Cleansing Gaza - IDF Soldiers Speak

For the first time Israeli soldiers are speaking publicly about their orders. In startling interviews they claim the IDF brutally targeted civilians.

These soldiers are laying bare the true extent of Israel's cruelty in Gaza. Yet while many expected human rights abuse, the horrific attacks on civilians they speak about was worse than anyone imagined. "It sounds really terrible to say 'cleanse', but those were the orders", says tank commander Ohad. Speaking candidly of the instructions they were given before their entry into Gaza, the soldiers accuse their leaders of a 'disproportionate' response, which aimed to target civilians. One soldier recalls being instructed to shell every house in a neighbourhood. Officers created an environment that encouraged indiscriminate killing. Soldiers even boasted to each other about the number of civilians they had killed. Yegev remembers being told, "I heard you killed two today, great!" Whilst the IDF have asserted that their operational orders focused on 'humanity', the soldiers recall how their leaders would 'psych up' the troops to encourage unprovoked violence. "The order was very clear - if a car came within 200 metres of me I could simply shoot a shell at it".

So, now, would you still step up to defend "poor Israelis" and justify their barbarity and savagery cloaking it under the false garb of "self defense"?


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Comment by Ria on December 3, 2012 at 4:07pm

I share your feeling about this, Suzie. No matter how hard I try, I always fail to understand or justify or condone mass killing of people in cold blood. Forget the sounds of gunshots, bomb explosions, F-16s, tanks rolling on streets, how can anyone hear the cries of little children and of those who are piecing together the body parts of their loved ones, charred beyond recognition, and still continue to wield their guns and not experience one hesitant moment that tells them to stop the carnage? Indeed, these soldiers are a product of constant and all round brainwashing that starts at home when they are born, extends to their schools and colleges and even in their social environment and perhaps, by the time individuals are around 20 years old, the impact of all the brainwashing is compounded and irreversible.

Like you say, yes indeed, this must stop but, unfortunately, the truth is, it took mankind much too long to wake up to this realization. Much damage has been done over the centuries during which the thinking minds lay back and let it happen, all the while relying on their wishful thinking that "everything will be fine". It would have been ideal had people acted many many years ago and contained the situation which today has snowballed into an avalanche that will take many lives with it but, but then, we also know that when it comes to real life there is nothing ideal about it. Even today, despite the extreme situation, there is a sizable number of people that neither see anything wrong with what's going on nor they are willing to consider alternate and informed perspectives that may just shed some light on what they have remained blind to. Therefore, the opposition that lies in the way of stopping all this is not only in the form of evil politicos and money masters of the world but, also in the form of those that support all this blindly.

None of this can stop overnight, regardless of the extent of efforts made. Moreover, it will not only take a long long time to stop such hegemony and bring about a change, it will also cost many a lives on the way.

Comment by suzie on December 3, 2012 at 12:09pm

I think about how young 22~ 30 yrs old really is that seem to be the age of the average IDF soldier ~ the manipulation of the young and the propaganda for war is great! The one IDF soldier who said he looked at that one guy through the scope a minute before he killed him was just striking! The other guy who said he refuses to be called a war criminal is the problem~ he cannot or will not see what he is doing through false patriotism is a war crime ~ they use the excuse they were just following orders was the defense used in ww11 ~ nazi's didn't get away with it and maybe someday they won't either!  I am just speechless by this really speechless ~ American occupations are just as bad if not much much worse ~ Brutality of fake wars must stop! How can we make it stop its been out of control all our lives and is just getting worse  ~where are the antiwar movements? why have people just accepted that illegitimate proxy wars are just fine as long as they are not in there back yards .. :(


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