Canada : Hijacked by Big Brother - The Surveillance State

Time to save Canada from losing it's national sovereignty.
Tamil Toronto Police Canada RCMP police state CFR council foreign relations bilderberg group trilateral commission club of rome think tank IMF world bank WTO bill c-6 consumer protection bill c-15 marijuana weed bill c-51 Big Pharma world trade organization NAFTA north american union amero NAU security prosperity partnership SPP borders h1n1 virus swine flu pandemic inoculations vaccine influenza 1976 GBS world health organization WHO canada toronto cops police force police brutality tasers swat team quarantine FEMA emergency concentration camps military martial law baxter drugs tamiflu side effects symptoms depopulation 2012 New World Order nwo eugenics 9/11 inside job false flag terror attacks iraq war US troops afghanistan al-qaeda george bush operation northwoods mind control CIA MK Ultra MKULTRA project blue beam NASA HAARP technology gerald celente audit the fed ben bernanke federal reserve bank silver gold stocks market inflation dollar currency wall street economic collapse china superpower financial crisis alan greenspan ron paul president 2012 peter schiff economist interest rates unemployment mortgage foreclosure business b nazi rfid gps tracking microchip radio frequency identification real id cards alex jones infowars david icke cctv cameras 1984 orwell hitler federal reserve audit the fed global warming climategate climate change fraud al gore co2 emissions carbon tax copenhagen UN treaty global governance christopher monckton CRU hackers emails scientists canada police state cctv surveillance society vancouver olympics 2010 winter games LRAD sonic waves big brother Tamil Toronto Police

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"Destroying the New World Order"

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