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The Right of the Citizens of the several States to hold title in alloidium, what the Corp Governments do not want you to know.

Stop renting your property from a Corporate Agency pretending to be a Government, its not only unconstitutional state and federal, it may be securities fraud/rico act. . Find out who holds the insurance bond on your county treasure,  make the county show you where you have a contract with the corporation,  demonstrate how the county treasure is violating his or her oath of office, meaning to the Constitution of your state. And the fact that the Constitution of your states accepts the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land.  There for you have a claim against their Surety Bond.  Game Over!!!!!  Let get with it folks before its to late::::  Im pleased to inform,that folks all over America are bringing their land patents up to date and declaring their Allodial status.  We are in contact with many of them…  We know of three counties that have started removing mortgage free legals from the tax rolls.   Two states have adopted Allodial title status.  Texas and Nevada..  Bet Harry had something to do with Nevada!!!  We wont pay a fee to own a weapon , why would we pay a fee to live in our homes? And why would you let some clown in DC or down at the capitol , use your property as security towards Corp federal or Corp State Debts to China???  Why would you do that??????

The Right of the Citizens of the several States to hold title in allodium. The Supreme Court and Lower Courts Affirm That Americans are Sovereign Citizens. To fully comprehend the expanse of the unalienable Rights possessed by Americans at the close of the Revolution it is only necessary to examine early court decisions. Chisholm v. Georgia 2 U.S. 419, 2 Dall.419,1 L.ED.440 (1793) “At the Revolution, the Sovereignty devolved on the people; and they are truly the Sovereigns of the country but they are Sovereigns without subjects…” Afroyim V Rusk, 387 U.S. 253 (1967) “In the United States the people are sovereign , and the government cannot sever its relationship to the people by taking away their citizenship.” Lansing V Smith, 4 Wendell9, N.Y. (1829) “The people of the state, as the successors of its former sovereign are entitled to the rights which formerly belonged to the king by his own prerogative.” People v.Herkimer, 4 Cowen 345,348 N.Y. (1825) “The people have been ceded all the rights of the King the former sovereign.”

check out this link:  Your rights arnt a given, if you don’t use them you’ll lose them: http://republicofminnesota.org/AllodialTitle.pdf As noted within the preceding paragraph early court decisions recognized that American Citizens were now “sovereigns without subjects” and held all of the Rights which formerly belonged to the King by his own prerogative. ln Lansing v. Smith the Court used the word”prerogative” in its decision. “Prerogative ” is defined as: “an exclusive right, privilege exercised by virtue of rank or office.” (The Random House Dictionary of the English Language) Therefore, after the inception of the new Republic, it was recognized by the Courts that Americans now held exclusive Rights, which formerly belonged to the King alone. Americans identified such Rights as “unalienable Rights,” which emanated from the throne of God.

The Citizens Right to Hold Title To Land In Allodium

One Right held by the King, but no others, was the Right to hold title to land in allodium. “The King of England held ownership of land under a different title and with far greater powers than any of his subjects. Though the people of England held fee simple titles to their land, the King actually owned all the land in England through his allodial title, and though all the land was, in the feudal system, none of the fee simple titles were of equal weight and dignity with the Kings title, the land always remaining allodial in favor of the King.” Gilsbert of Mons, Chonique, Ch.43, p. 75 (ed. Vanderkindere).

Thus, it is relatively easy to deduce that allodial lands and titles are the highest form of lands and titles known to Common Law. At the Revolution, the Common Law was the municipal law of England. To fully understand the Citizen’s Right to own property it is necessary to understand the definition of the word allodium. Webster’s dictionary (1825 Ed) states that allodium is “land which is absolute property of the owner, real estate held in absolute independence, without being subject to any rent, service, or acknowledgement to a superior. lt is thus opposed to feud.” Take note of the preceding sentence, “It is thus opposed to feud.” Generally, land titles are either allodial in nature where a man or woman holds the title to land by Right, and he or she does not have to pay a form of rent such as the “properly tax” or perform a service to or for a lord in order to keep title to the land, or…. land titles are feudal in nature where a man must pay a rent or provide a service to or for his superior in order to remain on the land. With any type of feudal title the man or woman NEVER owns the land. At the inception of the Republic it was determined that all land titles in America would be allodial in nature, and that all feudal tenures were abolished.

It should be noted that it is not possible for a Republic and a feudal system to coexist within the same state. Article IV, Section 4 of the United States Constitution guarantees the Arizona People a Constitutional Republic: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government…” Further the Arizona Enabling Act also mandates that Arizona would be a Constitutional Republic. The Arizona Enabling Act at Section 20 reads in pertinent part: “The constitution (Arizona Constitution) shall be republican in form and make no distinction in civil or political rights on account of race or color, and shall not be repugnant to the Constitution of the United States and the principles of the Declaration of Independence.’ Bouvier’s Dictionary of Law 1856 notes that ALL titles to land in America are allodial in nature.

Continue reading: http://thearizonasentinel.com/

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