Friends just left who are of the belief they create their world in beauty and love and that is all they experience.....but they also in their travels admitted seeing quite a bit of carnage in terms of dying carcasses of sea animals washed up on shore, which they hadn't anticipated.....however believe that somewhere along the line some of the negative information they assimilated produced that result. They'll work harder at imaging a healthier world. That still will not prevent their property taxes from going up or more restrictions being put on their water usage. Consider also that focusing ONLY on the good is like a horse wearing blinders, looking in one direction, and remaining myopic to the dangers on the other 3 sides.

They do have a point in terms of frequency and the law of attraction, however observing war does not mean I caused it. It does mean there is an issue here which should NEVER exist and only WE can solve it. To that end there are some mantra's I use, always directed toward the Divine Essence and healing the Water within us all.

Thank You for the perfect job that only I can fill ( When I need work, and actually I've co created (with the Universe) my "Rainbow Warrior Krystal'z" which enable me to be part of the local Farmer's Markets and plant Spiritual Seeds as well as make a few dollars.)

I forgive you for not being the way I want you to be, and release you to the Holy Spirit ( Gives me my power back by helping me realize my disappointment is due to MY expectations, which releases my desire to control and allows healing )

Thank You for the best Soulution ( This is a total leap of faith enabling me to stop trying to figure it out on my own, and trusting with acceptance, the future that presents itself is the perfect one for me at the time)

Thank You for the Courage, Wisdom, Words, and Strength ( When I want to get out of my ego and open up to the greater wisdom lying within)

These are also very different mantras than: "I am always surrounded by love, health, joy and prosperity", which is great for an individual, but hardly address the ongoing wars, banking fraud and other issues facing us today. What do you envision?

In terms of the Pacific Ocean, well there are massive die offs of all sorts of different species that news reporters are "baffled" by. I  believe that Fukushima is involved and until WE face down and eliminate that ongoing disaster, along with the Gulf of Mexico, and other destructive policies (fracking, geoengineering, gmos, vaccines) that profit from creating harm, injury and loss, we will not move forward or "ascend", but continue to flush ourselves down the toilet. Actually until NOTHING holds more value than WE as individuals, our world will be chaotic. This to me, is the missing link.

We are ONE, and Our Networking Energy focused on Soul-utions and accountability could change the world, if only we'd unite. It is to that end that I co-founded which unfortunately lost steam, however I still very much believe in the possibilities. If you have a chance  check out my blog page and see if it makes sense. Then do what you can to resist every 15th and spread the word. We either face down our enemies in Honorable Defense, stepping into Self Ownership and Moral Stewardship, or face more psychopaths in power.

What would happen if we prepared and took action at the same time? Local action, cleaning up our homes, neighborhoods, and communities. Making sure that all of US had a seat at the table, and taking pride in contributing what we can to better Our World? After all, how can we call ourselves "civilized" when 90% of ALL WAR CASUALTIES ARE NON COMBATANT CIVILIANS???? How can we also only look at the "bright side of life", when OUR money is being used to MURDER and DESTROY?????? How can we ignore the blood on our hands by refusing to be accountable?

So many wonderful People do not want to be upset by the ugliness around them, yet they don't understand that their very act of ignoring the carnage is exactly what enables it. Then they speak of Ascension, and the beauty of other dimensions, while this one We actually DO inhabit, is loosing it's ability to support life because we're too preoccupied with our individual prosperity to bust a move. This is where I call "BULLSHIT". We cannot fix or heal ANY problem until WE FACE IT!

At least this is the message that continues to drive me. Until WE grow up and face the ugly truth about how much we've been lied too, and that profit should NEVER be valued above Ourselves, our position will remain dire. The prosperous future of individuals is nothing when compared to the survival of an entire species, who even now are being experimented on daily as those who control continue to depopulate.

How many of US will die today, so psychopaths can have their way
Instead of simply understand, "they" are the hammer
       WE ARE THE HAND!!!!!



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Comment by Less Prone on July 29, 2015 at 10:27am

Let's keep on working for the good to prevail.

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"NO MORE FREE PASSAGE"- Mexico's President calls for a change in Migration Policy.

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