Why the left Wants To Destroy the Middle Class part II

Why A Middle Class is so Important Part II


If you were to ask what such nations as Cypress, Greece, Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea have in common, one could find many similar aspects. For instance, each mentioned country has a failing economy, cannot afford to feed their multitudes, has a failing currency, and has required being bailed out with financial help of other nations.

Venezuela has long lines of starving citizens waiting on their dictator regime to feed them after militarizing the government and destroying what was left of a once thriving free market that made the nation prosperous from oil and gas production. That was quickly diminished by leftists who wanted to nationalize everything and promote shared poverty. It’s there now! Bernie Sanders says this is good! Here we have an American who ran for the presidency and had his honeymoon in 1985 behind the “iron curtain” in Moscow! Oh yes, long bread lines are good!

Cypress and Greece both adopted bloated centralized government that provided swollen benefits for all citizens, paid vacations, and retirement pensions covered by the government. Once the cost of future entitlement spending caught up with their inability to raise enough government revenue the currencies collapsed! This is the ultimate ode to socialism and just why such fiscal liabilities lie in wait poised to create one financial crisis after another once leftists have convinced the government that leveling the playing field and becoming dependent upon big government is the flawed answer!

Cuba, a Communist museum of obsolete fiscal management and a standard of living that rivals the poorest of under developed countries! Where the peasants make $60.00 a year, live in fear of a tyrannical government that throws people in jail and tortures them, while the media and Barack Obama’s of the world tout their society as a role model for our young folks! Under Cuba, who has reduced Venezuela to its own puppet state, we now see the shared poverty of the Communist dream coming to fruition!

North Korea, often described as China’s retarded little brother has been a masterpiece of the Communist socioeconomic icon! Building an army and navy that gut the national budget as opposed to feeding their starving masses, the Korean government is playing a game of annihilation as it exploits a dozen Soviet era Russian scientists to develop a nuclear missile while depending on coal purchases from China to generate revenue from its faltering nationalized industry. Without aid from China, North Korea, who has started numerous skirmishes with its prosperous capitalistic neighbor, South Korea can only rattle its outdated sabers in order to drum up any sense of nationalism from its beleaguered population. North Korea is resplendent with the reoccurring failures of the socialism model of government. Yet, the statists, the Communists, the Marxists just don’t get it!


The blind babes

Today in America we have a “Snow flake “ generation of dumbed down students fed hatred of their country by angry professors and an independent school district system relying upon federal aid that would rather not teach American exceptionalism, the unequaled successes of capitalism, and ignore the reasons for the war for independence all together. Their feeble minds unable to comprehend free enterprise and individual freedoms would rather listen to the idiotic recommendations of leftists who tell them health care is a right that should be managed by government. They would rather depend on big government to guarantee the unguaranteeable! Thinking there should be a job waiting for them after they have been given free education, but that will cost somebody money, and as wage earners find their take home pay shrinking, and the buying power of their currency faltering they are seeing the effects of socialism rife with its false promises!

Into the funeral pyre of history

The only assured outcome of socialism. Communism, collectivism, or statism will be a strong centralized government that inhibits the private sector to the point of suffocating a viable industrial capability! When government confiscation of taxes exceeds the GDP of any society the steady deterioration of a civilized nation is certain to dissolve into fiscal crisis, social mayhem, and oppressive governmental domination. The very fruit of all Communist regimes is the propaganda that poisons the uninformed mind with promises of equality until the reality of the socioeconomic destruction sets in. By that time, those who have been betrayed find that they have awakened much too late, and they quickly become cannon fodder for those whom they paved the way for-the lying politicians and corrupt justices who legalized the fiasco! If this process is not stopped, America will fall to the fools who advocated the road to oblivion!

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