Will a Second Military Coup Finally Unseat Obama?

In the world of an “Et tu Brute” coup against the established political leadership, there are two separate and distinct kinds of coup. First, there is the coup of opportunity. The coup of opportunity occurs, as luck would have it, when circumstances present an opportunity for the military force a change in leadership. the second kind of coup involves a general discontent among military leadership along with allies within the government and this kind of coup almost always has the backing of the majority of the citizenry.

A Coup of Opportunity

clinton and stevensA distinct coup of opportunity took place during the establishment’s “stand down” position while Ambassador Stevens and his security fought for their lives at Benghazi. The attack on Benghazi took place at a time when Obama was changing military commanders faster than most people change their socks. Under Obama, nobody in the military could have felt secure in their positions. The military had come to see how they had been sold out by Obama and American military lives were at risk. For that matter, the entire country was at risk under Obama’s leadership.

As a prelude to the attack on Benghazi, Stevens had been trafficking in guns, drugs and children on behalf of the CIA for the express purpose of raising funds, Iran-Contra style, for Middle East Terrorist groups. These facts were leaking out and 2012, was an election year and the leak had to be plugged. Stevens knew he was in danger as his requests for a stronger body guard contingent went ignored by his boss at the time, Hillary Clinton. I subsequently learned that Stevens reached out to the military command structure in the area and asked for help in the event he was attacked. The traditional American military was all too happy to help because Stevens could have brought down the Obama administration in a post-rescue scenario as he would have sung like a canary as to the kinds of criminal activities that the administration was engaged in.

The two military who were going to rescue Stevens and change the course of military history were AFRICOM’s commanding officer, General Carter Ham, and Carrier task force commander, Admiral Charles M. Gayouette.

The positions held by Hamm and Gayouette are so powerful and so sensitive, their replacements requireed approval from the Senate.

Both leaders were jointly attempting to rescue Ambassador Stevens and his bodyguards, despite being told to stand down by Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta. There is now  proof that Obama was warned in advance of the coming attack in which Stevens begged for more protection and his impassioned plea was denied by Clinton.

As Stevens was begging for help after the attack had begun, General Hamm had activated a special forces team within minutes of learning that the embassy, which was really a CIA safe house, was under attack. When General Ham received his “stand down” orders from Obama, he made plans to go ahead with the rescue and was arrested within minutes of contravening he order by his second in command, General Rodriquez, of the CIA. Admiral Gayouette, the commander of Carrier Strike Group Three, was preparing to provide intelligence and air cover for General Hamm’s rescue team in violation of his standing orders and he was promptly relieved of command for “allegations of inappropriate leadership judgment.” 

General Ham had been in command of the initial 2011 US-NATO military intervention in Libya. And as we can, in part, read from US military insider accounts of this growing internal conflict between the White House and US Military leaders.

It is abundantly clear that had Obama been concerned for saving the lives of the four murdered Americans, American forces could have stopped the mortar fire that eventually killed Ambassador Stevens. However, Panetta and Obama blocked any rescue attempt. In legal parlance, Obama, Panetta and Clinton were, at minimum, accomplices to murder.

I was given this information in September of 2012 and told to publish these accounts. I hesitated for a couple of weeks because I did not feel that I had enough supporting information. I was repeatedly told to throw caution to the wind and publish this story. I was further told that I would be vindicated when the inevitable Congressional investigation would take place. This, indeed, ended up being the case.

As I look back on the Benghazi days, it is clear that even though the coup failed to produce its final and desired result, a message had been sent to and among key military leaders that there was a military contingent that was not going to capitulate to the illegal alien occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Boulevard.

The Benghazi affair was a failed coup of opportunity.... Read more: http://mainerepublicemailalert.com/2016/02/27/will-a-second-militar...

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