Lindsay Graham: I Will Destroy America's Solvency Unless The Social Security Retirement Age Is Raised

interview on Fox News Sunday this morning, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) threatened to oppose this must-pass bill unless Social Security benefits are taken away from millions of future retirees:

I’m not going to raise the debt ceiling unless we get serious about keeping the country from becoming Greece, saving Social Security and Medicare [sic]. So here’s what i would like: meaningful entitlement reform — not to turn Social Security into private accounts, not to take a voucher approach to Medicare — but, adjust the age for Social Security, CPI changes and means testing and look beyond the ten-year window. I cannot in good conscience raise the debt ceiling without addressing the long term debt problems of this country and I will not.

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Comment by apeman2502 on December 30, 2012 at 11:13pm

 So much land being destroyed by Monsanto. Community gardening to restore the bounty of broad spectrum organic produce. People WANT to provide for themselves, accept people like Lindsay Graham. He, like his freemasonic buddies,  wants slaves.

Comment by Bildo on December 30, 2012 at 5:50pm

United States is already insolvent/bankrupt.

When a government goes bankrupt, it loses its sovereignty.
In 1933 the U.S. declared bankruptcy, as expressed in Roosevelt's Executive Orders 6073, 6102, 6111, and 6260, House Joint Resolution 192 (Public Law 73-10) of June 5, 1933 (31 U.S.C. 463) confirmed in Perry v. U.S. (1935) 294 U.S. 330-381, 79 LEd 912, as well as 31 United States Code (USC) 5112, 5119, Senate Report 93-549, and 12 USC 95a.

Members of Congress are the official Trustees in the bankruptcy of the US and the re-organization.

Government given rights that are really Privileges.
Can be taken away at any time
Persons (legal fictions) have only inalienable rights, which may be surrendered or transferred without the consent of the one possessing such rights.
So-called Benefits are as follows:

  1. Social Security
  1. Applying for and receiving an "SS card" makes one a member of the "US DC Communist Party" and is eligible for benefits of the party membership. Since one is eligible for benefits, 100% of ones earnings (wages) belongs to the party and the party determines what they will keep and how much you will get back. (You paid all your working life and there are no guarantees that there will be money for you to help in retirement)
    The Supreme Court ruled that Congress has no constitutional authority whatsoever to legislate for the social welfare of the worker. The result was that when Social Security was instituted, it had to be treated as strictly voluntary.
    Railroad Retirement Board vs Alton Railroad (1935) 295 US 330
    There is no law that requires one to get a Social Security card.

Comment by Bildo on December 30, 2012 at 5:41pm

This character is an idiot. United States legislated it's bankruptcy in 1933. He's also getting America mixed up with United States Inc.

"United States" is the
"District of Columbia" incorporated.
"The United States
government is a foreign corporation with respect to a State"
Volume 20: Corpus Juris Sec. § 1785,
Also: NY
re: Merriam 36 N.E. 505 1441 S. 0.1973, 14 L. Ed. 287

in Section 3002
it states the following:
(15) "United States" means—
a Federal corporation;

Social Security is a gov employee/US person retirement program. If you are an American instead of a US citizen you don't have to worry about this.

And yes, it's fraud. There is no statute of limitations on fraud.

First, record a UCC-1 and take a copy in to your employer. That will stop the income taxes being taken out. That's what I did. It's legit. Then you can go after SS and either opt out, or sue for fraud. That's what I've been working on, when I have the time.

When will people begin to speak out against these injustices?  These are not injustices. If you are a US citizen/person you voluntarily contracted to have all these things done to you. Benefits are not always a positive thing. One "benefit" is being subject to statutes. Statutes are not law. They are corporation policy for members/citizens of United States Inc.

Comment by Nathan Ranger on December 30, 2012 at 3:49pm
Are we raising it again? I've worked my ass off for 30 fuvking years. First , they raised it to 67. I'm going to be in a GD nursing home before I get anything out of this shit sandwich. I WANT MY FUVKING MONEY BACK! I bet his retirement won't get cut. Coercive fraud is all social security is. Reward the early members so you can shaft the majority and pocket the savings. They already impaled us with inflation and now he wants to raise the age. SCREW YOU DISHONORABLE SENATOR GRAHAM, SCREW YOU AND THE CASH BOX YOU STORE OUR STOLEN LABORS IN!
Comment by Friday Woodlans-Sprite on December 30, 2012 at 3:32pm

funny that his OWN pay raise was not in question, fracen hypocrite


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