken Ecstasy alone she would have been all right; if she had taken water alone she would have survived. The combination killed her.

Then Barry Legg MP, came back and said: 'However, there was also a promising sign yesterday. I spoke to a 12-year-old schoolgirl in my constituency, who said that she would be taking down the posters of East 17. Most young people are sensible about those matters. They want to hear the message, "No to drugs". We need to speak out and give that message loud and clear.’

According to Brian Harvey, Tony Mortimer was also asked the same line of questions and admitted taking ecstasy, though his words were never used against him. Harvey knew Tony was also interviewed, and probably told Brian what he has said, perhaps almost bragging whilst he told him.  This may have influenced Harvey in how he too would answer the same line of questions, and that by declaring he took E's was cool for the bands image, as after all during those times almost every young person was taking them. 

The sacking was an exercise in hypocrisy, the Sunday Mirror has discovered - and more to do with the internal wrangles of a band in trouble than taking the high ethical ground. In a taped interview just after Christmas and before Harvey's interview, Mortimer said: "I feel for anyone who's lost a son or daughter to E but there's a f**k of a lot of hypocrisy about it." "The thing is, if someone takes an E they're increasing their love and that's a good thing. That's what you do on Ecstasy." "If you take alcohol you can become violent and cruel. I just think we should be more realistic about how we deal with the whole drugs thing.".  In another part of the tape Mortimer returned to the subject of E, saying: "Alcohol is allowed but Ecstasy is not allowed because they can't tax it. Drugs are all relative." "People do die on it, but not as much as alcohol." Mortimer was asked by the interviewer about the death of Leah Betts. He said: "It is very sad and very tragic."

It was already being reported that Ecstasy had already claimed the lives of three teenage boys and a 24-year-old woman that same year. Though it was also reported on the 17th January 1997, it was thought that 500,000 young people used ecstasy every week, and in fact the numbers were probably much higher.  Worldwide, millions were, and still do take Ecstasy.  It also believed that when taken in moderation, the drug is less harmful than alcohol.  Of course it's a tragedy whenever someone dies and especially if it's linked to illegal drugs such as Ecstasy, though there's more alcohol related deaths than their is when it comes to ecstasy.  The odds of dying is so more lower than it is with alcohol.  Yet following on from scaremongering stories in the press, it's not difficult to demonise something and especially when there's a hidden political agenda.

Government Intervention - with the help of others?

It's the same with Margaret Thatcher, when in the 1980's, "illegal raves" were all the scene back then, and the Tory government also wanted to crackdown of such activities, and another reason they wanted to amend and update the Public Order Act 1986, though wasn't until The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 was finally introduced and that the main motivation was to restrict outdoor rave parties.  The Bill was introduced by Michael Howard, home secretary of Prime Minister John Major's Conservative government, and attracted widespread opposition.

Image result for Nigel Evans MP

And as said, Barry Legg MP Private Bill in 1997, was too attracting widespread opposition, and why according to "Earthling", Tory MP Nigel Evans became so vocal and decided to back Legg's bill. According to Andrew Pierce for the Mail on Sunday, in an article written 5 May 2013, (updated 7 May) Tory MP Nigel Evans, who knew he was gay since being a teenager, though thought it was a temporary phase he was going through, thought he'd keep quiet about his sexuality due to the fact that in 1992, the relationship between the Conservative Party and gay community was poisonous. The breakdown was caused three years earlier when Margaret Thatcher's government passed the Section 28 Bill, which banned Town Halls from promoting homosexuality as a normal lifestyle.

According "Earthling", and widely known about; 'Nigel Evans was a closet gay until October 2010, (this means during Legg's bill, he was being as quite about his gayness as possible, and was in danger of being outed, some could say blackmailed) while he fraternised with Music Business Executives, Artists and Managers for decades.  He need a juicy story to help pass a Bill he supported with Barry Legg MP regarding drug misuse.  Needed and got!'

"Earthling" - 'And being gay, what well known music manager was a big, fat, gay bastard who just so happened to have an issue he needed dealt with?  Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and use an individual for political collateral. Brain, there is your answer. I'm not even saying "maybe".' 'Regarding Tony (Mortimer) - Tony's your typical "good" East End boy who knows to keep stum.  Coming clean on what happened back then would either be too much for him to face, or the gay mafia have ensured his silence.'

Where do your loyalties really lie Tony?

"Earthling" – ‘Remember, Tony got a pass to continue pursuing his career while Brian has never stopped being hounded. Yes, Brian got money and squandered it, but he never got nearly that which Tony got because he didn't write the songs.  However, those "songs" Tony wrote way back when they then had Producers to make them what they ultimately were, hits.  Don't underestimate what the Producer does to a song.  'However, Tony, if you ever read this, you're nothing without them, and they're nothing without you, no matter how hard you may try.' 

"Earthling" - 'You think about that "gay mafia" and, I'd suggest you man-up and support your old friend. Remember, whether he stole the limelight or not from you, you know you'd have gotten nowhere without him while he'd have gotten nowhere without your initial drive. Where do your loyalties really lie Tony?  You called on Brian, Tony.  Watkins told you, you needed a band.  I'm guessing none of you had the slightest idea of how this went down and why exactly. But there it is - staring you in the face.'

"Earthling" - 'It was 2 or 3 people who conspired.  The media enabled it, but it was the fuse-lit by those 2 or 3 people. I'm not saying ignore Puddick’s (Ian Puddick), or Baloney's (Bill Maloney).  They're getting their kicks and doing a job but they're the useful idiots in this.  The police should be taking a look at Evans and Legg (and associates) to find that link with Watkins.  It's there.  It's now obvious. But they (Police) won't because they're the cucked force of the state. They do what they're told. Now why do you think Kemal Zorba would come up with a drug related sting operation while the News of the World hacked his phone?'

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