Illegal Immigrant Mother of Seven Given Food Stamps, Meds, Housing, and Social Security

Illegal immigrant and mother of seven, Marita Nelson, receives $240 in food stamps, medications, $700 in Social Security and housing allowance.

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Comment by apeman2502 on June 4, 2013 at 9:22pm

 This Mexican woman illegally in the U.S. sounds like a good catholic. She might find further perks at tax payers' expense by servicing...errrr 'serving' Hillary.

Comment by Petunia Skrebbles on June 3, 2013 at 11:27am

Homeland security is on the move.   Just got reports out here in my little podunct berg that they just pulled medicaid for an American child that has kidney problems and he had to go into emergency and he hospital is not taking him in on an emergency without insurance.  Yet, the illegals get full treatment, so this is your New World order getting everyone broke and down to slave wage status where you will work for nothing and get services when you need them, and your taxes will pay for them once you are so broke you can't.  Its also more than  just eugenics,  no seniors and permanently handicapped useless feeders, but it also has to be people who can work when they get well, as slaves.  Heck they even wrote this up, and one of their whistle blowers in 1969 laid it all out and this is exactly what he said they would be doing.  There's more going on out here, but I won't know about all that til we all get together and find out what everyone knows.  YOU ARE RIGHT, WE ARE TRULY ON OUR OWN AND WE BETTER START ACTING LIKE IT TOGETHER AND HELPING EACH OTHER.  First thing to do is find a doctor with a conscience and try to contact nurses, and doctors and a facility to set up a hospital privately that will serve these people until we can get our act together. 

Comment by Elyag Reed...We are Legion on June 1, 2013 at 2:39pm

Like it or not you are paying for these people. just think, they get work of any kind, also fed and State aid and add up the Money.

Now take a Mental Moment and have a close look at your paycheck stub - that is if you have one. Perhaps you never really thought to check you check, afterall if the amount matched what you have been getting every payday, why bother.

See the item F.I.C.A. there  should be an amount from your work effort placed there. How Tricky they are is about to come out. Federal Income Contribution Act. Did you decide to contribute when you first started the job or did they ask you later?

That and the other Fed taxes are Voluntary so for a start when yhou get to work go to the accounting department and ask for the Form where you Op-Out of F.I.C.A - completely legal and a fine start towards you saving and the Imm's getting less.

Next go to the school and demand you children get the Proper Lunch or teach your children Spanish  and have them get in line behind those children - if there's a will there's a Way

My thoughts with Mr. Carmen and Elaine. Perhaps when some really fed up person(s) set themselves on fire it will light one in D.C.

Down by the Underpass some men are sitting around an old 50 gallon barrel burning old boxes to take some of the chill out of their bones. And Ed asks Frank where he was working before the Dark Times came. Frank thinks for sometime and says, "Do you remember the old Brunswick Bowlingball plant out on Route 22, well I was the operation manager there until they closed and went to Mexico. They offered me a job down there at the local wage, sometimes I think I should have taken it".

Just then a Darkened Window van pulls up by the group and black outfitted men get our and start rousting the guys around. Ed mutters something about 'If I still had my gun".

We are Legion 

Comment by John Carman on June 1, 2013 at 1:53am

"official" count was around 11,000,000 Million illegals.(I know about the 25,000,000 Million count too, but it is NOT verified.(Unless the Census count was accurate??) Hardly !!

If you marry someone in the USA and they are NOT Legal, YOU MUST immigrate them or they will still be ILLEGAL! (Get it?) Just because you marry someone doesn't mean the Immigration Service got notified and they do some paperwork, Oh Contraire ! (as they say in France) You still have to file a K-1 when engaged to be married, then other paper work if you got married ahead of time.(Usually within 6 months) The the spouse gets a I-551(Green Card) usually good now for up to 5 years or 10 years.(They used to be good indefinitely and some people are always out of Status and still have to upgrade or change their status.(Like Mexicans living in Mexico, but commute to work everyday are NOT legal residents, but they have a different Status)  

By the way, marriage fraud is up to 10 years depending on how many aliens you married for MONEY and or never consummated the marriage.etc...PLUS A BIG Fine $$$ Cha Ching !!!!

Would somebody get me on the Sean Hannity show or Glen Beck so I can clear up this mess and proposed messes about to happen that WON'T work???!!! They are claiming they will do still another Border Operation, or FENCE, etc....

I worked the FECKING Border for 16 years of my healthy life and the Government will NOT Shut down the border when THEY have to use it to SMUGGLE themselves !!! Damn it !!!Or am I the ONLY one that knows this stuff ????!!!!

I have proof that the Canadian Border is OPEN!!!

I have proof that the U.S. Mexican BORDER IS ALSO OPEN !!!

Even Military Planes from foreign come in when they want to and they don't check in with CUSTOMS AT ALL!!!(Violation of Customs laws etc..) SEE: 

Comment by Elaine Morris on June 1, 2013 at 12:31am

I totally agree!

Comment by Maria De Wind on June 1, 2013 at 12:28am

@ Elaine Morris

... Individuals who hire illegals will be fined $25,000 per person (prior to this, the fine was only $250 here in Texas;

Corporations who hire illegals will be fined $50,00 per person; ... ?  Loophole !
The only reason people come into the States is because they get paid a lot more than they do in their home countries, thanks to economic policies imposed by Washington, stop hiring them in spite of laws and they'll stop coming.
Corporations are big hirers and a $50.00 fine is ridiculous
Comment by Elaine Morris on May 31, 2013 at 10:52pm
Please listen to all of the video.
Reagan gave amnesty to 3,000,000 and it has multiplied into 25 Million+ demanding amnesty and Immigration reform;
WE are not having immigration -- we are have "migration" means -- physical movement from one place to another;
Estimate of what we do know:    for every illegal we catch...10 get through;
If we catch 1,000,000 a year 10,000,000 get through;
250,000 in Arizona alone in a year. 1,000,000 in the entire U.S.
10,000,000 a year get through;
Children?  As many as 50-70 Million 20% of our population... = "Invasion is more appropriate"
22 Billion on welfare each year to Illegals;  
 2.2 Billion  free lunches, wick and free school lunches;  NO ENGLISH
17 Billion education of American born
3 MILLION a day to incarcerate crime rate of .......
90 Billion welfare and social services
Total cost of deportation $30 Billion over 5 years
30% are crime breakers in prison
$200 Billion spent on them.
$340 Billion a year
CHANGE OF mentioned -- We will be out  voted by those who drain the system, take over our country and it is too late.
I typed as fast as I could and couldn't keep up.  The video did talk about the Terrorists that come through Mexico and learn to speak Spanish
and blend in as Mexicans to sell dope and weapons.

Comment by Maria De Wind on May 31, 2013 at 10:50pm

get a foreign Passport

Comment by John Carman on May 31, 2013 at 10:02pm

How Ironic! I used to work the U.S.-Mexican Border form 1983-1998 until I was forced out because I became a "Whistle-blower" and exposed corruption inside Customs and the Government. I used to catch ALL kinds of "Violators" and know these laws very well.(P.S> Whistle-blowers do NOT always win and I did not get my pension or social security cause I had CSRS retirement) Go figure!!!???

Even if a person is here illegally, the State does NOT care about the INS status of a person. They get all those benefits I can't even qualify for now!!!(I am on food stamps at $180 and medical) I get FECKED With every month and when I threaten the State employees with a HEARING, they call up and give me what I am entitled to. WHY? Because it also costs the State $5,000 each time a Hearing occurs.

They reduced my $200 food to $180 so I am taking them to a HEaring no matter what!!! They LIE and tell you all kinds of stories. That you are allowed "gifts" and do NOT have to declare that as you aren't working or have a pension or an "income". Then they come back and say, you have to have it as a "loan", Then they want to ask "questions" about the loan arrangement, such LIARS !!!!

A "foreign National" has more rights than an American Born National/Citizen like me!!!  FECK !!!(Yes, I'm of Scottish decent)Damn !!! If I don't get a OB or Social Security, I will be on the street. Where's my low income housing?? NONE cause I'm a single white male over 60 ???? Maybe if I was a "Female", and had "dependents"???? Illegal or not???

Technically, DHS  or ICE/CBP has to deport ALL illegal aliens, except the American Born children of Illegals! Then the Congressman of that area will go to bat and get a special permit or residency cause that "CHILD" need a Parent, otherwise, it would be "Child Endangerment" caused by the INS laws and enforcement.

My Congressmen haven't done shite for me yet!!!

There's gratitude for an American born male with over 25 years law enforcement background working the Border in U.S. Customs protecting OUR Nations Borders and The U.S.Secret Service protecting the White House and Presidents !!! FECK !!!  I guess I just can't take "joke" sometimes? Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (If you use K-Y , it doesn't hurt so bad!!!???)

Comment by Petunia Skrebbles on May 31, 2013 at 5:54pm

We are going to hell in a hand basket because the social engineering of our culture worked.   Its now too late and frankly, I am tired of the battle, and the voluntary ignorance I come across all the time.  I have had people literally tell me,  "I don't care, I don't want to hear it".   Well, then so be it.   The good news is, only those who do care and have prepared will be the only ones left on the planet when these khazars get through with us. They can satanize each other as they go into the burning inferno.  lol 



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