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Comment by Sweettina2 on June 4, 2014 at 3:24pm

Right on, Jeff! I have awakened a lot of people on FB on many subjects. It doesn't matter where you post they know all they want to know.

If you don't want fb, don't do it! Stop ragging on people that do! Some of us knew the job was gonna be tough when we took it.

Comment by kRzeIt on January 2, 2013 at 1:28pm

I was on FB for a year or so, but was bullied by Liberals till I left.  A very unpleasant experience. My bad for stating I was conservative, but I had seen others place that info on their page and thought, why not?  I am happier off FB now.  It was during the time when they were encouraging Libs to find the Conservatives on FB and route them out.  This was the beginning of my awareness of how ugly this whole Liberal thing is.

Comment by truth on December 28, 2012 at 11:41am

They don't even have to do anything to spy on you. You give them everything by yourself.

Comment by suzie on December 3, 2012 at 11:23am
face book spies and nazi's can bite me ~ zuk said we were all a bunch of dumb fukers ~ well i deleted my face book and don't miss it at all! i am all for alternatives to facebook as long as we still use it we are telling the controllers we don't mind if you invade our privacy ~ all we can do i guess is keep talking until they cut out our vocal cords ~ fuk facebook !!
Comment by truth on April 25, 2011 at 9:43pm
Comment by Jeff on October 23, 2010 at 1:19pm
James, thank you.

I think we're both too intelligent to believe that one web site can cover the ground we need to cover or reach the people we need to reach. 12.160 is one of only two web sites, of the literally billions, that I've intentionally devoted my personal time to and the only web site, that's right the only one, that I've ever promoted to others. If you read all of my commentary here I may have defended the value and quality of Facebook but I haven't once recommended it to anyone here. I have a personal agenda that's uniquely me. This web site, 12.160 is as critically important, viable, fulfilling and necessary to me and that agenda, today, as it always has been and is of a quality such that I couldn't detract from it.

Internet dialogue is as unique as my agenda. It's wholly new to the human race.

We're missing facial expression, tone of voice, body language, eye contact and other nuances of normal human conversation. This creates divisiveness by misunderstanding because we can't generally communicate our thoughts and ideas in the same very effective manner as when we're face to face.

Political, religious and social beliefs often quietly and unobtrusively complicate our dialogue. There is greater divisiveness with internet dialogue and just as often quickly established relationships based on love and understanding. I have that with Patriot Horse and others here. We're best friends and should we ever meet it would be as if we'd always known one another, like old grammar school friends or that brotherly or sisterly love most of us have experienced and understand.

Many of us also argue with frequency and commitment.

Never before has human communication undergone such a dramatic and wholly unnoticed change or alteration in its format, style and even context.

Those of us with an agenda, for example like myself and my good friend here Greg, that recognize these hurdles have a need for both of these web sites. Even more so because we don't always agree on all of the various A to Z facets of the complicated issues we address. While agreement isn't necessary transparency is and the combined contribution of 12.160, Facebook and many, many more web sites is paramount to each of our personal goals and the overall future scenario we all envision.
Comment by truth on October 21, 2010 at 8:54pm
Hey Jeff I am sold...I am moving to fb. Ha, well not just yet. Why replicate or attempt to recreate what you can find on an established half billion member rich site any how?

I spent nearly the entire 90s doing similar things on aol/yahoo message boards as well as in the comment sections of main stream news sites . Social networking just isn't for me any more and frankly have little desire to dialogue with others whether they be of similar mind or not.

Perhaps I never was that interested in the dialogue, I swore off the net (the bickering /debates) for a long while and 9/11 brought me back ever so temporarily .

So congrats to you, you have the passion and motivation to engage all these people.
I was always thankful that you and the few others here were interacting with other members ( so I did not have to :)

With the move off ning, I guess the only thing 12160 can offer is a site free of permitted and intentional harvesting of data from the membership. Cheers!
Comment by Jeff on October 21, 2010 at 7:02pm
It's probably better that the remainder of my comment didn't post. To be fair, this web site, 12.160 has great value and I support it.
Comment by Jeff on October 21, 2010 at 6:58pm
Greg, that Facebook might be no less formidable, relevant and cohesive then 12.160 with far more intellectually inclined and well educated adults who are active participants in major sociopolitical movements seems to be lost on you. That's OK. Just remember that G. Edward Griffin and myself have conversations there that you're not a party to.

Consider, when people make fun of something it's generally the result of jealousy, a lack of understanding or adequate first-hand knowledge (I've spent 6 months there), or even fear.

I have not a thing bad to say about 12.160. This is a GREAT web site. I've always loved it and respected it.

Facebook is no less valuable then 12.160. Both web sites have extraordinary reach. Both provide foundational support and infrastructure for web based activists like you Greg, and like myself. Both provide for a large audience of interested and intelligent adult professionals.

Because you haven't seriously examined Facebook by spending 6 months there, posting 600+ editorials and then exchanging commentary with the hundreds of people that request a connection with you based on your essays, you really have no ground to stand on Greg. You might look like you have an intelligent perspective to those here that haven't given 6 months of their best effort to test the site, but you'll look seriously biased to anyone who has.

I spent the day here today, all day, looking around. There are differences between 12.160 and Facebook. Distinct differences.

To begin with the same 20-25 people that were regularly active on 12.160 are still the regularly active crew as far as essay posts go.

There are many 1000s of people active in the groups I belong to on Facebook at any moment. Many 1000s. I can actually have conversations with English speaking professionals in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Japan, Kuwait, Dubai, Turkey, Malaysia, Philippines and numerous other countries and I do, every day. We exchange views in comment boxes and private emails and I have, of 2800+ connections, perhaps as many as 200-300 that are pretty regularly active and 50-100 that are extremely active and who I know very well.

Facebook has a larger and broader group.
Facebook has far more radical activists.
Facebook has far more professionals.
Facebook activists are far more committed.

We have:

The RNC 8 Facebook pages
The Gaza Flotilla pages
The anti-HFCS pages
The End The Fed pages
The anti-G20 pages
The anti-GMO pages
The anti-chemtrail pages
The anti-Vaccine pages

On and on.

And all of these pages are managed by the global activists associated with these issues. Greg, the very people YOU write about are active on Facebook. The people who write the essays you post from Greg are active on Facebook, not 12.160, for a reason. Many of the authors you quote from have active Facebook pages but not 12.160 pages Greg. Facebook is global. There are MILLIONS of users and a great number of them are far more active and far more committed then 12.160 members. Facebook members are running for local office, active in organizing protests around the world for various causes and issues, and there are so many more of us then 12.160 members by many magnitudes that we can actually have an impact.

Our anti-HFCS group has over 85,000 members and is the largest national group against HFCS in the US.

Our boycott coca cola group is two years old and has 1,460 members but it's active and growing.

People typically laugh at that which they have no knowledge of, or they never stop to consider that the same entity that lied to them about 911 is the same entity that's telling them Facebook is for dummies.

Maybe if they're lying about 911 they're lying about Facebook too?

I've spent 6 months on Facebook. I have 2800+ active connections to people involved with the Gaza Flotilla, people actually on it, active connections to people involved in the activist community with almost every issue we've ever discussed on 12.160 Greg.

The truth is, Facebook is the
Comment by Jeff on October 21, 2010 at 12:12am
Facebook, to be fair, has allowed me to make far deeper and more meaningful relationships with a greater number of and more diversified group of professional adult activists.


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