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(01 October 2013) Fukushima Nuclear Regulators Fail, Radioactive Tuna Study, Decontaminaton Study

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Comment by truth on October 2, 2013 at 10:26am

A guinea pig trial of "decontamination" via weed whackers in the Highly Contaminated "no go zone" proves it will be impossible to decontaminate. However, they will study how much "decontamination debris" they can collect and how the "decontamination" effects the people "decontaminating" the impossible to decontaminate area. How's that for an opening? Let's move on...

The newly formed (a year ago or so) NRA Nuclear Regulatory Authority in Japan says it cannot do it's job properly because it consists of some "embedded" people from the earlier agency that "used to" Promote nuclear power. Hmm... interesting. So what has really changed? Nothing, except they admit they are struggling to do their job (tell the truth) due to "red tape".

400 Tonns of highly radioactive "rainwater" said to escape after the last typhoon in September. However, I Have to ask the question... since the tanks were leaking during rain storm, and TEPCO didn't have measuring devices capable of reading such high levels of radioactivity during that time, (and obviously it's difficult to tell if a tank of water is leaking water during a rain storm), how can TEPCO claim that the RAINWATER is so contaminated? How would RAINWATER become so contaminated unless it was RAINING highly radioactive water, Or it came in contact with melted fuel or spilled/leaking tank water? Maybe it's coming up from the groundwater? It makes No Sense to me, at all.

So, in light of the story of the "leaking rainwater", TEPCO draws up new guidelines for "rainwater" disposal.

A tropical cyclone is on the way to hit offshore of Fukushima soon.

Arnie Gundersen says that Japan is Afraid to tell people that they have radiation sickness. Nuclear Engineer: Japan's PM "Lying to the Japanese People" About Safety of Fukushima

Fishermen still pleading with South Korea to "get over their fear" of "rumors" of radioactive seafood. They're going to continue to plea with S. Korea. By the way, the USDA Also Banned seafood from I think it was 12 prefectures in Japan near Fukushima. The thing that gets me, though, is that the fish are actually "voluntarily" banned from being sold, and who's to say someone isn't going to just blow off the "rules" and send them to a different prefecture and call That prefecture the "place of origin" (the same way they have done with beef in the past).

A joint study of Tuna via USA and Japan have difficulties due to a customs paperwork snafu.

PM Abe sets consumption hike and plans future tax hikes to "pay for a greying social security program". Young people are becoming more scarce in Japan.

Obama Netanyahu Iran nuke talks.
Latest Headlines:
The New Yorker: Anti-nuke street artist is 'Japanese Banksy' — Cult phenomenon in Tokyo — "I love the American people... I want them to help save Japan... We need foreigners to save us from ourselves" — Featured in upcoming film (VIDEO)

WSJ: Huge spike in dogs biting humans in Fukushima town; Some attacked without aggression, 70% to upper body — Study: May be associated with nuclear disaster — Gundersen: Research on animal defects hidden from public (VIDEO)

Thousands in Japan reported to be suffering massive and recurring nosebleeds in recent days — Gundersen: Japan doctors tell us, "We know our patients have radiation illness" but forced to keep it secret (VIDEO)

Reuters: Strengthening storm headed near Fukushima — Typhoon Warning Center: Well-defined low-level circulation center... Deep



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