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What Do FEMA Internment Camps, Martial Law And Mega-Disasters Have In Common?

The specter of FEMA Internment (Concentration?) Camps existing in almost every state of the Union has a lot of people wondering if President Obama is planning a declaration of Martial Law. The steady traffic on “Now We Know Why There’s A Press Blackout On S 1959 – It’s Called “... is a constant reminder that millions of people don’t trust their government and without an honest and professional Mainstream News Media, attempting to glean the truth in a sea of lies is an endeavor I wouldn’t recommend for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of spare-time on their hands in order to find and publish what most Americans still remain unaware of…

As we ushered in 2012, the truth in regard our future and government is merely a mirage created by the propaganda machine of the 1% whom are operating the Shadow Government that exists within the United States. We are in a Class-War and we are losing bad; as the losses mount-up and people are feeling hopeless and are understanding that their financial destruction was planned by the 1% – and their assault on the 99% is far from over – something is bound to occur that could ignite mass civil unrest. That said, there are also other possibilities that so far, no one has taken the time to delve into “why” these preparations are being made by FEMA, the DOD, and the other alphabet agencies that are attempting to spy on and monitor the every move of those whom disagree with our government.

There is another theory that we would like to convey to the general public. No one knows exactly why these “camps” are now being staffed by FEMA, however, it may not be what the majority of people believe they are intended for, therefore we are offering four (4) distinct possibilities for your perusal and consideration; speculation that Martial Law will be declared and common citizens will be rounded-up and placed in Internment Camps makes no sense whatsoever unless there is an extraordinary situation that arises which causes mass civil unrest in the United States, and these are the reasons we believe these camps are being staffed and activated even while I’m working on this article:

A Mega-Disaster Strikes The United States

Never forget Katrina!  Hurricane Katrina was a disaster unlike anything we’ve witnessed in this nation, and when you top-it-off with the ineffectiveness of FEMA and the Bush Administration’s lack of immediate and purposeful action, a Hurricane became a Mega-Disaster by and through the incompetence of FEMA and a President that couldn’t seem to comprehend the true nature and subsequent complications that arose from the destruction of New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

Remember the inhabitants of New Orleans being bussed to stadiums and other facilities and the confusion and despair that attending to and moving so many people caused when these citizens were forcefully relocated to other locations? Now, please envision a Mega-Quake or other large scale disaster on the West Coast of the United States or even in Middle America if there is another large event that strikes the New Madrid Seismic Zone. Either one of these Mega-Disasters would affect millions of people, not hundreds of thousands as we witnessed in Katrina. Where would FEMA house and care for millions of Americans whom were homeless, had no access to food or uncontaminated water, and were in dire need of assistance? I believe that FEMA learned a harsh lesson from Katrina, and when a Mega-Disaster strikes the United States that could affect millions of our countrymen, how could FEMA arise to stave-off starvation and attempt to relocate not thousands of people, but millions? If such a disaster should strike the United States in the near future, it would be a logistical nightmare – and attempting to bus millions of people to alternate locations and provide food, housing and medical attention would be an unparalleled  drain on our national resources such as America has never witnessed in modern times.  We believe that this could be one scenario that FEMA and the DHS have contemplated and housing these American “refugees” is certainly a concern and inevitability that we believe that government is preparing for. If you were the government, exactly how would you respond to such a scenario? We believe that the decision has already been made, and its off to Internment Camps until the government finds a strategy that would provide alternative solutions for assimilating these American refugees back into mainstream America. (We also believe that creating a program that would provide for assimilating these people back into mainstream society in advance would mitigate the need for FEMA Internment Camps, however we also believe that our government never turns-down an opportunity to make a profit for the Military Industrial Complex and Corporate America off of the backs of those whom are desperate and in need of assistance.)

If you don’t think such a disaster could happen in the United States, please note that today, for the first time in my memory, two (2) separate “Great Quakes” struck within hours of each other i..., and to the best of my knowledge and belief, this is an occurrence that will repeat itself in other locations  -and provide more proof that the Increase Of Earthquakes And Volcanic Activity Are Caused By Climate...  unfortunately, the United States is far overdue for an event such as this – and we believe it will happen during our own lifetimes, perhaps by the end of the year.

Global Economic Collapse, War with Iran, North Korea/China

We are grouping all three of these scenarios together, because in reality, any one of the above is likely to produce the same effects on the United States. There is no question that the global community is headed for a complete Economic Collapse, and economists predict that this will happen by the year 2030. That said, a War with Iran would cause oil prices to skyrocket to the point that it would impact every aspect of our society. A War with North Korea, which still remains a distinct possibility based on their provocative actions in defying United Nations mandates and the possibility of another nucl...,” no one knows where these actions will lead. If Japan, South Korea, or the United States  (or all three acting in unison) respond militarily to another nuclear test, no one is aware of how China would respond. If North Korea does undergo another nuclear test in vio;ation of U.N. mandates and any of the three nations listed above respond militarily, even if China doesn’t defend North Korea via military action, imagine China instituting a total embargo on products chipped to the United States.

Manufacturing in the United States is at its lowest level since the Second World War. Pharmaceutical companies in the United States rarely, if ever, manufacture antibiotics and other critical medications which are beginning to become scare already, never mind what an embargo from China would do to the health and welfare of the entire country. Drugs that do not have huge profit potentials are the most whom are...

The FDA says it tracked at least 220 shortages last year, and claims it prevented 114, but admits the problem is far from solved.

“There is no question that we have our work cut out for us,” said deputy director Sandra Kweder, MD from the office of new medicines. “It is a public health crisis and we are responding.”

On Capitol Hill, drug makers testified over-regulation is partly to blame for drug shortages, not greed.

“Manufacturers do not, and would never deliberately reduce the supply of essential medicines to push prices up,” said Ralph Neas with the Generic Pharmaceutical Association. (My Emphasis – and IMO, this is an outright fabrication and downright lie!) LINK

The United States currently has a food supply that would last the nation approximately forty-three (43) days, however, do not allow that fact to lull you into complacency. (The 43 day food supply is a figure that I researched and quoted over a year ago; as much as I’ve tried, it seems that those figures have been erased from all of the sources I used to search for this specific data in the past.  Based on the flooding from the Mississippi River and other climate related issues, it’s possible that the 43 day figure is even lower than it was when I first began researching this issue.) Approximately 25% of our food supply is distributed by Wal-Mart Corporation – and in the event of a declaration of Martial Law, Wal-Mart Stores will shut-down and the food supply will be distributed to the population by Wal-Mart because they are the only Corporate entity that has the logistical capabilities to perform such a task. (Keep in mind that the only food that will be available will be that which is above and beyond the need to feed the occupying troops.)

We also believe that the (in)Justice Department is refusing to bring charges against Wal-Mart for operating an illegal Monopoly which is against the rule of law in the United States, however, when you’re in bed with the Department of Homeland (in)Security as ..., they obviously become except from laws that the Justice Department is attempting to impose on other Corporations such as Google, Apple and other corporate entities that our Justice (Sic) Department believe are violating anti-trust laws while they ignore the largest monopoly in the world (Wal-Mart) simply because it suits their perverted need to have a source of information and distribution for food and other necessities to maintain the nation under a Martial Law Decree. It’s also noteworthy that AT&T has again become a monopoly, and based on their campaign contributions and handing over data to the DHS/NSA without a warrant also lines-up with our belief that once you’re in bed with the Shadow Government, the law does not apply to that entity. Our Congress will not be satisfied until they have the ability to spy on anyone they like unless it includes their own corrupt activity:

Verizon, Intel, IBM and AT&T, have publicly stated their support for CISPA. [45] While opponents enjoyed the support of more or less every major technology corporation in the fight over SOPA, companies like Facebook, Verizon, Microsoft and Intel have already publicly come out in support of the bill. [21]      MUCH MORE

Another Stolen Election By The GOP/SCOTUS

Whether or not the people of this nation would turn to massive protests and/or riots and violence is beyond my ability to predict if another election is stolen by tampering with electronic voting machines, or in the alternative, if SCOTUS and the Fascist Five decide to aid and abet another election fraud as we witnessed during the Bush Administration. The GOP has the advantage of the fascist majority that inhabit the Supreme Court with the Citizens United Ruling that distinctly gives the GOP the advantage of unlimited campaign contributions from Corporate America to run campaign ads that are directly in conflict with our constitutional values and most of all, common sense. For the Supreme Court to rule that “corporations are essentially people” defies logic and speaks to the unmitigated corruption and partisanship that has overtaken an institution that most of the American people used to respect. For all practical purposes, the Robert’s Court is not only the laughing stock of the United States, but the global community as well. Each and every corporation has stockholders that have the ability to vote, as well as the employees of said corporations. Their unjust and corrupt ruling allows them to vote more than once by allowing them to unlawfully influence State and Federal elections – a concept that even schoolchildren understand.

There’s not much more to say on this possibility and speculating as to whether there will be massive voter fraud and/or the imposition of another ridiculous ruling by Supreme Court Justices that desperately need to be impeached remains to be seen, but if another elections is stolen, a Declaration of Martial Law if the population rebels is a possibility, albeit one that I don’t expect.

Barack Obama Is Reelected And  We Face More Congressional Gridlock And Economic Terrorism By The GOP/Tea Party

As we attempted to discuss in “The GOP’s Budget Plan Will Make The Obama Conundrum A Reality – The...,” if President Obama is reelected to his second term if office, what will stop the GOP from using Filibusterers and Economic Terrorism as they have in the past to ensure that no legislation is passed that will benefit the nation as a whole rather than the 1% who are dead-set against paying their fair share of taxes? My contemporaries believe that President Obama will once again revert to capitulating to the GOP as he did during his first three years of his Presidency which would be an unmitigated disaster for the Middle-class, the poor and disadvantaged, and Social Security/Disability and SSI recipients throughout the nation. If he does revert to his past behavior, people will die and it’s that simple. The GOP is hell-bent on cutting services for the 99% and give even more tax breaks to the 1%, which to me, would create the “perfect storm” for the type of massive social unrest that could lead to a declaration of Martial Law.

On the other hand, Candidate Obama is finally acting “Presidential,” something this nation has awaited for far too long. When he becomes a Lame-duck President and is aware that he cannot be reelected, I believe there’s a distinct possibility that the real Barack Obama will emerge, not necessarily because he gives a damn about the people, but because he is wholly aware that the GOP and the white Elites who run this nation despise him because he is black, not because of his policies – and if he is half the man I believe he is, payback may be a Bitch! The overt racism that has emerged since Obama was elected President is disgusting and is a blight upon the entire nation. That said, I have noted that President Obama does have a temper and has reacted extremely bluntly to SCOTUS and the GOP, something that I didn’t expect.

If President Obama is reelected and the GOP continues their obstructionism and Economic Terrorism, I see only two routes for the President to take; he can accept that nothing will be accomplished in Congress and go down in history as the second-worst President in our history, or he can act on what I believe needs to be accomplished to save this nation from fascism and tyranny – arrest those whom are obstructing Congress on Economic Terrorism charges and formally disband the Republican Party for instigating and conducting a class-war against the American people, refusing to separate church from state, and their unmitigated War on Women,  something that needed to be done when it first began. In my opinion, this is nothing more than another Coup attempt by the GOP that is similar to the one that was exposed by Smedley Butler in the 1930′s, one of America’s greatest heroes. The only difference between now and then is that Congress is so corrupt that those Elites (The New World Order (Sic) ) whom are attempting to turn the United States into a Fascist Regime have 95% of the Congress in their pockets and can use legislation rather than bullets to accomplish their goals :
In his 1935 book War is a Racket, he described the workings of the military-industrial complex and, after retiring from service, became a popular speaker at meetings organized by veterans, pacifists and church groups in the 1930s.
In 1934, he became involved in a controversy known as the Business Plot when he told a congressional committee that a group of wealthy industrialists were planning a military coup to overthrow Franklin D. Roosevelt. The purported plot would have had Butler leading a mass of armed veterans in a march on Washington. The individuals identified denied the existence of a plot, and the media ridiculed the allegations. The final report of the committee stated that there was evidence that such a plot existed, but no charges were ever filed. LINK

If President Obama is reelected and does revert to capitulating to the GOP/Elites whom are running this nation, I believe that massive civil unrest and Martial Law are sure to follow when Food Stamps, Social Services, Medicare, Social Security and the rest of the safety-net that keep many of us alive are cut to the bone so the Elites can become even richer at our expense, which in our opinion, would spell the end to this great experiment in democracy that has been corrupted and destroyed by a Congress that is so corrupt that several of them should be brought-up on charges of sedition and treason.

In summation, we have written this post to reiterate that the prospects for Martial Law do exist, however, to believe that the Presidency would make a declaration of Martial Law without any reason whatsoever is absolutely absurd; in our opinion, neither Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or even the Green Party would not accept such a declaration without provocation and would band together and fight to the death if necessary to preserve our liberty, freedom, and dignity as human beings.

Live Free or Die.

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