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Comment by Jeff on March 17, 2010 at 9:38am
Sure Greg, I haven't done so yet. I wonder what you're afraid of.

Tell me, what could someone find out about you with an article posted there that they can't find out with articles posted here. Your position makes absolutely no sense. Do you think this is a special web site? 12.160 can't be accessed, it's got some magic aura? Sheesh, think.

BY the way, everything Big Brother is doing just worked in spades. Silence the masses with unwarranted fear. I wonder what's going through your mind? What difference posting on Facebook would make as opposed to here? You think private 12.160 emails are any different then Yahoo emails? You think this web site is any different then any other? Because with that position you might as well stop posting to the internet and leave the country. Except, where would you go?

I post the same type of articles I post here as I do on Facebook. I get GREAT response on Facebook and have 150+ friends there and belong to 100 groups and some have 5,000 and more members. One has 86,306 members, the anti-HFCS group.

Vaccine Resistance Movement - 14,550 members
Declare 2010 the Year Of Peace - 55,535 members
Kittens Are A Threat To Homeland Security - 168 members
We Are All Rachel Corrie - 1,546 members
Americans Who Support Canceling Health Care For Congress - 4,072 members
Israel Says No To Ritalin - 1,606 members
Psychiatric Drugs Destroy Life - 4,448 members
Fuck The Police State - 631 members
The Drugging Of Children Must Stop - 2,225 members
Replace All Leaders With Stuffed Animals - 617 members

Facebook is THE internet sight and the spooks are already accessing your info right here, if they want it.

I'm certain I've been targeted, specifically for my membership in Replace ALL Leaders With Stuffed Animals. That makes me a threat, ya know?
Comment by Jeff on March 17, 2010 at 9:40am
Greg, Google Coleen Rowley. She's one of my friends on Facebook. She lives here in Minnesota.

Please, Google her name.
Comment by Jeff on March 17, 2010 at 10:18am
Right you are MM.

Greg, every search you perform on every subject is recorded by Google and maintained in a data base. Believe me, they already know everything you do and say on the internet.
Comment by Jeff on March 17, 2010 at 12:38pm
Greg, I'm an open book too and could care less what anyone actually thinks. I don't advocate violence, death, murder or harm to humans, unlike my government and that's just a fact. I am a believer in non-violence. I'm also a firm believer that dissent is the most Patriotic form of expression and I am an avid and fervent dissenter and critic of the US government and have nothing to hide, which includes my address, phone number, personal information including children, marital status, religious belief and pictures taken throughout my life. Nothing to hide and anyone's welcome to look. Safety comes with exposure. Fear is attached to secrecy.
Comment by Jeff on March 17, 2010 at 1:04pm
It's really a video about the internet in general although it uses Facebook as an example. We all need to understand the world around us but that doesn't mean we should stop living and in fact it means we should embrace life even more.
Comment by fireguy on March 17, 2010 at 1:21pm
I post alot of the links from this site, Infowars and other anti-NWO sites to my facebook and monster pages and will continue to use the system against itself untill something better comes along or they shut it all down.

They already know everything about us and they don't need facebook to do it.
Comment by Jeff on March 17, 2010 at 8:02pm
Greg, I could care less. I'm going to die one day and they can have it all. The photos of me throughout my life, photos of our house, our car, even 3 or 4 photos of the cat. Facebook can have it all.

In the meantime there's a HUGE number of active and militant and devoted dissenters there from 20 years old to 80, from stay at home Moms to attorneys and they're anti-Zionists and anti-bank and anti-psych and anti-pharma BIG TIME. I like it there. No ones gonna put us in FEMA camps for being activists and what they do with my photos when I'm dead doesn't matter because there's nothing they can do with them. Besided, this sites no different. Ning is probably even more questionable then Facebook actually. Facebook posts their rules. What are Nings? I haven't a clue.
Comment by Jeff on March 17, 2010 at 8:13pm
As I said below, because we need to know. That doesn't mean we stop living.

Tell me, how do you know Ning doesn't save your info if you leave a group?
Comment by Jeff on March 17, 2010 at 8:58pm
I'm laughing. An ex-Goldman Sachs employee that you think is very down to earth. That's hilarious. How can you possibly claim a person is down to earth without having had extensive conversations with them, at length. You can't. That's an opinion based on, what? Nothing. Nothing worth basing it on anyway.

Ning is no different then any other Social Network and in fact probably has a closer relationship with spook agencies then Facebook or at least one that's equivalent. These Ning sites are held by right-wing wackos in the thousands, specifically the people the government is most afraid of. Remember MIAC? Well, welcome to the real world. Down to earth? Goldman Sachs? Right. She's probably a good Christian member of your church?

Her partner, Andreessen is on the board of directors of Facebook and eBay both. He's also the founder of Mosaic, the very first web browser and he's also the founder of NetScape. He owns a majority interest in Skype. His partner, Horowitz, builds infrastructure software for the US Army.

Let's face it, you don't know the first thing about these people and neither do I and to say she's very down to earth is a comment with no basis in fact, and I prefer facts, especially with stuff like this.
Comment by Jeff on March 18, 2010 at 3:29am
Greg. I'm not a particular fan of any web site provider, Facebook, Ning, Blogger, WordPress or any other.

I have pages on Blogger that I use.

I have pages on WordPress that I use.

I have pages on Ning that I use.

2 weeks ago or so I decided to use Facebook, since I had a page there that I started several years ago that sat pretty much dormant, to see what was happening on Facebook. I decided to undertake an investigation of the web site.

What's Facebook human interaction like? What are the people like? Mainstream? A little offbeat? Radical? What ages? Like MySpace? A bunch of kids? Like Gather? Right wing adults?

I've come to realize that the action or activity there is pretty exciting. That doesn't mean I'm a fan of Facebook and I'm also not a fan of Ning but certainly I'm willing to use any technology that creates dialogue between people. My goal isn't Facebook, or Ning, it's human dialogue.

I'm a member of the Washington Post. I post comments in the Editorial Section.
The New York Times.
Many different Ning sites. One is an Atheist site. One is this one. There are others.
I'm a member of other peoples blogger sites, called a follower.
I follow Len Harts blog, among many others, many, many.
I have my own blogger pages, 8 of them.
I follow Wonders Of Pakistan by Dr. Nayyar Hashmey.
You'll see my many comments there.

I'm on, literally, 100s of web sites with posts and commentary.

I try to spread myself across the internet and by doing so I eventually have some influence on a great number of people.

Since posting to Facebook several weeks ago I befriended a 70 year old Atheist attorney fighting for Palestinian rights.

I befriended a 30 year old Christian who uses Rachel Corries picture as his icon and fights for Palestinian rights.

I befriended 20 year old girl in Israel fighting against pharmaceutical companies drugging our kids.

I've found a place with a great variety of people and tremendous activity.

It's just another web site provider that I've chosen to take advantage of for as long as we all have the internet and I suspect that won't be much longer, maybe less then 10 years. For now I try to be everywhere.


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