Why Erasing the Middle Class is Important to Socialists Part I

Why a Middle Class Is Important Part I


Whenever you tune in to a news program discussing taxation, government debt, and the “Middle Class” invariably the subject shifts to entitlements and more federal taxes. President Obama, in typical form, continually alleged that his anemic economic policies and average 1.8% economic growth were designed to preserve the American middle class, but did exactly the opposite. Breaking through every debt ceiling, increasing welfare and food stamp levels to record payouts did nothing more than create dependency upon the government while discouraging self-reliance.

A question of freedom

This is one of the basic premises of just why a vibrant middle class is essential and how destroying it with inept policies will create a nation that supports a gigantic welfare state using centralized government as a hammer to impose out of control spending to feed the entitlement population who in turn will vote for and keep this tyrannical leadership in office. Yet, an informed, educated, middle class full of degreed, career professionals, and entrepreneurs will recognize the dangers of big government spending that promotes a welfare state making that segment of the population dangerous to people like Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or Ruth Bader Ginsburg as they have voiced their problems with the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights which guarantee that the individual is protected from a corrupt central government that is out of control. For 8 years Americans saw what this kind of government did to the US middle class.

Well documented losers

In every instance from Europe to Russia, Venezuela, or North Korea the symptoms of socialism, an engineered welfare state, and irresponsible fiscal policy destroy the middle class so that only the poor and the privileged rich can exist under the weight of such government overreach. The middle class acts as a policy and fiscal buffer. Those educated enough to vote, to contribute to society with meaningful employment, together with a voice that calls for responsible government policy because this segment of society earns its way, not by government subsidy, or being an elitist class that uses government taxation as a business partner such as the Elon Musk’s of the world whose products would never survive in a competitive free market without crony capitalism to prop them up!

Meaningless legacies

Yet, the federal government of the US under the Obama administration upheld the kinds of regulatory power that kills jobs, straps employers with costly compliance, and discourages reinvestment in such a degrading economic environment because the narcissistic need of bureaucrats unelected yet wanting to impose their signature upon such legislation cannot help themselves while elected officials who want the dark shadow of their questionable legacies to live long after the scourge of their presence has left the public platform. President Obama’s obsessive need to penalize free markets and independent business success in America cast a dark age upon the United States while seeking to diminish a viable middle class that would stand in the way of the kind of government policy only the ignorant and greedy would ever support.

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