Malik Shabazz Calls For Blacks To Form Their Own Nation & Be Paid Trillions In Slavery Reparations [Pete Santilli Show]

Published on Aug 23, 2014
Pete Santilli interviews New Black Panther Leader Malik Shabazz. Listeners were shocked to hear Mr. Shabazz's blatant separatism and Santilli actually called him racist on the air. Although Santilli admits that he likes Malik Shabazz, this revealing interview demonstrates the division caused by so-called leaders within the Black Community.

Comment by DTOM on August 25, 2014 at 6:48am

The NWO desire that the NBPP, La Raza, KKK etc* will all serve to carry out the race war agenda to impliment the martial law takeover...whether knowingly or unknowingly.

The ORIGINAL Black Panther Party For Self Defense (BPP disbanded in 1982) has according to the Huey Newton Foundation, former chairman and co-founder Bobby Seale, has NO connection to the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense founded in 1990 by former members of the Nation of Islam.

Larry Pinkney, of the original BPP, was on Jack Blood's show recently, to clarify the issue.


Jack Blood Show – August 18 2014 Raw Uncut with Larry Pinkney

Hr 2 : The “Pink Panther” joins us to discuss the Ferguson Mo situation. REAL Black Panther vs Fake ones…

*...and others like them.


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